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Easy Sudoku for 12/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Cold here - must be hot there.
12/Jan/16 12:00 AM
Kittens are just so cute.
12/Jan/16 12:11 AM
Morning Wolf
12/Jan/16 12:13 AM
Have a good day everyone.
12/Jan/16 12:13 AM
Good morning people of the world.
12/Jan/16 12:30 AM
Still packing up Christmas stuff. It took a good month to get it up, so a week of packing is no surprise. Still have a table full of items that need some extra TLC.
I would not call me a sentimental person, but when one of mother's Santa's ended up on the table I felt a little sadness. Could More...
12/Jan/16 12:35 AM
In Stray Kitty news, I believe she is coming around. Now when we go outside, she does not dash up the highest tree with huge saucer eyes. Man can put food in front of him and she will come eat, but he has to stay still. Whenever I can leave the back door open we have nice little conversations. But More...
12/Jan/16 12:39 AM
I did mention if him and girls were going to keep Stray Kitty that she needs to be fixed. Man made one of those comments that had my eyes rolling, so I pointed out the unfixed male cats are prowling around and spraying. Man now has put the kitty carrier on the back porch with bedding. Stray Kitty is not ready for the carrier.
12/Jan/16 12:43 AM
Dedicated to our friend.
12/Jan/16 12:43 AM
from COLD beautiful OK
12/Jan/16 12:51 AM
Off to the appointment
12/Jan/16 12:53 AM
12/Jan/16 12:53 AM
In other news, I know I can be, maybe, just a tad picky and want things a certain way. Well, this trait is causing major problems in my hunt for new coffee mugs. My 20+ year old mugs are becoming extinct, quickly. These mugs have gone through 4 moves, being carried to work or school, hand washing More...
12/Jan/16 12:55 AM
Fiesta has a cup, which in the store, when I tried it seemed to be a good replacement, but could not find a mug. Another lessoned learned, I am not a cup coffee drinker, and those dainty little tea cups are a joke. I need a mug. Not one of those cups you need two hands to hold, though on cold More...
12/Jan/16 12:59 AM
Good news for you. Since my cup runs out so quickly, it means I am not here as long or much, because I am running back to the coffee pot.

Maybe I should just add a straw to my pot...
12/Jan/16 1:01 AM
So long as your cup doth not runneth over Karen.
12/Jan/16 1:06 AM
, y'all! David Bowie, Jan 8 1947 to Jan 10 2016. It was actually Silverteen who told me about his passing this morning. Some of the bands/musicians she follows on Twitter tweeted the news. SHE knows who David Bowie is and has enjoyed the cuts I play in the car. She mentioned More...
12/Jan/16 1:13 AM
'For here am I sitting in a tin can, far above the world'
12/Jan/16 1:31 AM
Good morning to all! What cute little fur balls!
12/Jan/16 2:20 AM
Yes Silvergal and BYOM.... RIP David Bowie. He did live to see Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield sing Space Oddity while in space. I'm sure he would have loved to do the same thing.
12/Jan/16 2:23 AM
Right time.
12/Jan/16 2:48 AM
12/Jan/16 2:48 AM
12/Jan/16 4:13 AM
Thank you, Karen! Here's flying your way!
12/Jan/16 4:14 AM
Peter, hope you don't mind.
Peter sends me and probably some of you some great links for you tube videos. This is one I hope all of you will enjoy.

USAF Band- Jazzy Christmas WWII style

12/Jan/16 5:52 AM
Morning all, very cute kitties.
RIP David Bowie .
12/Jan/16 6:00 AM
Wolf, we are going to be very hot for the next week.
12/Jan/16 6:03 AM
'That will warm your belly!'


Grandmothers throw back shots of Fireball whisky for the very first time.

12/Jan/16 6:10 AM
Love those sweet kitties. RIP David Bowie. We will miss your great talents.
12/Jan/16 6:43 AM
Good morning everyone. RIP David Bowie - one of a kind! How lucky were we to have been alive at the same time as him!
12/Jan/16 7:17 AM
enjoy your day folks!
12/Jan/16 7:17 AM
Something is holding these beauties attention.
12/Jan/16 7:25 AM
Where is Pancho? I always thought that Cisco and Pacho were inseparable!!
12/Jan/16 8:07 AM
Hello all - we have returned from a North Carolina holiday visit; now we have frigid cold weather...still have not had to use a snow shovel. Very strange winter we're experiencing. Happy New Year greetings to all.
12/Jan/16 9:51 AM
When we left it was still questionable as to Wolf's whereabouts. I've caught-up with all the posts as quickly as possible to learn his fate. Happy to see all is OK, Wolf!
12/Jan/16 9:58 AM
Hi, and again my timing is great!
12/Jan/16 10:17 AM
I shall saunter to the bottom of the page . . .
12/Jan/16 10:17 AM
Seems no one else is about . . .
12/Jan/16 10:17 AM
But I shall hurry along . . .
12/Jan/16 10:18 AM
Yay! BOPP!!!
12/Jan/16 10:18 AM
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