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Easy Sudoku for 11/October/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:49. Good Morning, all!
11/Oct/19 12:10 AM
tom & all!
Foggy with signs of the sun peeking through!
Hope your day is filled with sunshine!
11/Oct/19 12:36 AM
Now I'm off to watercolor class!
11/Oct/19 12:37 AM
Last night, coming from the airport through Penn Station. Escalator up from the train platform wasn't working, as usual. A horde of people trying to climb up from the platform jammed onto the idle escalator, as did another horde trying to descend to the platform. Everyone had suitcases. Total grudlock and chaos, mid climb. Welcome to New York!
11/Oct/19 12:38 AM
1:55 Good night all.
11/Oct/19 12:53 AM
If you want your spouse to listen and pay strict attention to every word you say, talk in your sleep.
11/Oct/19 12:54 AM
Tom, I have seen that when the Metro escalators aren't working in this area. People will stand on the steps of the unmoving escalator rather than take the stairs that are right next to it. Maybe they think it's a ''start and stop'' More...
11/Oct/19 1:04 AM
Everybody!! Still have power! Many of my fellow Napans do not.
11/Oct/19 2:09 AM
Tell us more, Denny - did schools close, are businesses closed, always need cash / no electronic transactions? How are folks coping?

Is it just a matter of time before your power is out or is it only certain areas being impacted?
11/Oct/19 2:25 AM
...and - hello everyone - we have sunshine; maybe you will too! Have a good day!
11/Oct/19 2:26 AM
11/Oct/19 2:37 AM
Hi Joyce, I do have power unlike about 3/4 of Napa. Schools closed, many businesses closed. Unfortunately for those without power, it can take several days for it to be restored. To prevent fires, PG&E must inspect ALL the main lines in forested areas to ensure no trees have blown unto them.
11/Oct/19 2:54 AM
11/Oct/19 3:40 AM
11/Oct/19 5:27 AM
11/Oct/19 5:27 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
11/Oct/19 5:45 AM
Kate for a good photo for the jigsaw.
11/Oct/19 5:48 AM
Morning all,great photo, Kate . Jackie, I agree it would make a great jigsaw.
11/Oct/19 6:24 AM
Thanks for noting yesterday's joke. You are the only on who did,. but the Phantom probably will,
11/Oct/19 10:05 AM
Good one, Anne - now I need to perfect that ability!
11/Oct/19 11:16 AM
Thanks for your explanation, Denny! Do you know if you’re still in line for ‘turn-offs’? Or are you safe from the inconvenience? ... & what an inconvenience it’s sure to be!
11/Oct/19 11:20 AM
Hi Keith!
11/Oct/19 11:26 AM

Thursday 10th October.
Wombat – So he thinks I’m some sort of spirit that lives in a pub – inn-spectre indeed!
Halt – Smarting at Wombat’s barb but had a laugh anyway. Way to go man!
DevilOrAngel – Happy to take things any way he can get them. More...
11/Oct/19 11:47 AM
As usual, Wombat, I read but didn't comment on your joke...
11/Oct/19 12:09 PM
Lots of northern California is in the dark today.
11/Oct/19 12:10 PM
And it's dark enough for me tonight, so...
11/Oct/19 12:12 PM
Going to the cinema with second grandson (14). Doesn't say much but grunts a lot
11/Oct/19 12:24 PM
Just for you Arachnid ....

11/Oct/19 12:53 PM
Rain, rain, go away I have had enough for today.
11/Oct/19 3:33 PM
All of the golf courses here are flooded again. The residents end up paying for all the repairs since all the residents own the courses in this community.
11/Oct/19 3:40 PM
Goodnight all.
11/Oct/19 3:41 PM
It's beer-o-clock, let's party!
11/Oct/19 5:58 PM
I'll have a Cascade tonight. The rest of you can help yourselves, the money's on the bar1
11/Oct/19 6:00 PM
Yes Peter, that is him to a T including the X Box being played whilst we talk .
11/Oct/19 6:52 PM
I'm not a big cinema goer but just watched 'Joker'. Superb film and extremely well acted. I have never seen Joachim Phoenix before but one hell of a good actor, at least in this film.
11/Oct/19 6:54 PM
I'll join you Peter. Mine will be a Corona Liegera which I have developed quite a taste for. I know we pay a fortune for this brew but our transatlantic cousins probably pay 7c a bottle
11/Oct/19 6:56 PM
11/Oct/19 11:59 PM
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