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Easy Sudoku for 15/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Just got back from getting fitted for new hearing aids. I guess they are an improvement over my old ones but haven’t really gotten a chance to test them out in a real life situation. I’m listening as hard as I can just to see the difference. Welcome to the ides of June everyone.
15/Jun/16 12:00 AM
15/Jun/16 12:03 AM
Not sunny today.
Maybe it'll rain? Could use some.
15/Jun/16 12:17 AM
Wolf and Hal!
I have a busy morning, so, here is you poozle for today!

A 'complete' word is a word in which EVERY letter, IN TURN, can be replaced by another to form a new word. As an example, the letters of HARD can be changed, in More...
15/Jun/16 12:20 AM
'Morning to you, too, Shiela!
15/Jun/16 12:21 AM
Things to do, see ya later
15/Jun/16 12:21 AM
Hi, everyone!Great day here.
15/Jun/16 1:31 AM
15/Jun/16 1:38 AM

Slow day here. 'Ides of June'? Wolf, is that a thing?
15/Jun/16 4:38 AM
Good afternoon to all! Way too much construction going on in Ottawa this summer. We're sprucing up the city for Canada's 159th birthday next year.
15/Jun/16 5:28 AM
15/Jun/16 5:29 AM
Whatcha building?
15/Jun/16 6:39 AM


In the today we have HalT, DotCom, Shiela, DevilOrAngel, Keith, Chris, Shosho, Pam, Peter, Lonewoof, Judy, and Meg. An for all your counting needs.
15/Jun/16 6:46 AM
Good to see I made it into the winners circle, and in such great company too!

1:41 for the Sudoku this morning.
15/Jun/16 7:15 AM
Morning all,it would be nice to see what the rest of the building looks like.
15/Jun/16 7:55 AM
15/Jun/16 8:05 AM
Ever try to have a meeting with your lawyer while construction was going on right outside the door to your meeting room? Ugh, that happened last Saturday! Trying to find out what was not going to raise red flags by the IRS! Had the estate lawyer and the CPA together, along with my brothers and one niece who passed the bar two years ago. Interesting, not! Tried not to yawn and look confused!
15/Jun/16 8:08 AM
Good morning all. Still having internet connection hassles! I'm truly peed off with our 'fantastic' NBN! An hour on the phone and all was sorted yesterday. This morning dodgy connection at best and I don't have a spare hour today to sort it again!
15/Jun/16 8:57 AM
Anyway enjoy your day folks. I'm going on a tree cutting down expedition. Something nice and manual with not a computer in sight!
15/Jun/16 8:59 AM
Peter, what an interesting bit of history I learned today with your reference to 'Ten Pound Poms' of which I was very ignorant; so off to search that term. Yes, to Hal's suggestion to write a book - you have experienced much of the settling of Australia! If not a book, then every day add another chapter of your life for us to read & learn from.
15/Jun/16 9:02 AM
Well, it's sitting here just asking to be scooped up - Keith, CP, Greg, Hal, Shosho ...who's going to be victorious???
15/Jun/16 9:12 AM
I took so long to do the puzzle, that construction site could be done & moved to another ...and still no '22' takers? It is mine!
15/Jun/16 9:17 AM
Peter, I agree with Hal and Peter, and would love to hear more of your story.
15/Jun/16 9:45 AM
Well, Peter certainly has some good (?) company. Two former Aussie PNs were part of the 'ten pound pom' program.
15/Jun/16 10:38 AM
Made a bit of a blue yesterday. My mum came out on the Arcadia, not the Southern Cross.

Sorry 'bout that!
15/Jun/16 10:55 AM
Well one of our esteemed family sent me this. Just ''had to'' pass it on...

https://www.youtube.com/embed/hLpE1Pa8vvI?autoplay=1&autohide=1&showinfo=0&iv_load_policy=3 &rel=0
15/Jun/16 11:04 AM
Come a gutser, did ya Peter. No worries.
15/Jun/16 11:28 AM
Everone's allowed a slip every now and then. Even Hal makes one occasionally. His second last message only makes sense if PN is PM
15/Jun/16 11:43 AM
Got a talking to from my GP (family doctor) yesterday for having blood sugar levels which are a bit too high, so it is a very frugal morning tea today.
15/Jun/16 11:49 AM
Got me, Wombat! I missed that.
15/Jun/16 12:17 PM
Did some work in the yard today and I'm beginning to feel it. Night all.
15/Jun/16 12:25 PM
Good afternoon everybody
Heartfelt commiserations Sacky... hope you day spent removed from computers has been less stressful
15/Jun/16 12:26 PM
15/Jun/16 12:50 PM
Hi everyone.
15/Jun/16 1:38 PM
Just read a preview on the Cats v Doggies game on the weekend.

They have tipped the Doggies to win by 15 points.

I can't believe that people who know bugger all about footy are allowed to write about it.

Goooooooo Cats!
15/Jun/16 6:15 PM
I am also a Ten Pound Pom but I was only seven years old when we came to Oz.
15/Jun/16 6:51 PM
2:01 I've had a hard day at work. Good evening one and all!
15/Jun/16 6:54 PM
Another slow day, but....
15/Jun/16 9:14 PM
I can't leave this on page one....
15/Jun/16 9:14 PM
So let's move forward....
15/Jun/16 9:15 PM
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