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Easy Sudoku for 3/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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03/May/15 12:00 AM
maen all
03/May/15 12:06 AM
Hal and Denny (and all who follow)

I was up at the crack of dawn to set up for a club garage sale. Lots of traffic starting at 7 AM! People were buying before everything was put out. I'll go back around noon to take down. Maybe a short nap between now and then.....
03/May/15 12:15 AM
03/May/15 12:21 AM
Almost summer-like! Tulips blooming!
03/May/15 1:20 AM
Good morning to all! That dog is enjoying his back scratch!
03/May/15 1:33 AM
Serena, hope all goes well with your new baby catch! (How's that CP/)
03/May/15 1:34 AM
03/May/15 1:40 AM
Here's flying to everyone!!!
03/May/15 1:41 AM
Yea I broke the 2 minute barrier!!! 1:40! Not as good as yesterday's but I'll take it!!!
03/May/15 1:46 AM
A girl and her cute doggie today.
03/May/15 1:59 AM
Happy Saturday and 2 days off!
03/May/15 2:24 AM
, y'all! We were out at garage sales too this morning - our n'hood had one. Two homes had bicycles for sale (looking to get one for Silverteen), but were gone by the time we got there. ...One we saw being loaded into someone else's car! Bummer.
03/May/15 2:45 AM
Doggy is not too interested in the camera.
03/May/15 2:47 AM
Another straight sequence... we usually don't have those two days in a row. 1:33.
03/May/15 2:48 AM

1. Egypt: Cairo
2. Rwanda : Kigali
3. Liechtenstein : Vaduz
4. Germany : Berlin
5. Hungary : Budapest
6. Nicaragua : Managua
7. Kosovo : Pristina
8. Palau : Melekeok

In the More...
03/May/15 2:53 AM
Weekend REBUS puzzle! Decipher the 10 word puzzles below to reveal familiar phrases. Answers to my '36-Inch Sale' inbox, winners honored Monday!



t   m
a   u
h   s
w   t


n efriended
03/May/15 2:53 AM
Good morn...afternoon people of the world.
03/May/15 3:02 AM
We went to touch a truck this morning. There are some pictures in my gallery if anyone is interested.
03/May/15 3:03 AM
03/May/15 3:03 AM
I am going to have a good day. Family is gone for most of the day, all day Love Boat marathon and a movie planned for this evening. Shopping has a big dent in it and the house is presentable. Life is good.
03/May/15 3:04 AM
Beautiful sunshine following a rain overnight. I have the balcony door open, and Miss Violet is wandering in and out investigating the birds at the feeder.
03/May/15 3:05 AM
In honor of our dear friend.
03/May/15 3:05 AM
03/May/15 3:06 AM
Humph. Sarah Beth.
03/May/15 3:06 AM
I inadvertently got Keith's 22. I was pushed!
03/May/15 3:07 AM
And so much for a CP! Hah!
03/May/15 3:07 AM
Good afternoon, friend!
03/May/15 3:08 AM
Silvergal, we have two free bikes. Though Silverteen may have the same issues we have with them. Not enough leg room. One is a Hello Kitty bike and the other a princess bike. But they both have tassels and bells. :)
03/May/15 3:08 AM
Hey, I am here all day and I have guests to prepare for and a double party to plan. Can you here the procrastinating going on?
03/May/15 3:10 AM
I mailed a card to my youngest, who I was infanticipating 25 years ago. Since my former spouse had urged him to fly the coop (I am using nice words), I did not have his address. I texted my former spouse for the address...we were texting anyway...he wanted to know if I had a copy of More...
03/May/15 3:12 AM
& I was here, but I was sidetracked by some Rebus or other ...
03/May/15 3:13 AM
OH. I had a Mommy Win this morning. YAY!
Throughout the week, phrases like, 'Pick up your clothes and put them in the laundry, in the laundry basket,' and 'Clean up the bathroom,' can be heard many times.
03/May/15 3:13 AM
Yes, Karen...can you see the packing I am doing?
03/May/15 3:13 AM
03/May/15 3:14 AM
Does anyone else see the race?
03/May/15 3:14 AM
We are slowly getting there...
03/May/15 3:15 AM
Of course, out of the four people in the house, three of them have hearing problems. So, today, I woke up to find my bathroom floor filled with a pile of towels. I did not say anything. Went to say good morning to my darlings and noticed two rooms with clothes and towels in the floor, again I did More...
03/May/15 3:18 AM
Well, I am telling a mommy tip, but I have my priorities.
03/May/15 3:19 AM
Bye-bye page one.
03/May/15 3:20 AM
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