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Easy Sudoku for 14/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day all.
14/Jun/16 12:00 AM
14/Jun/16 12:07 AM
Beautiful, Kate.
14/Jun/16 12:26 AM
Pleasant temps, too! A perfect almost summer day!
14/Jun/16 1:06 AM
I had been searching for kitchen back splash ideas just before getting on this site and immediately - and I mean do immediately - there are back splash ads on these Sudoku pages! Wish everything else in life was as fast!
14/Jun/16 1:15 AM
Shiela, I am getting adds for the Lion King. Not at all relevant to me.
14/Jun/16 1:31 AM
I don't get adds here because I'm a supporting member, but on FB, I see adds all the time for whatever products I've just been researching on the web. The gremlins in my computer know what I've been doing.
14/Jun/16 1:35 AM
Me too, Keith.

Still reeling from the sad news from Orlando as more stories come forward. In the face of adversity, tremendous courage.
14/Jun/16 1:42 AM
Ditto, Cathy.
14/Jun/16 2:32 AM
It took me a minute to get the caption.
14/Jun/16 2:38 AM

I am a two-digit number. The sum of my digits is 11. I am divisible by both 4 and 7. What number am I?

Answers to my ‘‘11’’ inbox please.
14/Jun/16 2:40 AM
I got sudoku.com.au is not responding 5 times today and have given up trying to solve. Has anyone else had this problem today?
14/Jun/16 3:44 AM
Kate for the beautiful yellow rose.
14/Jun/16 3:49 AM
No, DotCom. Things seem to be working fine here.
14/Jun/16 4:04 AM
Good afternoon to all! Kate's lovely rose appears again.
14/Jun/16 4:59 AM
Slow here today. I shall not linger.
14/Jun/16 4:59 AM
Looks like I could wait a long time.
14/Jun/16 6:17 AM
And still nobody would help me to get closer.
14/Jun/16 6:18 AM
When things like that happen,
14/Jun/16 6:18 AM
you just have to do it yourself.
14/Jun/16 6:18 AM
14/Jun/16 6:18 AM
14/Jun/16 6:19 AM
1:51, got myself in a tangle on the 2s for some reason.
14/Jun/16 6:53 AM
14/Jun/16 7:17 AM
Just got back from a dear former colleague's retirement luncheon! Yummy! Enchiladas made in front of you with the choices you make with meat, cheese, and potatoes. Then on to make it yourself tacos with refrijoles and rice. Boy, am I full!! And the cake and full line of desserts.
14/Jun/16 7:19 AM
...and now I'm hungry, Shosho - just in time for our dinner; all of that sounds yummy!
14/Jun/16 7:49 AM
Good evenin', folks! Enjoy whatever is left of your day!
14/Jun/16 7:50 AM
Morning all, beautiful rose Kate.
We move south to another sudoku meet on Thursday. 🤔
14/Jun/16 8:10 AM
1:40 Good morning one and all!
14/Jun/16 11:21 AM
Morning everybody.
Well the cold has certainly slowed me down.. certainly seems to have slowed down the site as well.
Hope everybody is well and that those that aren't feel better soon.
14/Jun/16 11:48 AM
14/Jun/16 12:09 PM
I had trouble getting on the site for a while but all seems OK now.
14/Jun/16 1:02 PM
Ba Moui Ba - we all know who that's for, don't we?
14/Jun/16 1:03 PM
Time to give Wombat a bit of a rev up.........Cats and Doggies go head to head this weekend.

Goooooooooo those Cats!
14/Jun/16 1:05 PM
If I do another post, it will be a CP and bring Shosho closer to her moment of relief.
14/Jun/16 1:07 PM
Go for it Shosho!
14/Jun/16 1:07 PM
thx, mate! I needed that...
14/Jun/16 3:51 PM
Only three to go to the end of the page
14/Jun/16 4:51 PM
Peter Ba Moui Ba. At the risk of revealing my ignorance, what does that mean?
14/Jun/16 4:53 PM
Bottom of page 1.
14/Jun/16 4:53 PM
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