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Easy Sudoku for 10/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people. The snow machine continues to grind out white powder. The forecast is teasing us with a summery day at week's end then a return to below normal temps next week.
10/Apr/18 12:00 AM
Overcast & chilly.
Hope your day is mildly warm & sunny!
10/Apr/18 12:01 AM
Looks like we have a weather report from the lower two corners of Michigan!
10/Apr/18 12:02 AM
I hiked in the woods yesterday and saw my first spring wild flowers (Hepaticas). I only saw a couple of hardy ones because the rest are still hiding from our unseasonably cold spring weather.
10/Apr/18 12:06 AM
10/Apr/18 12:08 AM
TftD: Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.
10/Apr/18 12:09 AM
Nostalgic photo... but not because of the subject matter. I was more interested in the photographer.
(Hope you are doing well wherever you are, Vici!)
10/Apr/18 12:19 AM
Good morning everyone
10/Apr/18 12:41 AM
Did not appreciate the little bit of snow we got. Thought it would kill the flowers that had bloomed. They came back nicely.
10/Apr/18 12:44 AM
10/Apr/18 12:59 AM
Our weather report is generally the same as Plum's and Shiela's - it just arrives a day later!
10/Apr/18 1:14 AM
For the record, Wombat, 'Ramjet' was one of the easiest answers, for me. As for the 'misleading' letter groups - I ended up just going with my gut...
10/Apr/18 1:15 AM
And - hello Plum, Shiela, Hal, Sue, and Denny - have a grand April day; cheers to all who lag behind, arriving later!
10/Apr/18 1:16 AM
Happy Monday!
10/Apr/18 1:25 AM
10/Apr/18 1:51 AM
That is a beautiful photo of the elk. Vici. Wish we would hear from you.
10/Apr/18 3:10 AM
sudokuists. We have arrived home to very cold temperatures. We've been spoiled with the Florida sun & warmth. The good news for all northerners is that North Carolina & Virginia's spring shrubs (redbud, forsythia etc) & daffodils were all in bloom. It was a pretty drive. The good news? Spring is slowly on it's way north. Yippee!!
10/Apr/18 3:59 AM
I just heard that Spring might actually arrive later this week!.. but for just a few days before it gets cold again... Hey, you guys up there, we do not need Canadian Arctic air down here!
10/Apr/18 4:31 AM
I have been playing cards all day.
And, I agree with Sarah. Keep that Arctic air away from us. Enough of the cold here. As she said, a few warm days will be welcome.
10/Apr/18 5:23 AM
1:55, sluggish this morning. Hi everyone.
10/Apr/18 6:07 AM
Hi again! Actually Sarah, I thought it was Siberian air first, before it swung this way.
10/Apr/18 6:51 AM
Good afternoon to all!
10/Apr/18 7:06 AM
Snowbird, I'm glad to see that you got home safely. It will warm up eventually (I hope).
10/Apr/18 7:08 AM
Thanks CG. Perhaps you can let me know when you next head this way and we can arrange to meet.
10/Apr/18 7:14 AM
I seem to have confused two TV shows with Roger Ramjet being separate from The Jetsons. However the clue was okay, it was just that my explanation was off track.
10/Apr/18 10:07 AM
As it seems as though only a few people look back at the previous day's posts I'll repost a little story I posted yesterday.
On the theme of parrots the first school at which I taught was a one teacher school at Boning a little farming and timber town 60 miles (!00kms) from our nearest Victorian More...
10/Apr/18 10:11 AM
Hi Wombat. I just look at your clues, where appropriate, as an extra challenge requiring us to look outside the box. I think its great that you take the time to construct these puzzles for our enjoyment. Please remember that not everyone can be perfect like me!
10/Apr/18 10:55 AM
Such modesty Arachnid and from a Western Australian too.
10/Apr/18 11:11 AM
I wouldn't have expected anything less...
10/Apr/18 1:20 PM
I know; I know. Good looks, charm and modesty (not necessarily in that order) have always been my strong points . In relation to your toilet humour I can only say that living in Belgium for 2 years provided me with some toilet experiences which are extremely funny but might cause some embarrassment to the more demure!
10/Apr/18 6:21 PM
What day is it???
10/Apr/18 10:33 PM
Time tells me it is not midnight in OZ
10/Apr/18 10:36 PM
I get my big cast off today. A smaller one for I don't know how long, 3 months I was told. Can only hope it won't that long.
10/Apr/18 10:40 PM
Good morning all - have a great day!
10/Apr/18 10:46 PM
This is an experiment to discover site time...
10/Apr/18 11:34 PM
Hmmm, now I know!
10/Apr/18 11:35 PM
Waiting, along with Sue and Joyce, for the calendar turn.
10/Apr/18 11:59 PM
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