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Easy Sudoku for 11/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people.
11/Apr/18 12:00 AM
11/Apr/18 12:02 AM
TftD: (As a follow-up to yesterday's...) The second mouse gets the cheese.
11/Apr/18 12:03 AM
I hope this photo is the last snow we see this spring.

But I doubt it.
11/Apr/18 12:06 AM
It's snowing lightly right now, Plum!

.......and good morning all!
11/Apr/18 12:10 AM

Mother Nature has been rather bipolar in this area. She has given us freezing temps, snow flurries, icy rain, and, for this coming weekend, apparently, summer weather, then back to the aforementioned cold stuff. The poor old gal is very confused.
11/Apr/18 12:23 AM
........and sadly so are we, Kathy!
11/Apr/18 12:28 AM
Speaking of confused ... I just realized that I left a comforter out on the clothesline that I had only intended to 'air' for a few hours in preparation for Starr and Quill staying overnight. That was Sunday. I don't know how they kept warm Sunday night. Yes, we do have spare blankets and More...
11/Apr/18 12:35 AM
And speaking of overnights, I have to tell my own mom that Skye is traveling with me on my upcoming 'quick trip' across the state.
11/Apr/18 12:38 AM
11/Apr/18 1:03 AM
Hmmmmm - yesterday was only Monday, Plum unless you made a quick trip 'Down Under' ... life is creeping up on you, my dear - take a breather!!
11/Apr/18 1:29 AM
Joyce. Ack! Yes. Thank you so much. I am doing my 'For Wednesday' list today. (And this page does say Wednesday at the top of it.) Inhale. Exhale.
11/Apr/18 1:46 AM
everybody. All this talk about today, yesterday, snow, overnight comforters and life creeping about has me confused.
11/Apr/18 1:47 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
11/Apr/18 2:04 AM
11/Apr/18 2:10 AM
All this talk of yesterday, today, tomorrow has me in stitches!!! all because been there, done that!
11/Apr/18 2:12 AM
Just found out that my older son and family were on the big island by the pics they sent! Saw the video of my youngest grandson walking about in the very shallow pool!
11/Apr/18 2:14 AM
Oh no, now Aileen taking about a Happy yesterday off, my poor head.
11/Apr/18 2:17 AM
I would like to take a poll. Last evening I had about two cupfuls of casserole (pork, shrimp, pasta in Hollandaise sauce) left over, too hot to put in the fridge yet. I left it out on the counter and this morning that's where I found it and put in fridge. Should I save, heat and eat or toss it now? Your opinion would be helpful.
11/Apr/18 2:27 AM
It might be OK, Dot, but anyone ... like me ... who has ever had serious food poisoning would toss it faster than a pitcher with a no-hitter!
11/Apr/18 2:43 AM
The most important info to consider is 'how cold/warm was your Florida home overnight' and you will know your answer DotCom.......
11/Apr/18 2:44 AM
78F degrees about 14 hours. Looks OK, smells OK.
11/Apr/18 2:51 AM
Hollandaise for 14 hours at 78??? - Toss it!

BUT........never heard of 'too hot to put in fridge' either!
11/Apr/18 3:21 AM
11/Apr/18 4:17 AM
1:37, not a great one to do 1->9 so happy with that time. Good morning everyone.
11/Apr/18 4:33 AM
As someone who has had dysentary from eating improperly stored cooked shrimp, uh..no thinking required, DotCom. Not to mention what is in that Hollandaise by now...
11/Apr/18 4:55 AM
OK I'm convinced and will toss it, to be specific that is flush it. It's going to land up in the septic system anyway so I'll just save it the trouble of passing through my system on it's way. By the way Joyce, like many others my refrigerator has glass shelves. My sister put a hot bowl on her glass shelf and it smashed into a zillion pieces. Not taking that chance.
11/Apr/18 5:08 AM
Good afternoon to all!
11/Apr/18 6:24 AM
Sunny and slowly warming up here in Ottawa. We just might see a real spring in a few weeks.
11/Apr/18 6:26 AM
Headline in Washington Post:

Welcome, spring! Finally, we declare winter dead in Washington.
11/Apr/18 6:36 AM
However, reading on, the article says:
It’s important to understand that just because we have announced the start of spring, it doesn’t mean we can’t still have brief spells of cold weather.
11/Apr/18 6:38 AM
1:37 One of my best. Started with 5 and worked up
11/Apr/18 6:49 AM
Even with wire shelves in my refrigerator, I wait until food has cooled a bit before putting it in. No sense warming up everything else in there. It is important to set a timer, though, in order not to lose the food.
11/Apr/18 6:52 AM
Yea, the big cast is gone. Have a pink cast with purple straps. This one was molded to my hand and wrist. Real neat how they do the molding.
11/Apr/18 7:33 AM
Morning all, hope this the last snow you will see,Kathy.
11/Apr/18 7:43 AM
I had a setback to my recovery yesterday , had a reaction to my medication and had to go to the Dr's ,spent the day having blood test, ECG,X-ray and CT scan. I'm back to feeling normal again, I'm even walking without the cane around the house.
11/Apr/18 7:55 AM
Sue, that's good news , hope your clothes are colour coordinated. 👍😂
11/Apr/18 7:57 AM
Yay for you, Sue - is it waterproof/resistant or just less confining? Whatever the case, it's great to be healing & seeing progress!
11/Apr/18 11:10 AM
And the colors are so you, Sue.
11/Apr/18 11:17 AM
11/Apr/18 11:17 AM
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