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Easy Sudoku for 11/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, everyone! I'm hard at work.
11/Mar/17 12:01 AM
Well, actually, I'm playing Sudoku - but I'm supposed to be working.
11/Mar/17 12:10 AM
🌞☕️🏊🏼 Good Maen 🙋🏼
11/Mar/17 12:28 AM
Today, we drive home. Have a good one, all.
11/Mar/17 12:49 AM
I will go green bat in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Perhaps I should keep my blanket wrapped bat. We had a high of 75° yesterday. Today we have freezing rain. They were actually calling for snow, but, so far, none of the white stuff. Could this weather get any crazier?
11/Mar/17 2:20 AM
Plum was asking about tongue twisters yesterday.
One of my favorites was from a Dr. Seuss book I used to read to my kids. ''Through three cheese trees three free fleas flew''. They would get hysterical trying to say it fast. Good memory.
11/Mar/17 2:38 AM
Of course, there is always the classic, ''I slit a sheet, a sheet I slit, upon a slitted sheet I sit''
I did NOT read that to my kids.
11/Mar/17 2:40 AM
11/Mar/17 2:42 AM
Gotta be careful with that one, Kathy ...
11/Mar/17 2:47 AM
The temp has dropped and it is sort of snowing now.
I was going to head to the store to get stuff to make lasagna. I'm not going out in that garbage. Time to check the freezer and see what I can find....
11/Mar/17 2:51 AM
I'm just avoiding going out into the -30C windchill to shovel today's several centimeters of new snow. This will be the fourth day in a row!
11/Mar/17 3:03 AM
11/Mar/17 4:11 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
11/Mar/17 4:12 AM
You should have great skiing soon, Bev!
11/Mar/17 4:41 AM
Betty bought a bit of butter to make a butter batter but the butter batter Betty baked was bitter so she bought a bit of better butter
to make her bitter butter batter better.
11/Mar/17 4:45 AM
The Irish Rovers concert last night was lots of fun, as they always are ... especially at this green time of year! There was no alcohol in evidence at the city-owned venue, but ... the air around us was fragrant with the exhalations of various adult libations.
11/Mar/17 5:09 AM
It might have been dangerous to light a match!
11/Mar/17 5:11 AM
We have seen the Rovers twice and the Chieftains 3 or 4 times. Love the music and the fun! One stock joke that the Rovers repeated last night made me laugh as much as the first time I heard it. ''I am half-Irish and half-Scottish, and that causes some nasty problems. Half of me loves to drink ... and the other half doesn't want to pay for it!''
11/Mar/17 5:14 AM
I'm Irish and German. I don't know whether to drink or clean.
11/Mar/17 5:52 AM
11/Mar/17 6:30 AM
Love the tongue twisters! Keep them coming.
11/Mar/17 6:41 AM
22 Safe travels, Keith.
11/Mar/17 6:41 AM
I didn't want to go out in the cold and winds earlier this week, so I was delighted to discover that I actually already had everything I needed to make lasagna! Oh, my. I overate that evening.
11/Mar/17 6:45 AM
Even Dr. Suess's 'regular' kids books were sometimes hard to read aloud. I remember my dad would read aloud to us and we'd laugh as he'd complain that 'Dr. Suess must hate parents.' So one year we got him the 'Oh Say Can You Say' tongue twister book for his birthday or Father's Day. I can remember us laughing even harder as his face, good naturedly, turned red with the effort of reading them!
11/Mar/17 6:53 AM
Kathy, can't you drink WHILE you clean?
11/Mar/17 6:57 AM
All this talk of lasagna...thanks for the dinner idea! Now I just have to leave work early enough to make it.
11/Mar/17 7:02 AM
Plum, I would never have thoughts Dr. Seuss hated parents, I always loved reading Dr. Seuss to my kids! There were some I read so often that I had memorized them. As I would get drowsy reading, I would close my eyes and just recite the story from memory. When I would start to actually drift off More...
11/Mar/17 7:10 AM
Cake Lady - that 'hate parents' bit was my dad, just laughing at himself. He has always loved tongue twisterd, probably because he's also always been a stickler for crisp pronunciation, even when imitating ethnic or regional accents. Tongue twisters are designed to be difficult to pronounce.
11/Mar/17 7:17 AM
Morning all,crazy looking glasses.
11/Mar/17 7:20 AM
I have enough trouble understanding some people without adding tongue twisters to the mix !😂
11/Mar/17 7:24 AM
Also to Cake Lady - You remind me of one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Seuss (sorry for the earlier misspelling):
I can read big words like Constantinople and Timbuktu.
I can read with my eyes shut but that is very hard to do.
It's bad for my hat and makes my eyebrows get red hot,
So reading with my eyes shut I don't do an awful lot.
11/Mar/17 7:30 AM
I am off for Spring Break in just a few minutes. 1000 mile drive, but it will be FUN in Tucson when we get there.
11/Mar/17 7:51 AM
Safe travels, Jamie!
11/Mar/17 8:05 AM
Sometimes I won't be able to generate an appropriate word or sometimes a three letter word will be the only one available, there will almost certainly be less than 26 letters in all columns and even less in E. This week there are 23 in each column.
11/Mar/17 8:11 AM
I should have said that was POOZLE and wished everyone a not too sober St Patrick's Day. Time for breakfast now'
11/Mar/17 8:22 AM
Yay - a new Wombat poozle for the weekend and Good Afternoon all!

11/Mar/17 8:56 AM
Safe travels Jamie; you will be in warmer country than us here for St. Patty's parade!  Snow, 40mph winds, with highs in the 15-20 range; good day for staying inside perfecting the downing of the green beer and let others wear the Green!
11/Mar/17 9:03 AM
I'm half German and half Polish. I lead from both the brain and the heart, so I engineer hospitality. I really should be an event planner.
11/Mar/17 9:51 AM
jamie - have FUN en route, too. Stop and smell some roses. I bet the desert is blooming. I remember Spring Break in Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo, TX. I couldn't stop sneezing. Worst allergic reaction I've ever had. May your 'March roses' be sweeter.
11/Mar/17 9:53 AM
There's a Jewish holiday this weekend that combines Halloween and St. Patrick's Day, i.e., costumes and drinking, all in the synagogue while reading the Book of Esther. Also satirical skits or other humor and frivolity between chapters. The traditional food for this holiday is triangular pastries which I have yet to make and argggghhh it begins tomorrow!
11/Mar/17 10:24 AM
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