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Easy Sudoku for 12/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A cutie in the middle of nowhere.
12/Dec/14 12:03 AM
See if you can figure out the words in this 'pyramid' using the hints given below. Each new word contains the same letters as the previous word, plus a new letter. Order need not be preserved.

1) Twelfth letter of the English alphabet
2) Los Angeles
3) Type of dog
4) Young More...
12/Dec/14 12:03 AM
It's been a while since my puzzle showed up timely and even longer since I posted 1st.
12/Dec/14 12:05 AM
As much as I would love to stay here and talk to myself, little boy is ready to do math.
12/Dec/14 12:06 AM
Until later.
12/Dec/14 12:07 AM
G'day mates.
Kayo is back with today's daffynition:
Euronating: What “spending a penny” (using a public pay toilet) will become if the UK joins the single currency.
Here's today's factoid:
Exercising makes you both more productive and happier for the day that you exercise. It affects your brain function and memory, and the positive effect lasts the entire day.
12/Dec/14 12:14 AM
Exercise statement correct - like Nike says 'Just Do It'
12/Dec/14 12:27 AM
Getting my exer by putting up the tree - reach and lift -

Our little Baby came - Kylie Marie - little girl - have to do some shopping today for a welcoming gift
12/Dec/14 12:30 AM
Serena and Kayo - what a way to start the day!! Unfortunately, I have to go get ready for class. I will hopefully get back to work on Serena's puzzle.
12/Dec/14 12:30 AM
If I was organized- really - if I had the space - I would have a quilt ready to go - well, maybe that will be my goal !
12/Dec/14 12:33 AM
Congrats, Auntie mymare! Glad everything went well for your niece & baby!
12/Dec/14 1:11 AM
friends! (Only females so far today, I see!)
Sunshine!!! Yippee!
And a warm-up expected in a day or so!
12/Dec/14 1:14 AM
And now me, Shiela.
12/Dec/14 1:27 AM
Welcome back Kayo; you returned with a whopper of a daffynition!
12/Dec/14 1:42 AM
ladies....and Hal.
12/Dec/14 1:42 AM
back, Kayo!
12/Dec/14 1:43 AM
...and a welcome to Kylie Marie, mymare...
12/Dec/14 1:44 AM
Welcome to the world, Kylie Marie!
12/Dec/14 1:52 AM
Thanks, Kathy! I guess you didn't include me because I said I was leaving.
12/Dec/14 1:59 AM
Good morning to all! Who is the young girl in today's photo?
12/Dec/14 2:10 AM
Kylie Marie... a nice name. give the parents my best wishes Mymare.
12/Dec/14 2:12 AM
Well, I'll grab 22 while I'm here.
12/Dec/14 2:12 AM
I haven't been able to post!
12/Dec/14 2:24 AM
I just spent some time installing a new version of Adobe Flash Player. Seems to be working now.
12/Dec/14 2:25 AM
Back to business!
We had several overachievers with more than one answer to yesterday's poozle. Excellent!
I present winners Silvergal, Judy, Hal, Shosho, Greg, lonewoof, Sarah Beth, Mads, Doug W, Joyce, Sarah, Aileen, and Serena with this crown to wear during your reign, dears.
12/Dec/14 2:29 AM
, y'all! Oh boy - a great reindeer hat!

Give a kiss to Kylie Marie from me, Mymare.
12/Dec/14 2:39 AM

That was sad Kathy!!! reign, dears indeed.
12/Dec/14 2:44 AM
Maybe it wasn't the Flash Player update that was the problem in posting. The update got my dancing bats back on my page, but there is evidently something in the answers that the Hall Monitor doesn't like. I've tried to post them several times with different changes. No luck.
I give up.
12/Dec/14 2:47 AM
Welcome back Kayo! 'The Hired Help' did a good job of keeping us entertained with Daffynitions and Factoids while you were indisposed. Even got a couple of guffaws!
12/Dec/14 2:56 AM
Could it be hash?
12/Dec/14 2:59 AM
Nope, guess that wasn't the word that the hall monitors didn't like.
12/Dec/14 2:59 AM
It might have been *APE*, Silvergal and Kathy, where * = R. (Yes, it's a word.)
12/Dec/14 3:42 AM
12/Dec/14 4:09 AM
Ah... Judy, I answered 'LAPEL'. I came up with two alternatives, but not on that one. You're probably right. It's interesting what gets censored.
12/Dec/14 4:34 AM
I sent Serena an answer, not it is time to get back to school. Dressed as Santa today - if you want to see, send me a message here or at TOS and I can send you a link. Don't want to bore everybody with it!
LOTS of fun.
12/Dec/14 4:57 AM
Or 'now' it is time!
12/Dec/14 4:58 AM
I came up with the r one figured it couldn't be what they were looking for and went with the l one. I went through my list of words and didn't find anything questionable.
12/Dec/14 5:16 AM
Oooh, lookee here! I came on time for a race!
12/Dec/14 5:18 AM
Oooh, lookee here! I came on time for a race!
12/Dec/14 5:18 AM
12/Dec/14 5:18 AM
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