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Easy Sudoku for 12/October/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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12/Oct/19 12:00 AM
12/Oct/19 12:00 AM

A priest was called away on an emergency. Not wanting
to leave the confessional booth unattended, he called
his rabbi friend from across the street and asked him
to cover for him.

The rabbi told him he wouldn't know what to say, but
the More...
12/Oct/19 12:01 AM

G'day Hal
12/Oct/19 12:01 AM
2:03 Good evening all.
12/Oct/19 12:03 AM
A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
12/Oct/19 12:05 AM
1:54. 'Morning all.
12/Oct/19 12:12 AM
Good one, Mr Cee.
12/Oct/19 12:19 AM
12/Oct/19 1:02 AM
Clouds today.
Autumn seems to be peeking in at me from my windows today. There's a chill in the air and a little bit of color in the leaves. I know it's mid-October, but it seems early. I guess time does not stand still when you go on holiday!
12/Oct/19 1:07 AM
Morning all. Sleepyhead looks so cute. He/she look very much like Scruffy, a dog that adopted us when we lived in Barbados. He came back to Canada with us and much to our surprise loved the snow! He lived until he was almost 20 years old. Miss him still.
12/Oct/19 1:10 AM
Forgot to tell Mr. Cee that I too enjoyed his joke!
12/Oct/19 1:12 AM
Wicked, Mr. C!
12/Oct/19 1:30 AM
Thanks for the laugh, Mr. Cee!

I have never had a dog that was a picky eater. One of my visitors is just that. Tucker, the Corgi, will take a few pieces of kibble and wander around chewing, go back, take a few More...
12/Oct/19 1:45 AM
12/Oct/19 2:04 AM
Everybody!! Good one, Mr. Cee.
12/Oct/19 2:40 AM
Kathy, be careful with the dog food! 15 years ago, our daughter had two wonderful Boxers, a male and a female. The female was as smart as a whip, while the male was ... dumb! The female liked to nibble on her food all day, but the male immediately ate everything in sight. One More...
12/Oct/19 3:18 AM
, Cee!
12/Oct/19 3:20 AM
Nice way to start the day - with some giggles; thanks Mr. Cee!
12/Oct/19 3:22 AM
……..another sunny day for us - then cold & rain for the weekend, of course!
12/Oct/19 3:24 AM
A very cute sleepyhead today!
12/Oct/19 4:06 AM
12/Oct/19 5:33 AM
Judy, their kibble is in a metal container. She can't chew through it unless she acquires superpowers.
I only feed them a cup or so at a time, so at the most, she's knocking back 2 cups.
There's also the fact that she's lazy and I seriously doubt she would make the effort.
12/Oct/19 5:59 AM
Where I live never had power shut off by PG&E, but I was with my daughter, helping her post surgery, and we lost power for a day. Luck of the Irish.
12/Oct/19 7:44 AM
Time for a PUZZLE folks. We still have electricity here and hope that all of those without it soon have it back on. Here it is:

OCT 12 (A&Q)

This week's Saturday poozle is 2&4 poozle, 
 We will work through the alphabet giving you the second and fourth letters (B&D) of a word More...
12/Oct/19 8:19 AM
Morning all,nothing like a good laugh to start the day,thanks Mr Cee.
12/Oct/19 8:28 AM
We have a new great granddaughter, Ellie Narrelle Beverage was born on Thursday the 10th of October. Only know her weight at the moment, she is 5lb 2oz.
12/Oct/19 8:46 AM
Congratulations, Amelia and family!
Narrelle is honored and is smiling down ...
12/Oct/19 9:45 AM

Friday 11th October.
DevilOrAngel – Claims he got Wombat’s joke but didn’t comment, yeah right!
Halt – Lots of California in the dark today and so is he, so off to the fart sack for him.
Arachnid – Off to the movies with a grunting More...
12/Oct/19 11:52 AM
Today’s picture is my little Molly! She was still quite young in the picture but is now 14 1/2. She’s got a heart murmur, is in early stages of kidney failure, a bit arthritic, but is still the sweetest of personalities! I fear we are going to have to make that dreaded decision quite soon. Xxx
12/Oct/19 12:34 PM
It seems that the return of The Phantom has resulted in an increase in the number of posts. Is everyone hoping for their name to appear in his/hers/its daily summary?
12/Oct/19 12:48 PM
Hi Wombat. Column F would appear to be a bit short for me. Finishes with the 'N'
12/Oct/19 1:00 PM
Sorry folks, there are a couple of errors in this week's puzzle. For some reason I cut off the end of Column F, and there is a missing E-U in B&D.
The amended version follows.

OCT 12 (A&Q)

This week's Saturday poozle is 2&4 poozle, 
 We will work through the alphabet giving More...
12/Oct/19 2:15 PM
I'll be waiting to be chastised by the Phantom for the mistakes (no blame to Sarah and Tyranids), but in the meantime I'll have a Boag's Light, and leave enough on the bar for you to have your favourite tipple on me.
12/Oct/19 2:20 PM
Goodnight all.
12/Oct/19 2:21 PM
Phantom and Ark is on my list of things to do. Good thing I live atop a small mountain, and have time to build.
12/Oct/19 2:35 PM
Going to a local action tomorrow, they are having an everything Christmas items. Should be fun.
12/Oct/19 2:40 PM
12/Oct/19 11:52 PM
Actually, Column F letters: * XXXX * XXXX * XXXX * XXXX * XXXX * XXXX * XXXX * AM * FY * HITE * IGINAL * ISTORIC * KING * L * MATE * MING * N * OR * OTROPY * OUS * SACK * UET * WHERE * YNE * YSTEM * Z

Also, for -J-Z , the clue is the maker of the keyboards.

Sarah, editing
13/Oct/19 3:59 AM
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