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Easy Sudoku for 12/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I'll be marking finals for days!
12/Dec/15 12:00 AM
It's very discouraging. If my life's work has been teaching - and I seem to have failed at that - I get depressed.
12/Dec/15 12:13 AM
SE=7.1 UP to 39
1)M-Wing:(2)d5=(6)d3 or (2)i5=(6)i2 => d2,g3<>6 UP=81
12/Dec/15 12:20 AM
Could you repeat that, Bud. I didn't get it.
12/Dec/15 12:24 AM
I was hoping that someone would try to make me feel better before they went to bed.
12/Dec/15 12:26 AM
(((hugs))) to Wolf, remember you have that great trip to look forward to
12/Dec/15 12:38 AM
Good morning people of the world.
12/Dec/15 12:47 AM
Well, it is no where near my bed time, but I could really easily crawl back in and snuggle my pillows a little longer.

Wolf, you have done a wonderful job of teaching. You students heard you and your voice is in their heads. Unfortunately, what is in their heads, is not on the paper.
12/Dec/15 12:50 AM
Cheers to our busy friend.
12/Dec/15 12:51 AM
Well, after years of not screwing it turns out I cannot screw straight. May have helped if there was a pre-set hole, but there wasn't. So after hours of screwing, trying to get it right, Man comes home and takes out his manly tool and goes zip, zip and the screwing part is done. I followed the manual instructions and it said not to use manly tools. But he never listens.
12/Dec/15 12:55 AM
So this morning I asked for his manly tool that drills holes. He asked what I wanted it for and I said I was going to drill 4 holes in the FPA cabinets, so I can install under cabinet lighting. Something I asked him to do two weeks ago. He said he would do it before he went to work. Well work called him in early and I noticed his manly tools are no longer on the FPA counter.
12/Dec/15 12:58 AM
I also asked for the paint to finish the front door, that was delivered around June, so that project could be finished. I heard, 'I will do it.' Of course those are the same words I have heard for the last 6 months.
12/Dec/15 1:00 AM
Along with my asking, I asked for his small latter, so I could hang a wreath, that I asked to be hung after Thanksgiving. The response was, 'I will hang it when I get home. It will just take a minute.' He will not need the latter.
12/Dec/15 1:02 AM
The next question, 'Does the lawn mower have gas in it?' The leaves are piling up and instead of bagging we mow to put them back ground since dirt is precious thing on top of this rock.
The response, 'I was planning to do that this weekend.'
12/Dec/15 1:04 AM
I am sure you are seeing a pattern here. I am sure if I asked where the bathroom cleaner was at, he would have no clue. But I now know my power with feminine wiles. Just threaten to use his manly tools and I might get something done.
12/Dec/15 1:07 AM
OK, I will give him a chance and go refill my cup. I am certain I shall return I have way too much to do today.
12/Dec/15 1:09 AM
(((hugs))) to Karen, I have a man who is exactly the same, dont rush him, he will get round to it (eventually!) no need to keep reminding him every 6months
12/Dec/15 1:30 AM
Thanks, Lizzy and Karen. I needed that. And I'll get around to fixing the house any day now.
12/Dec/15 1:45 AM
Seems to have been a little break in the action.
12/Dec/15 2:07 AM
I'll rise to the occasion.
12/Dec/15 2:07 AM
12/Dec/15 2:07 AM
12/Dec/15 2:07 AM
& a CP for Wombat.
12/Dec/15 2:08 AM
Where would we be without dedicated teachers? Every teacher has been frustrated at one time or another. It can seem like a thankless job...but, eventually, the light bulb goes on in their little brains because of you. Hang in there, Wolf.
12/Dec/15 2:28 AM
All hubby has to see is me walking through the house with any type of tool and the job will be done quickly....and, not by me. It's not that he thinks I can't do it. He just thinks he can do it better. I have never argued this point with him. It's fine by me.
12/Dec/15 2:33 AM
Off to finally get the Christmas tree up. We seem to get later every year. I have the lighted deer (3) for the yard sitting in my living room, so, hopefully, they will be outside this afternoon enjoying our rather warm temps. We do, at least, have the lighted tree on the porch, so, at least that is done!
Bye for now!
12/Dec/15 2:37 AM
The small government argument is used to defund schools with the ultimate motivation being to privatize them. That alone can make any conscientious public school teacher depressed. Don't blame yourself, Wolf.
12/Dec/15 2:39 AM
So where are my fellow insomniacs?
This is so NOT good..
Have a busy day ahead of me...
12/Dec/15 2:51 AM
beautiful day in OK
12/Dec/15 3:30 AM
Good morning to all! Fairly busy so far today, and over a century in posts yesterday. Nice to see the site going strong!
12/Dec/15 3:34 AM
Don't seem to have as much to do today which is a blessing.
12/Dec/15 3:35 AM
Karen I won't be cooking tonight, going out to eat.
12/Dec/15 3:37 AM
Went to the annual Christmas dinner where we live. The meat is provided turkey & ham then everyone brings a dish to share. I was told we needed vegetables, so I am hurting my brain trying to think of an easy no time required dish. Light bulb went off when I remembered a corn dish Jamie gave me several years back. Needless to say it was a BIG hit. Thank you Jamie for giving me the receipt.
12/Dec/15 3:44 AM
I really need to get busy doing something, anything!
12/Dec/15 3:44 AM
Hope to be back
12/Dec/15 3:45 AM

Can we make page 2?
12/Dec/15 4:13 AM

Im not a gallumper
12/Dec/15 4:14 AM

and work makes me slow........
12/Dec/15 4:14 AM

Im sure someone is lurking
12/Dec/15 4:15 AM

See ya later page 1
12/Dec/15 4:15 AM
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