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Easy Sudoku for 2/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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02/May/15 12:01 AM
Straightforward puzzle today. I should have timed it.
02/May/15 12:03 AM

1) LE
2) ALE

In the today we have Judy, jamie, Kathy, Canuk Greg, HalT, Sarah, and Peter. Today's winner's can put this on their tabletops.
02/May/15 12:05 AM
Unscramble each item to come up with a country and its capital.

1. acegioprty
2. aaadgiiklnrw
3. acdeeehiilnnsttuvz
4. abeegilmnnrry
5. aabdeghnprstuuy
6. aaaaaacggimnnruu
7. aiiknoooprsstv
8. aaeeekkllmopu

Answers to my ‘’For Kathy’’ inbox please.
02/May/15 12:06 AM
That is going to be my last puzzle for a little bit. I'm taking a maternity leave.
02/May/15 12:06 AM

Serena! I missed the last one. Love these!

We will all be thinking of you and wishing you and your little one a safe delivery. Keep us posted when you can.
02/May/15 12:49 AM
, y'all! Taking a day off from work, ostensibly for swapping out winter/summer wardrobe and cleaning. Have I done either? NO, of course not! I've been catching up on family finances!
02/May/15 1:21 AM
Quick-solving Sudoku today, 1:25. South Dakota and that whole area of the US I've not visited. Bucket List.
02/May/15 1:22 AM
Serena, thinking of you and your upcoming family addition! Prayers for a safe delivery, a healthy babe and a good recovery for you. Wish I could be there to help the family out.
02/May/15 1:23 AM

One of the greatest.

02/May/15 1:28 AM
... if I hadn't been out of town.
02/May/15 1:42 AM
Yea! I broke my 2 minute barrier! 1:47
02/May/15 1:49 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
02/May/15 1:49 AM
Serena, have a good easy delivery! We're waiting to hear from our newest member!
02/May/15 1:51 AM
If I am within shouting distance of beating 2 minutes, it MUST be an easy puzzle!
02/May/15 2:01 AM
A lot of walking today in Krakow. First down the salt mines and then the castle and the old town with it's cbbled streets. My poor knee is not very happy. Fortunatel we do not have to go out tonight and not much walking tomorrow as we make our way to Budapest.
02/May/15 2:06 AM
Historic statue. Easy puzzle today.
02/May/15 3:01 AM
Best wishes for an easy labor, Serena!
02/May/15 3:18 AM
Started physical therapy on my ankle this morning. Hopefully they can help strengthen the arch to keep it from collapsing. I injured a tendon almost two years ago and it had improved a bit, but not as it should be. So, I recently went for a 'second opinion'. They recommended PT - with this More...
02/May/15 3:20 AM
Thanks from. Had to look to BBC to find the story. R.I.P.
02/May/15 3:22 AM
02/May/15 3:23 AM
02/May/15 3:24 AM
My best wishes, too, Serena, for a quick, painless & healthy delivery!
02/May/15 3:27 AM
Hello, D or A! Looks like you hopped on that magic number!
02/May/15 3:28 AM
My all time fastest 1:52
02/May/15 3:49 AM
Good afternoon people of the world.
02/May/15 5:26 AM
Serena, I wish you the best delivery.
Mainly because of the empathy pains I have for you.
02/May/15 5:27 AM
Had Muffins and Moms day, very early this morning at school. Ended up studying spelling words with the group we were sitting with, which made us a tad late on returning the Kinder to her class. But with advance permission we were fine.
02/May/15 5:30 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice statue for a leader who had only his people in mind when he resisted.
02/May/15 5:34 AM
Then it was off to Kinder Fest. Two hours of arts and crafts with 5 and 6 year olds. One room had bugs, which the students were able to use their recycling skills and make three different crafts. Another room home made tattoos and something to do with bubbles. Third room, tie snakes. These were More...
02/May/15 5:35 AM
I agree from. RIP Ben E. King.

02/May/15 5:37 AM
Then the worst part of the day. Lunch in the school cafeteria that had excited Kinders, and ready for school to end first graders, and 2nd graders, who had a mission to break the sound barrier. The school has a sound system level they go by starting with the loudest of 5 and no sound, a fist in the More...
02/May/15 5:40 AM
I remember Muffins with Moms at our elementary school. We also had Donuts with Dad, and Goodies with Grands. The menu for each was muffins, pastries, donuts, fruit, juice & milk. And coffee, plenty of coffee. Middle school... all that stuff goes by the wayside.
02/May/15 7:10 AM
1:04, a nice easy 1-9 today. Good morning everyone.
02/May/15 7:19 AM
Morning all, I've heard of Crazyhorse,I will have to google him to get the full story.
02/May/15 8:04 AM
Happy Birthday Bean, have a great day.
02/May/15 8:08 AM
I have not heard if this school has Goodies with Grands and since there is only 25 school days left and 10 more scheduled events, I think it is a sure bet we do not do that one. Saying that, they did have lunch with grandparents.

Muffins with Mom, had no muffins. Cookies, kolaches, cinnamon rolls and banana bread.
02/May/15 8:18 AM
Good morning everyone. Stormy weather forecast here, so off to walk the dog before it happens. Nothing like the big floods in Brisbane overnight.
02/May/15 8:20 AM
Tonight was supposed to be Man's last night at his now old job, but he only had one 4 hour run, he opted out. So the whole family is home tonight, which has been a rare since October. We do have our Sundays, but that is a busy night, getting ready for Mondays.
02/May/15 8:22 AM
Bye -bye page one.
Thank you Sacky.
02/May/15 8:23 AM
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