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Easy Sudoku for 13/October/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning to all!
13/Oct/13 12:04 AM
Friday's puzzle answers:
1. laces and aces
2. Flight and light)
3. Rudi and Udi
4. swoon and Woon
5. purge and urge
6. names and Ames
7. box and ox
8. show and How
9. number and umber
10. park and Ark

On the podium today:
Mr Cee, 10 for 10
Hal T, 10 for More...
13/Oct/13 12:07 AM
Good morning young man!!! How else do you think I got them all right!!! an easy puzzle every now and again does me good.....
13/Oct/13 12:08 AM
For today, curtails. Hopefully more challenging.

1. It’s best to keep this tuned up-> a fictional Japanese secret agent
2. Oscar Pistorius is known as this runner-> a book layout and design
3. The Asian Development or the European Central-> a decree that prohibits More...
13/Oct/13 12:10 AM
Well, tomorrow's puzzle will keep you on your toes. Cheers for now folks.
13/Oct/13 12:11 AM
manners Lizzy fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world....
13/Oct/13 12:32 AM
Happy Saturday!
13/Oct/13 1:09 AM
Looks like Chihuly to me.
13/Oct/13 1:26 AM
13/Oct/13 1:46 AM
13/Oct/13 1:47 AM
For a minute I thought that was a stained glass window. I looked up Chihuly. Never heard of him before.
13/Oct/13 1:52 AM
On the way home from football I realized that I never even looked Canuk Greg's puzzle yesterday. I'll have to make sure to look at today's.
13/Oct/13 1:53 AM

Thanks, Greg, for your puzzle efforts. Sometimes they drive me nuts, but I love trying to figure them out!
13/Oct/13 2:07 AM
Good morning people of the world.
13/Oct/13 2:10 AM
Free Thought Day
13/Oct/13 2:11 AM
Deltz may your day be a good one doing all the things that make you happiest.
13/Oct/13 2:23 AM
I know we saw some of Chihuly's work in Las Vegas but I don't remember where. I do remember it was spectacular!
13/Oct/13 2:26 AM
The light effects should be phenomenal when the sunlight hits that sculpture!
13/Oct/13 2:32 AM
13/Oct/13 2:42 AM
There is also a Chihuly on the Disney Magic cruise ship. (I think.)
13/Oct/13 2:48 AM
I love this - at first I thought it was a stained glass window.
13/Oct/13 2:59 AM
Good Maen all - just thought I'd grab Keith's.
13/Oct/13 3:00 AM
13/Oct/13 3:01 AM
Attention 'Whovians' 9 missing episodes found.

http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/television/nine-missing-episodes-of-cult-show-dr-who- found-on-shelf-in-nigerian-tv-station-not-seen-since-1960s/story-e6frfmyi-1226738702586
13/Oct/13 3:21 AM
13/Oct/13 3:32 AM

Kathy - one of his pieces is at the Bellagio (Fiori di Como).
13/Oct/13 3:39 AM
That was it, Daplap! Thanks!
13/Oct/13 3:42 AM
from Bella Vista Arkansas
13/Oct/13 3:42 AM
It is party day so I won't be able to be on line much.
13/Oct/13 3:48 AM
Our stay in Las Vegas on this trip was at the Belagio.. There is Chihuly glass all over the place in there. His work is amazing.
13/Oct/13 4:28 AM
Back from all my running around chores. That's a nice piece of artwork in today's photo.
13/Oct/13 4:30 AM
A Chihuly. Thanks Keith. I don't think that you ever got over to the Hilton hotel and casino at Lac Lemay in Hull, but it has three or four Chihuly chandeliers hanging in the main entrance lobby that are quite impressive.
13/Oct/13 4:36 AM
Morning all,sorry not my idea of art.
13/Oct/13 6:30 AM

This one is definitely yelling

PARTY right here, right NOW!
13/Oct/13 7:10 AM
1:56. Good morning everyone.
13/Oct/13 7:45 AM
Well, did my chores, including taking my dad to see my mom at the nursing home.
13/Oct/13 8:24 AM
G-h, would like to enjoy you! Am bringing the and the !
13/Oct/13 8:26 AM
And for those of you just getting up!
13/Oct/13 8:27 AM
so close . . .
13/Oct/13 8:27 AM
13/Oct/13 8:27 AM
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