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Easy Sudoku for 11/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I've not been in a hurry to say 'Hello' today.
11/Mar/16 12:11 AM
2:00 Good evening one and all!
Very pretty photo of marigolds.
11/Mar/16 12:13 AM

You dont sound your bright cheery self Wolf, hope everything is okay....
11/Mar/16 12:19 AM
Just tired of heavy rain with scattered tornadoes every day, Lizzy. Working hard on new book.
11/Mar/16 12:22 AM

Heavy rain I can live with (not that rain has been an issue here for a long time!) but tornadoes
11/Mar/16 1:06 AM
Morning all...
Have had too much stress, heat, exhaustion and excitement over the last few days.
Now I can't sleep... not good...
11/Mar/16 1:11 AM
Same here Bean.
11/Mar/16 1:21 AM
(For Shosho!)
11/Mar/16 1:52 AM
for all the well-wishes for my mother. I will pass them on to her. She is doing well pain-wise (no pain meds), but her blood pressure is too low for them to get her up and moving - which she needs to do. Most people would not be upset about lower blood pressure, but in her case, it's not her friend.
11/Mar/16 2:02 AM
11/Mar/16 2:17 AM
A sleepless night here, too. Finally conked out at about 5:15 a.m. And to awaken to a dreary, soggy day ... eek.
11/Mar/16 2:36 AM
Shiela, please add my well wishes for your Mom. I hope they sort out her low blood pressure issue quickly so she is able to begin to get about. What a remarkable woman she is!
11/Mar/16 2:49 AM
I followed in Chris's footsteps and had ''the procedure'' yesterday. Well, perhaps 'foot' is the wrong part of the anatomy. Evidently, all is well...polyps removed. I have the delightful experience every 3 years as opposed to the usual 5, because of past health issues. As I said before, a necessary evil.
I believe Greg is next up, or, down, as the case may be.
11/Mar/16 3:03 AM
Kidding aside, everyone over the age of 50 should discuss having a colonoscopy with their doctor. Better safe than sorry.
And, there you have my contribution to your general health.
11/Mar/16 3:08 AM
Conversation segues beautifully into this video.
11/Mar/16 3:26 AM
Good morning.
11/Mar/16 3:32 AM
I see my Aussie friends have been and gone.
11/Mar/16 3:33 AM
11/Mar/16 3:34 AM
Except Lizzy, she'll be working away somewhere.
11/Mar/16 3:34 AM
Hi BYOM, haven't checked yet to see what video delight you have brought us today. From the segue from conversation about colonoscopies to the video, I'm a little afraid to go there.
11/Mar/16 3:37 AM
Its funny
11/Mar/16 3:37 AM
Besides, aren't you a nurse?
11/Mar/16 3:42 AM
Jeez sorry Keith
11/Mar/16 3:43 AM
Happy Thursday!
Lovely marigold colors.
BYOM: LOL 'where the sun don't shine'
Thanks for sharing
11/Mar/16 3:45 AM
Yep, BYOM. With experience working in the procedure room of an endoscopy clinic - so I've seen it all - often!
11/Mar/16 3:57 AM
Totally tubular stomp on 22 today.
11/Mar/16 4:00 AM
You're right BYOM - it IS funny! Will have to pass it on to my surgeon friends.
11/Mar/16 4:01 AM
I left it for you, Keith! Some people......
11/Mar/16 4:02 AM
Ah well. Sh*t happens.
11/Mar/16 4:06 AM
I just couldn't handle all that gallumping Keith.
11/Mar/16 4:07 AM
Nite nite all. Time to hit the hay.
11/Mar/16 4:20 AM

So right CP!! working away here! Only missed you by and hour or so....
11/Mar/16 4:29 AM
Morning all, very bright marigolds.
So the theme for today is '' bottoms up''.😄
11/Mar/16 5:45 AM
Dottie is home from hospital and has her brother taking care of her. 💐
11/Mar/16 5:48 AM
Beautiful Marigolds. And they're Irish too.
11/Mar/16 6:09 AM
For those in the U S of A --

Daylight Saving (no S) time starts This Sunday. Unless you are in one of the states that doesn't participate...
11/Mar/16 8:45 AM
How many states don't participate, DorA?
11/Mar/16 9:31 AM
It's raining here.
11/Mar/16 9:33 AM
Much needed rain.
11/Mar/16 9:33 AM
Overcast but still humid here. I think I might go to the movies where it will be cooler.
11/Mar/16 9:34 AM
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