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Easy Sudoku for 12/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all & see you on the other side~
12/Sep/16 12:00 AM
12/Sep/16 12:00 AM
- oh, and looks like I ended up here as a bonus!
12/Sep/16 12:00 AM
from beautiful OK
12/Sep/16 12:12 AM
to all the 11 Sept people, Broni, Mr P, Jane, would like to add my niece to that group.
12/Sep/16 12:17 AM
Going to lunch with niece & family today.
12/Sep/16 12:19 AM
Cool weather is coming, 9am & 60F.
12/Sep/16 12:24 AM
since I did not post yesterday
12/Sep/16 12:25 AM
12/Sep/16 12:25 AM
Picture looked familiar, this was as we were going to the Isle of Sylt from Germany. Sylt is pronounced Zult.
12/Sep/16 12:38 AM
Happy Sunday!
12/Sep/16 1:06 AM
Yep. The 1002. Right on time.
12/Sep/16 2:17 AM
Morning all !
12/Sep/16 2:32 AM
I think I've caught CP's bug, can't sleep.
12/Sep/16 2:35 AM
A bright red train.
12/Sep/16 2:41 AM
Slow moving today - time to get moving - love the coolest weather - love windows open
12/Sep/16 3:02 AM
Maybe go for a walk - up to a mile on my treadmill - and off and on with my cane - really need to warm up and I tend to freeze up when first starting - a work in progress
12/Sep/16 3:04 AM
12/Sep/16 3:09 AM
Today, I'm going to my DIL's baby shower! She's expecting a girl!
12/Sep/16 3:10 AM
Oh Keith, time to wake up!!! I'd get your fav post but I must make a few items for the shower. It's going to be at my old yacht club! My other son and wife belong to it now. It's one of two largest clubs in Marina Del Rey.
12/Sep/16 3:12 AM
What? Somebody call my name?
12/Sep/16 4:05 AM
12/Sep/16 4:05 AM
The red train arriving at 10AM.
12/Sep/16 4:05 AM
Wow! Some time ago.
12/Sep/16 4:06 AM
Good afternoon to all! Where is that train going?
12/Sep/16 4:32 AM
Just squeaked that 22 in under the wire Keith.
12/Sep/16 4:33 AM
Good morning.
12/Sep/16 5:42 AM
Talk about irony.
12/Sep/16 5:43 AM
Amelia can't sleep today, and I slept until 0500.
12/Sep/16 5:44 AM
Should be another beautiful day here today, yesterday was gorgeous.
12/Sep/16 5:47 AM
Planning a visit to the museum this week to see an exhibition of objects from Britain representing 100 years of history.
12/Sep/16 5:50 AM
Good morning all.
12/Sep/16 6:32 AM
Well - on waiting for my son - I did 2 puzzles - so I guess we are not going - Fitbit reminded me it is time to move - treadmill time
12/Sep/16 6:43 AM
I picked up Dr Pol book on CD - so maybe I can listen to a book while I walk- never turn your back on an Angus bull
12/Sep/16 6:45 AM
1:36. Good morning everyone.
12/Sep/16 7:00 AM
I need a bit of a rest today after a really big day yesterday. It started out with a 24.2km (slow) run first thing, then one of the bands I'm in was playing at a morning concert for an hour or so, followed by my wife and I going to the space tracking station at Tidbinbilla for lunch. The rest of More...
12/Sep/16 7:04 AM
Had a lovely lunch with niece & family. Finally got to meet great nephew's girl friend.
12/Sep/16 8:10 AM
Chris, Even reading about your day's activities makes me feel tired. As Cp says it was a good day for it. I don't know if I missed it, but I am wondering how you went. I think a Chris won it.
12/Sep/16 8:47 AM
I'll post the results of the puzzle a little bit later on, so you still have 3 hours left to have a go. This one seems to be a bit easier as everyone who has tried has a perfect score.
12/Sep/16 8:50 AM
It is time to turn the page, and maybe even start the next one.
12/Sep/16 8:51 AM
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