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Easy Sudoku for 13/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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13/Dec/14 12:00 AM
Right on it, Hal.
13/Dec/14 12:07 AM
Swank neighborhood.
13/Dec/14 12:15 AM
Both U.S. coasts here this morning - I guess I can be the middle!!
13/Dec/14 12:23 AM
Keith - you are up EARLY!?
13/Dec/14 12:24 AM
G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Abstract Art: 1. The proof that things are not as bad as they are painted to be; 2. A product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered.
Here's today's factoid:
We change our voice when we talk to people we like.
13/Dec/14 12:24 AM
Yup, and probably not staying up. Still very dark here.
13/Dec/14 12:28 AM
Often, I feel exactly like that in a modern art gallery ... untalented, unprincipled, and bewildered.
13/Dec/14 12:30 AM
Everybody gone?
13/Dec/14 1:11 AM
(Some of the 'middlers' slept in today to make up for the last few days!)
or (Not sure, I haven't openend my eyes yet!)
Need coffee! Where's Jerry?
13/Dec/14 1:42 AM
What's in the background?
13/Dec/14 2:14 AM

1) L
2) LA
3) Lab
4) Lamb
5) Album
6) Lumbar
7) Labarum
8) Adumbral

In the today we have Joyce, Silvergal, Lonewoof, Judy, Jamie, HalT, Canuk Greg, Kathy, More...
13/Dec/14 2:17 AM
I almost left. I forgot I need to post a puzzle.

Each statement describes two words that when fused together create a new unrelated word (not a compound word). The clues do not necessarily indicate in which order the two words are attached. Example: This is the average oldness of a tablet More...
13/Dec/14 2:21 AM
Late last night my hubby says to me...
'I need an ugly sweater for the 'Ugly Christmas Sweater' contest at work.'
'When?', I asked.
'Tomorrow', he replies in a voice sounding a bit like the kid who forgot that he had a book report due the next morning and hadn't even read More...
13/Dec/14 2:41 AM

Shiela, please, please, please take a photo! If the sequined parrot doesn't do the trick, the contest was fixed and the boss won.
13/Dec/14 2:53 AM
, y'all! In to the office briefly today, then back home to finish decorating. May even get to the outdoor lights.
13/Dec/14 2:55 AM
Yes, Shiela - photo!
13/Dec/14 3:00 AM
I, too, am eager to see a picture of Mr. Shiela posing in his stylin' sweater. Maybe front and back views are in order.
13/Dec/14 3:00 AM
Close enough.
13/Dec/14 3:00 AM
Anybody coming with me?
13/Dec/14 3:01 AM
Last chance.
13/Dec/14 3:01 AM
13/Dec/14 3:01 AM
Enough with the bouncing whatever it is. Switching to my daughter's long haired Chibowough. She got her close to Christmas several years ago, so her name is Holly.
13/Dec/14 3:06 AM
I just put a full sized version of this Avatar in my gallery for anybody curious.
13/Dec/14 3:43 AM
Shiela -- after all that, I expected you to say you decided to KEEP the sweater
13/Dec/14 3:57 AM
13/Dec/14 5:13 AM
Morning all, I assume the house is 250 years old.
Shiela , please do take a photo of your creativeness .
13/Dec/14 5:56 AM
It seems that December is a popular month for birthdays.
Lindy, Suzy, Johnno and Chemmie have a wonderful day all of you.
13/Dec/14 6:02 AM
1:36. Good morning everyone.
13/Dec/14 6:55 AM
13/Dec/14 7:11 AM
Kathy requested a more current picture of Holly. I've put one in my gallery.
13/Dec/14 7:33 AM
Keith, I tried searching 'Chibowough' after seeing Adorable Holly ...it must Jen's devised name for her bow-wowing Chihuahua mixed breed - no search results!
13/Dec/14 8:06 AM
Good morning.
13/Dec/14 8:56 AM
I, too, want a picture of Mr Sheila's ugly sweater.
13/Dec/14 8:57 AM
Keith, that's a bouncing Christmas pudding.
13/Dec/14 8:58 AM
Well, I think it is.
13/Dec/14 8:59 AM
Eldest daughter has, as usual, made the Christmas puddings this year. She is such a treasure.
13/Dec/14 9:00 AM
Where is everyone?
13/Dec/14 9:01 AM
No weather complaints here from the west coast of the USA, although our news services are showing footage of severe storm damage from Southern California to the north.
13/Dec/14 9:04 AM
13/Dec/14 9:04 AM
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