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Easy Sudoku for 11/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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11/Jan/16 12:00 AM
Good Morning All!!
11/Jan/16 12:04 AM
11/Jan/16 12:55 AM
, y'all! I, for one, like creative night time moon shots.
11/Jan/16 1:06 AM
Good morning everyone.
11/Jan/16 1:08 AM

and from me too!!
11/Jan/16 1:12 AM
Chatty bunch .
11/Jan/16 2:05 AM
Good morning to all! That's a neat photo!
11/Jan/16 2:40 AM
Heavy rain here. Expecting between 20 and 30 mm. Better than snow!
11/Jan/16 2:41 AM
It's very quiet here...
I of course should be in bed asleep but instead I'm wide awake wondering when will I ever learn NOT to drink coffee after midday.
Enjoyed it the time but not now.
The coffee icecream probably didn't help either...
11/Jan/16 2:50 AM
Happy Sunday!
Bean: Coffee ice cream sounds good (but it's 51deg F right now!)
11/Jan/16 3:14 AM

I know people are going to shake and shudder at the thought but have you thought about decaffeinated coffee Bean? Takes a bit of getting used to but I dont have any problems sleeping now
11/Jan/16 3:55 AM

I knew I should of put Bean's name anywhere else but there.......
11/Jan/16 3:56 AM
11/Jan/16 4:29 AM
Darn, was expecting a package and it didn't arrive. I was home when the delivery was expected!!! It did rain but not until noon and not heavy, just sprinkling.
11/Jan/16 4:31 AM
On the other hand when I went for a run, the marsh was full of birds! Mallard ducks, too many to count and the oversize Canada geese were among them, just pushing the ducks aside or honking at them to move. Haven't seen the coyotes in a long time, wonder where they went?
11/Jan/16 4:33 AM
While cleaning my office, found an adorable photo of my grandson when he was two. Twinkly eyes and that flyaway hair of his!
11/Jan/16 4:35 AM
One more for a cp and I'm outa here! Oh Keith!!!
11/Jan/16 4:35 AM
I came got distracted didn't post.
11/Jan/16 4:41 AM
beautiful day here in OK
11/Jan/16 4:41 AM
Keith where are you??????
11/Jan/16 4:42 AM
If not Keith, why not me?
11/Jan/16 4:58 AM
Beautiful photo! Love that moon.
11/Jan/16 5:42 AM
Morning all, Wolf must be out howling at that moon. I'm so used to seeing him first in the comments.
11/Jan/16 5:48 AM
Missed it again.
11/Jan/16 5:57 AM
Good morning all. I'm with Lizzie, Bean. I drink decaf coffee after 10 in the morning and generally have no trouble sleeping now. A coffee after 10 and I'm still wide awake into the wee small hours.
11/Jan/16 7:24 AM
Another scorcher coming up, another total fire ban in our area. Farmers may only harvest before 9 am and after 9pm, no charcoal barbecues, open fires or use of equipment outside, that might send out sparks. This is the driest its been for 20 odd years.
11/Jan/16 7:27 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
11/Jan/16 7:39 AM
Harry is watching football, a game I don't care to watch.
11/Jan/16 8:28 AM
I have read a couple of magazines, now I am bored. Guess I will take a little rest.
11/Jan/16 8:31 AM
It's New Moon, Amelia.
11/Jan/16 11:42 AM
I once won an argument with a woman.......

in this dream I had.
11/Jan/16 12:16 PM
Men have feelings too.

For example,

we feel hungry.
11/Jan/16 12:16 PM
Judging by the frying pan that just flew by my head, I did something wrong.

I can't wait to find out what it was.

11/Jan/16 12:17 PM
all ... routine begins to return for 2016!
11/Jan/16 12:40 PM
Total fire ban here too, Sacky!
11/Jan/16 1:10 PM

The nap did not happen, why am I not surprised.
11/Jan/16 3:08 PM
Early appointment tomorrow.
11/Jan/16 3:11 PM
Very cold here this morning. I know it is nothing the places that are a - temp.
11/Jan/16 3:13 PM
What else can I talk about??? Does cleaning house count?
11/Jan/16 3:14 PM
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