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Easy Sudoku for 12/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
12/Mar/17 12:00 AM
1:57 Good night one and all!
12/Mar/17 12:12 AM
We lose an hour to Daylight Savings tonight.
12/Mar/17 12:26 AM
I prefer to think of it as an hour banked, or saved for later.
12/Mar/17 12:35 AM
O'Mairzy dotes and dozey dotes 'nliddle lammzey divey, a kiddle e divey two, wooden shoe?
12/Mar/17 12:36 AM
Morning. I've worked up another set of Vowel Movements. I'd like advice about when I could put them up and not be stepping on anyone's toes poozlewize.
12/Mar/17 12:41 AM
Put it up now, Keith. I still have a pot of hot liquid to savor and I don't want to have to clean out my refrigerators just yet.

But I get what you mean. Sometimes it seems we have a bunch of poozles and sometimes none. Speaking of savoring, it's nice to spread the poozles out.
12/Mar/17 1:22 AM
Tomorrow (Monday site time) about Midday when Wombat is scheduled to post his answers? That way -- do we still have anyone posting a Math Monday poozle -- there's something to work on until Kathy posts during the week? Best to hear from Kathy and Wombat!
12/Mar/17 1:25 AM
Here I am!

I usually post poozles on Tuesday and Wednesday, Keith. If you'd like to take one of those days, that would be fine....or, if you'd like to post on Monday, that would be fine, too. My two cents worth.
12/Mar/17 1:31 AM
I'm talking about U.S. days, not site days, of course.
12/Mar/17 1:33 AM
🌞Good Maen ☕️🍩🍀☘🐣
12/Mar/17 1:38 AM
all. It that Vicki?
12/Mar/17 2:05 AM
I'd like to put mine up when there's not one already in progress. So far, I can't get a clear picture of when that would be.
12/Mar/17 2:39 AM
Should have said Vibrant Vici.😖
12/Mar/17 3:11 AM
Keith - your question itself is a poozle I want to see if I can figure out!

At present we have Kathy and Wombat each posting two poozles a week. Kathy posts her answers next day. Wombat gives us a couple days before he posts his answers.

Wombat posts his 1&3 on Saturday (Friday More...
12/Mar/17 3:34 AM
Don't know how clear a picture that was, Keith.

Looking forward to a VM on Friday, US time. That's St. Patrick's Day, so you may get VERY interesting, if nonsensical, answers.

Sadly, this I have big plans this upcoming weekend. I hope I might still be able to solve the VM and 1&3 poozles, but I can't be sure.
12/Mar/17 3:42 AM
Ack!! That's not right. Let me check my dates again. It's hard since Wombat is Australian and uses site time and Kathy is American and uses US time. Hold on. I'm going to break down and actually use a pencil and a paper calendar....
12/Mar/17 3:45 AM
Yes. My original post was correct and my second was incorrect. If you post on THURSDAY US time, which is Friday site time (that's St. Patrick's Day on site, the day before SPD in the USA), you can either post answers on Friday or Saturday US time without running into Wombat's deadline which is More...
12/Mar/17 3:55 AM
If you give us two days for your VM then both my posts will be correct and I can still look forward to your VM on Friday US time. How's that? And that's without whiskey. Look out.
12/Mar/17 4:02 AM
Thursday morning it is. Thanks, Plum.
12/Mar/17 4:11 AM
12/Mar/17 4:12 AM
12/Mar/17 4:12 AM
I was wondering where you were, Keith. I let Burl distract me. We're making plans to go see a fantastic ceramics arts show at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. 'Out of the Fire' with representative works by BIG NAME Artists of the mid-20th century, some of which Burl has met in person and even studied under!

12/Mar/17 4:18 AM
I had gone back to bed. This old body is still resting up from yesterday's long drive. Young whipper snappers have it so easy.
12/Mar/17 4:23 AM
Morning all, yes Hal that is Vici . At last a photo with one of our members in the frame.
12/Mar/17 5:13 AM
It's amazing how the brain works better when there are no distractions, have sent you my answers Wombat.
12/Mar/17 5:38 AM
If anyone is still confused about the time difference between Australia and the U. S., always ask the Company Clerk.
This might clear things up for you.

Radar: I can't reach them now sir, I'll be calling them yesterday.
Frank: That's ridiculous!
Radar: Oh no sir, they're 16 hours More...
12/Mar/17 6:14 AM
I recognised Vicki as soon as I saw the photo.
12/Mar/17 6:34 AM
Well done Plum, you nailed it. I'm happy to give up a day anytime for you to post a poozle, or just allow one day to solve the Monday one. I like solving your poozle skills too.
12/Mar/17 7:22 AM
There should have been a
Keith in there somewhere.
12/Mar/17 7:24 AM
If anyone is still working on the 1&3 poozle from Saturday, PY should be LY.
12/Mar/17 7:27 AM
And, Wombat really does mean ''shanghais''. I had a brain meltdown and thought he meant ''shenanigans''.
Then I mis-copied another answer. The poor man probably thought I was ignoring my German gene and following my Irish gene....drinking instead of cleaning.
12/Mar/17 8:30 AM
12/Mar/17 9:19 AM
JEB - love the M*A*S*H shtick. Perfect.
12/Mar/17 9:38 AM
Kathy is a poozle star, both in setting them and solving them and is entitled to a brain fade from time to time. She commented that she had done this poozle in the morning when she usually does them late at night. It would be rude of me to suggest that she should stick to nights, so I won't.
12/Mar/17 9:42 AM
G'evening all!  Whenever there is a puzzle, I'm always game for giving it a try - puzzle-away master puzzle-creators!
12/Mar/17 9:45 AM
Which has led me to investigate whether there is a term for folks who create puzzles - there certainly is!
12/Mar/17 9:48 AM
Wombat - I'm pleased I could figure a way for Keith to fit his puzzles comfortably into the mix with no interruption of either your routine or Kathy's.

And I'm also glad to figure out there's a pattern to what seemed rather random poozle posting. There have been times I've wished for a More...
12/Mar/17 9:51 AM
enigmatologist -
The term enigmatology is a relatively recent coining however, originating around 30 years ago with the American Will Shortz, the only academically-accredited enigmatologist in the world. Shortz earned a degree in Enigmatology from Indiana University in 1974, and after spending More...
12/Mar/17 9:52 AM
We have several accomplished enigmatologists in our midst - yay!

12/Mar/17 9:53 AM
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