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Easy Sudoku for 14/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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And today is Wednesday!
14/Oct/15 12:00 AM
Where is everyone. Greg was here 5 minutes ago posting on yesterdays page.
14/Oct/15 12:05 AM
14/Oct/15 12:10 AM
14/Oct/15 12:29 AM
I was just reading yesterday's posts June. I'll be back later to work the puzzles.
14/Oct/15 12:30 AM

128 inches
head = 4 inches
body = 96 inches
tail = 28 inches

In the today we have Judy. to Cake Lady, Wolf, and More...
14/Oct/15 12:37 AM
Happy Tuesday!
14/Oct/15 1:11 AM

Poozle time!

The words start and end with the same letter. What are the words?

Answe rs to my ''romrouooda,etc.''inbox, please.

14/Oct/15 1:19 AM
A perfect autumn day here, but blustery winds are expected later. Nature's leaf blower.
Enjoy this beautiful season, everyone!
14/Oct/15 1:26 AM
William is adorable, and I love the black & white shot = fun puzzle too. Thanks!
14/Oct/15 2:56 AM
Good morning.
14/Oct/15 3:04 AM
Quiet here so far.
14/Oct/15 3:05 AM
Nothing happening here.
14/Oct/15 3:06 AM
Just doodling along.
14/Oct/15 3:06 AM
To make a CP, and help Keith and others reach their numbers, then say goodbye. Goodbye!
14/Oct/15 3:08 AM
beautiful day in OK
14/Oct/15 3:19 AM
I will help CP help Keith
14/Oct/15 3:20 AM
no appointments today so I have the whole day with nothing to do
14/Oct/15 3:21 AM
I do have things in the house that need doing but I don't want to.
14/Oct/15 3:22 AM
I also have my CP
14/Oct/15 3:28 AM
It's time for Keith
14/Oct/15 3:29 AM
& I'm here.
14/Oct/15 3:30 AM
What a cute photo today. I wonder when it was taken?
14/Oct/15 4:03 AM
Mmmm...yummy...can I have a bite of your apple please?
14/Oct/15 6:05 AM
Good morning 1 and all. Busy day ahead, fencing off cattle from the grass that's growing rapidly for hay. Followed closely by a weeding session in the garden.
14/Oct/15 7:31 AM
Enjoy your day everyone!
14/Oct/15 7:32 AM
Good afternoon to all! Cool photo today. It's nice to see a black and white shot every once in a while.
14/Oct/15 7:32 AM
Kathy, I'll get to your puzzle shortly. I think I have four answers already.
14/Oct/15 7:33 AM
The Blue Jays are tied up 2 - 2 in their best of five series. The deciding game is tomorrow. Winner goes to the Divisional finals, one step before the World Series. Go Jays Go!!
14/Oct/15 7:36 AM
Morning all,William is a cute boy.
When I logged onto this site this morning it was 6:45 am ...got sidetracked . lol
14/Oct/15 8:19 AM
Happy Birthday to Spellmaster and Mardi D, have a fun day. 🎂🎉
14/Oct/15 8:22 AM
Good morning everybody.
Very odd .. puzzle has caption but no picture..
14/Oct/15 10:35 AM
An early good evening to all - love black & white photos!
14/Oct/15 10:44 AM
Another great weather day to continue the winter pack-up & store-away! ...here comes the leaf color & drop.
14/Oct/15 10:47 AM
2:01 Good morning one and all!

A bit slow this morning.
14/Oct/15 10:48 AM
Just did Kathy's Poozle - It was a fun one to figure out!
14/Oct/15 11:00 AM
I suppose I should keep going to change the page, but soon it's dinner time........ & not much else to babble about........
14/Oct/15 11:02 AM
I'll leave it for someone else to feel 'lucky' to have arrived at just-the-right-moment......
14/Oct/15 11:03 AM
14/Oct/15 11:54 AM
I guess no one else wants to jump in and change the page. Joyce is having a late dinner tonight.
14/Oct/15 11:54 AM
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