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Easy Sudoku for 13/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, or maeN
13/Dec/15 12:13 AM
I am not sure if after midnight is Morning or still night.
13/Dec/15 12:14 AM
Good morning people of the world.
13/Dec/15 12:44 AM
Long time, no see in Sudokuville, Tricia.

At the moment, I bet you feel all alone here.
13/Dec/15 12:47 AM
I don't think I am an insomniac, more like a sporadic napper. Though for standing and walking for any length of time period these days is getting harder, I cannot still cannot be still. Unfortunately, when things are on my mind, for instance, my girl's class party. I don't think I am stressed about More...
13/Dec/15 1:00 AM
Now, what do I do? Everything is ready to party, but food pick-up.
13/Dec/15 1:01 AM
Well, Man is up. Must go grab his manly tool and see how fast it will take him to notice, so he can do my honey do list.
13/Dec/15 1:03 AM
Hehehe. I got, 'I will do it.'
13/Dec/15 1:16 AM
good morning. Just finished reading a book. Better go and get some sleep.
13/Dec/15 1:20 AM
fellow puzzlers
13/Dec/15 1:21 AM

Sounds like it was a good book June, if it kept you up this late to finish it, sleep well
13/Dec/15 1:22 AM
Take it from me Karen. He will notice very quickly.
13/Dec/15 1:22 AM
Night all.
13/Dec/15 2:14 AM
13/Dec/15 2:17 AM
Hmmm. Short night.
13/Dec/15 2:19 AM
13/Dec/15 2:22 AM
Close enough to Christmas for me to bring out the Santa hat.
13/Dec/15 2:25 AM
... and, as much action at this site is getting lately,
13/Dec/15 2:26 AM
it's time to make a gallump for it.
13/Dec/15 2:26 AM
Looks around for Karen,
13/Dec/15 2:27 AM
or anybody else ...
13/Dec/15 2:27 AM
13/Dec/15 2:27 AM
First the Dutch Boy cut ... and now ducky slippers? What did I do to deserve it?
13/Dec/15 2:35 AM
Good morning.
13/Dec/15 2:46 AM
That'll teach me not to go to email before here.
13/Dec/15 2:48 AM
I could have been racing Keith.
13/Dec/15 2:48 AM
Oh well. he won fair and square with no rivals.
13/Dec/15 2:49 AM
I'll gallump here to get to a CP. then say Bye.
13/Dec/15 2:50 AM
Yahoo! I have under counter lighting and a wreath is hung.
My feet will still have to leave the ground, because fluffing was not done before wreath was hung. I should have known to tell him to fluff before hanging, but I always have hope.
13/Dec/15 3:04 AM
Weather generally does not, well except wind, really do not like high winds. At the moment we are experiencing in between weather and I don't like it. A cold front is expected to come through but at the moment I am seriously thinking about turning the air conditioning back on.
13/Dec/15 3:13 AM
It's a duck dog.
13/Dec/15 3:14 AM
Sorry about the lack of Thursday and Friday puzzles, our internet was down. The service guy just left. The big issue was that they tried to update their system which broke a lot of people so they undid it for now. He came out anyways since the service call was already scheduled. He did a preemptive fix and I got a brand new shiny wireless modem.
13/Dec/15 3:18 AM
Good morning to all! That little fellow is disguised and all set to go duck hunting.
13/Dec/15 3:44 AM
13/Dec/15 4:31 AM
Met an old friend while running! Well, since I've been running, I stop to chat with him and scratch both of his golden retrievers. I hadn't seen him for 5 months and was thinking maybe he moved. Turns out Teddy Bear the bigger dog had a confrontation with a Ford Explorer. The car won and Teddy had a 5 month bed rest for a broken leg bone.
13/Dec/15 4:34 AM
But Teddy looks like he's in top shape and ready to be cuddly! Even Dozer (usually he's stand offish) was ready to cuddly, too! I missed my boys! If I were to get a dog, mind you I'd have to live in the country with a BIG yard, I'd get a golden retriever, a Shiba dog, and a greyhound.
13/Dec/15 4:36 AM
But since I'm in the city with all my convenients nearby, grocery store, pharmacy, doctor's office, big shopping mall (Macy, Nordstrom, Apple Store, big food court), several Japanese stores, Korean store, restaurants galore, all within walking distance less than a mile, some within blocks AND the police station and fire department less than a half a mile away, I think I'll stay put!
13/Dec/15 4:40 AM
Happy Saturday, and back online after a couple days of no Internet at home (phone still active so I could get email and stay connected that way)!
13/Dec/15 4:40 AM
Well lookee at that . . . so close . . .
13/Dec/15 4:41 AM
13/Dec/15 4:41 AM
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