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Easy Sudoku for 14/October/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
14/Oct/13 12:00 AM
Answers for Saturday’s puzzle:
1. motor and Moto
2. blade and blad
3. bank and ban
4. Cass and Cas
5. final and FINA
6. Heidi and Heid
7. obit and Obi
8. robin and Robi
9. Shaft and Shaf
10. Bath and bat

First in, Mr Cee with 9 for 10. ‘When the red, red robin More...
14/Oct/13 12:04 AM
Okay, keep your wits about you for today's puzzle folks.
Odd number clues are curtails; even number clues are beheaders.

1. Native monuments to commemorate ancestry or history-> A Spanish footballer who played 7 years for Real Madrid
2. What your wedding vows are-> an underwater More...
14/Oct/13 12:08 AM
14/Oct/13 12:56 AM

Before I get side tracked with CG's puzzle. fellow puzzlers hope all is good in your world, and for those that its not, may it be on the improve soon.
14/Oct/13 1:18 AM
Good morning people of the world.
14/Oct/13 1:31 AM
National Chess Day
14/Oct/13 1:32 AM
Good Maen!
14/Oct/13 1:33 AM
Happy advancing in age Spellmaster and Mardi D.
14/Oct/13 1:33 AM
everyone! I have to explain making the error yesterday. Well, I don't have to, but I'm going to....
I always print out the curtails and beheaders so I can take them with me and work on them when I have time throughout the day. More...
14/Oct/13 1:38 AM
too cute!
14/Oct/13 1:49 AM
Adorable picture today, but not taken by a member.
14/Oct/13 2:16 AM
I wish I had looked at Greg's puzzle, yesterday. It looks like it was both fun and relatively easy.
14/Oct/13 2:20 AM
Turn about is fair play. re: #7. Greg, Arthur Miller died in 2005. I doubt he was writing much in 2011. Folks, try Andrew Miller!
14/Oct/13 2:52 AM
Kathy. That was puzzling me!
14/Oct/13 3:09 AM
Well damn. I was just trying to keep you on your toes (NOT)! My blunder. Number 7 SHOULD read Andrew Miller. C'est la vie.
14/Oct/13 3:14 AM
Thanks, Kathy! I was wondering what posthumous work there might have been.
14/Oct/13 3:23 AM
Did you know Mt Rainer casts a shadow - on the clouds?

14/Oct/13 3:35 AM
A different kind of ''Photographic Art''.

14/Oct/13 3:40 AM
Such an adorable photo today. I think he[she] wants to playwith those socks.
14/Oct/13 3:49 AM
14/Oct/13 4:03 AM
Whoa! Keith, this one is dedicated to you!!!
14/Oct/13 4:04 AM
Was looking at a new site (at least for me) Unusedwords.com. There's a lot of neat words, like apricate - to bask in the sun. My poor kittens cannot apricate this morning because it's overcast to day!
And a word for Heidi and Karen - picaroon a (small time) pirate, say on speak like a pirate day!
14/Oct/13 4:12 AM
Here's one for you lecherous guys! Apodyopsis - The act of mentally undressing someone!
14/Oct/13 4:15 AM
And for people who find it difficult to get up in the morning, you have dysania!
14/Oct/13 4:17 AM
I had heard that word before, shosho. I read everything I can find on pirates. For some reason, they fascinate me. At least the ones during the ''Golden Age of Piracy'' do.
14/Oct/13 4:17 AM
And my all time favorite = griffonage - illegible handwriting! My son and his son have griffonage!
14/Oct/13 4:19 AM
Ohh, Heidi. I have a game in mind - semordnilap! It's palindrome spelled backward. It's where a word read one way becomes another word read backwards. Like room and moor, bat and tab. We could make a new game out of that one!
14/Oct/13 4:22 AM
Here's three semordnilaps that everyone should get:
1. Sarge's dog, ___ Preminger
2. Little Bo ___, sound baby chickens make
3. ____ Karenina, ____ and the King
14/Oct/13 4:43 AM
14/Oct/13 5:31 AM
Good morning everyone. All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go....
14/Oct/13 6:16 AM
I'll be back in a couple of weeks time. Stay well and safe everyone!
14/Oct/13 6:17 AM
But before I do any thing else a
14/Oct/13 6:18 AM
Stay safe and have a great trip/time Sacky!
14/Oct/13 6:20 AM
HalT, those are palindromes! Semordnilaps are word pair that spell one word and in reverse order spell another word. B A T (a small flying mammal or a hitting stick in the game baseball) and T A B (the part of the page sticks out to be easily found or the part of the top of the can for an opening).
14/Oct/13 6:21 AM
Shosho, you mean like 'A nut for a jar of tuna'.
14/Oct/13 6:25 AM
My bad.
14/Oct/13 6:29 AM
Morning all,I think he was in trouble for chewing the socks.
14/Oct/13 6:36 AM
Spellmaster and Mardi D
14/Oct/13 6:37 AM
14/Oct/13 6:38 AM
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