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Easy Sudoku for 13/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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13/Aug/16 12:00 AM
Hi Hal and everyone who comes after!
13/Aug/16 12:02 AM
Hot & humid!
13/Aug/16 12:17 AM
I have been enjoying my 'new' kitchen. I've even learned how to use my new range - duel fuel gas top with electric oven. Now all I have to do is tackle the use of my microwave/convection oven!
13/Aug/16 12:22 AM
Had an outing last night - wonderful to get out for a bit - little slow in starting my day - so having my first cup of hot chai - and burned my tongue drinking though the straw!
13/Aug/16 12:25 AM
The most fun thing in my new kitchen is the faucet! All I have to do is touch it - anywhere - and it turns on or off. How convenient is that?
13/Aug/16 12:25 AM
We have a double oven - some members of the family like pizza during the summer - so the smaller oven does well- haven't played around with the convention one do much
13/Aug/16 12:27 AM
That's really progress, mymare!
(Sorry about your poor tongue, though.)
13/Aug/16 12:28 AM
I would like that faucet !!!
13/Aug/16 12:28 AM
I haven't tried the convection feature on either of the ovens! Too hot to cook around here!
13/Aug/16 12:30 AM
I was having problems getting to my online course on my iPad- didn't get a pull down menu ???? So had to fuss with it in my phone - for the heck of it - I emailed the link to a page and was able to open it in my iPad- life got better !!
Not sure why I can't pull it up in the iPad - I did at first ???
13/Aug/16 12:32 AM
Before my injury- I was playing around with crepes. As I can sit on a stool and stand at times - would like to resume this journey! Still remember the crepes with goat cheese, figs and That Italian bacon ??
13/Aug/16 12:36 AM
Not a place I know.
13/Aug/16 12:38 AM
I can see a great breakfast in your near future, mymare!
13/Aug/16 12:40 AM
a beautiful day in OK
13/Aug/16 12:44 AM
That was my first trip of the day, now I get to go to Owasso. Thrill, thrill.
13/Aug/16 12:50 AM
It is supposed to rain today, hope it holds off until I get home.
13/Aug/16 12:51 AM
It is cooler today but very, very humid.
13/Aug/16 12:52 AM

It's all yours Keith
13/Aug/16 12:52 AM

1. Sturgeon
2. Surgeon
3. Grouse
4. Rogue
5. Gore
6. Ego
7. Go
8. O
9. Do
10. Don
11. Undo
12. Found
13. Fondue
14. Founder
15. Flounder

In the More...
13/Aug/16 12:54 AM
It is humid here as well. The worst part is that it makes the baby miserable.
13/Aug/16 12:56 AM
I wasn't able to get here at all yesterday, so, I am just seeing Serena's puzzle. I don't think I have time to try and solve it this morning and send her my answers I'll print it out and give it a shot, anyway. No, I won't cheat and peek at her answers!
13/Aug/16 12:56 AM
I was waiting on Keith but no need now.
13/Aug/16 1:00 AM
Well, I had no choice. There they were when I posted. And, I inadvertently got 22. Sorry, Keith!
13/Aug/16 1:00 AM
Great news on the kitchen, Shiela! But you're wise to stay away from the oven, at least until this heat wave is gone. Whew!
13/Aug/16 1:00 AM
If I have all my days of the week here and there straight in my mind, I think Wombat is posting today's puzzle.
13/Aug/16 1:01 AM
Maybe I'll actually see that one, Serena! Although, I am leaving in a few minutes to get my hair cut. Hope I can get back to it if he posts......
13/Aug/16 1:07 AM
I need to post winners, too.....
The answers to MY last poozle: badge, dazed, diary, quota, index, vowel, bumps, pygmy, ghoul, final, crack, jumbo, dusty

Winners Judy, Keith and Wombat receive the ''Crown On A Crown, Crown''
13/Aug/16 1:15 AM
Off to my hair appointment, too, Kathy. Or as I tell my coworkers, 'To get my unnatural hair color'
13/Aug/16 1:23 AM
Cottages on a hillside in Germany.
13/Aug/16 4:04 AM
Never been to Sylt, but it's supposed to be beautiful.
I've still got my youthful highlights in my hair, only now they're brushed in.
13/Aug/16 4:18 AM
Good morning.
13/Aug/16 4:29 AM
I did the haircut thing yesterday.
13/Aug/16 4:30 AM
These days I have nice, natural silver highlights in my hair.
13/Aug/16 4:31 AM
Particularly in one swathe on one side that goes back from my forehead on one side,
13/Aug/16 4:33 AM
One of my 'friends' dubbed me Spike - as in the bad gremlin.
13/Aug/16 4:34 AM
Mymare, I got my e-mail on the local library's list and once a month I get a list of all the free, one hour classes which are offered there. I went to the iPad class and learned a lot. I also went to the facebook and twitter class, but just got on the waiting list for Windows 10. Maybe next month.
13/Aug/16 5:37 AM
Good afternoon to all! We're finally getting some much needed rain here, but temperatures remain in the 30's (C).
13/Aug/16 6:05 AM
Morning all, I'm glad they put a caption otherwise I would have thought a Scottish isle.
We are child minding this weekend , today it's Ella and Cailin tomorrow it's Bridei and Torryn.
13/Aug/16 6:26 AM
13/Aug/16 6:26 AM
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