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Easy Sudoku for 13/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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13/Oct/15 12:20 AM
Didn't expect this 20 minutes into the day.
13/Oct/15 12:21 AM
Keith and all.
13/Oct/15 12:26 AM
Where's Ray Ray when you need him?
13/Oct/15 12:29 AM
Happy Thanksgiving Day in Canada.
13/Oct/15 1:10 AM
Good morning Sudoku Land.
13/Oct/15 1:29 AM
Good morning to all! A beautiful Thanksgiving Day here in Ottawa. Sunny, 22C and little wind. A great day to celebrate!
13/Oct/15 2:11 AM
Keith, my thought exactly, so I wrote to Ray.
13/Oct/15 2:23 AM
I also didn't expect only 8 posts at 0315.
13/Oct/15 3:23 AM
Good Morning.
13/Oct/15 3:24 AM
Happy Monday!
13/Oct/15 3:24 AM
Happy Thanksgiving Greg, Bev, Cathy, and all our other Canadian friends.
13/Oct/15 3:25 AM
Hi Aileen.
13/Oct/15 3:25 AM
it's 0300ish again. Well, I did get 2 nights where I slept on and off until 0600ish. I'll try to head back to bed in a little while.
13/Oct/15 3:28 AM
13/Oct/15 3:35 AM
I am here Keith.
The picture reminds me of my home country in Yorkshire.
Except for one thing. Wire fence instead of dry stone wall.
13/Oct/15 3:52 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to fellow Canadians--a spectacular day here!
13/Oct/15 5:07 AM
The 'ol ticker doesn't retain details like it used to ... Rayray, not Ray Ray. Sorry.
13/Oct/15 5:18 AM
... gallump ...
13/Oct/15 5:19 AM
Am I alone?
13/Oct/15 5:19 AM
We'll see.
13/Oct/15 5:19 AM
13/Oct/15 5:19 AM
I am finally here. everyone.
13/Oct/15 5:31 AM
Looks to be another slow day here.
13/Oct/15 5:32 AM
Thanks to those who commented on my Japan photos. I know they were a long time coming.
13/Oct/15 5:33 AM
I will work on Australia next. I don't know if I have any that are different form others that have been there.
13/Oct/15 5:35 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians, enjoy.
13/Oct/15 5:37 AM
Guess I can [talk] for another few posts.
13/Oct/15 5:38 AM
Unusual warm weather for this time of the year, the 80+ is just too warm.
13/Oct/15 5:40 AM

Loved your photos Sue and please take the time to add your Aussie ones, they are your memories nobody elses.....

13/Oct/15 5:46 AM
While I was looking at Sue's photos I had to use previous button to go forward and next to go backwards, not that its a problem but at 5.30am it did my head in til I worked out what was happening.
13/Oct/15 5:52 AM
Now back to bed for another hours sleep before I start the day....have a good one all.
13/Oct/15 5:53 AM
Good Morning everyone.
13/Oct/15 6:29 AM
Morning all, somewhere in the British isles.
Seems CP has gone back to bed as I got out of mine.😀
13/Oct/15 6:31 AM
Hi Grass-Hopper.
13/Oct/15 6:33 AM
13/Oct/15 7:27 AM
Grass-hopper, and rayray, haven't seen either of you in a while. Hope all is well in your worlds.
13/Oct/15 7:29 AM
Good morning everyone.
13/Oct/15 7:32 AM
Enjoy your celebrations today all topside Canadiand.
13/Oct/15 7:33 AM

A fish has a tail as long as its head and a quarter the length of its body. Its body is 3 quarters of its total length. Its head is 4 inches long.

How long is the fish?

Answers to my ''gone fishing'' inbox please.
13/Oct/15 7:35 AM
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