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Easy Sudoku for 14/June/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Sunny today!
Hope yours will be!
14/Jun/17 12:02 AM
Good morning, Shiela; have a nice day, all who follow!
14/Jun/17 12:23 AM
What an wonderful photo of a Gecko - of all things!
14/Jun/17 12:28 AM
Hello, Joyce! Hope you are staying cool!
14/Jun/17 12:29 AM
...a little reprieve today, Shiela, with clouds & some drizzle to keep us guessing........
14/Jun/17 12:49 AM
14/Jun/17 12:53 AM
so close . . .
14/Jun/17 12:53 AM
14/Jun/17 12:53 AM
14/Jun/17 2:17 AM
Is that a cat sneaking up?
14/Jun/17 3:11 AM

There has been a great improvement in the length of time it takes for smilie/avatar approval!

Speaking of avatars, we are in the midst of a heat wave. My bat is dressed for the More...
14/Jun/17 3:19 AM
14/Jun/17 4:36 AM
Lucky you, Kathy. My husband has been hell-bent on NOT getting central air for years. And know with our new Anderson windows, we can't secure window fans (it will void the warranty.) But with these last 2 heat waves, he is softening...
14/Jun/17 5:00 AM
Good mAen, good people. Burl has a huge thunderstorm with hail, lightning and high winds chasing him home. I don't know if we will get that window AC installed in our bedroom today as it involved both the inside and outside of a west facing window.
14/Jun/17 5:00 AM
I picked out the AC for his comfort at his request. He works hard and needs his rest. He gets as uncomfortable in heat as I do in cold. The old AC I bought used at a garage sale lasted a good 10 years, but hasn't been doing its job the last few years. AC is usually too cold for me. Many is the More...
14/Jun/17 5:06 AM
Cake Lady, I think I would be physically ill without A/C in this heat. And, a window fan wouldn't help....it would just bring in hot air. You have my sympathy.
14/Jun/17 5:07 AM
Morning all, l would love to have a permanent gecko. We had one visit our kitchen , don't know how he got in or how he got out.
14/Jun/17 5:30 AM
Sounds like you topsiders are getting the extreme heat that we had last summer.
14/Jun/17 5:31 AM
Would a race for 22 heat things up?
14/Jun/17 6:31 AM
I don't know why we haven't had rain since it's gotten all cloudy and I've heard thunder. But the front must have gone past because the temperature has suddenly dropped!
14/Jun/17 6:33 AM
My internet went out for a while and I had to contact customer service to get it back up. Thankfully, that indicates I am NOT part of a Michigan outage.
14/Jun/17 6:34 AM
Cool. 22.
14/Jun/17 6:34 AM
And a cp. Man. I could stand a nap. Wait. Who sleeps standing up? I think I shall ponder that saying for the next 15 minutes or so.
14/Jun/17 6:38 AM
Hello, all.
14/Jun/17 6:50 AM
Good morning.
14/Jun/17 9:09 AM
Did anyone miss me?
14/Jun/17 9:10 AM
Took a 5 day trip with the caravan to Melbourne.
14/Jun/17 9:11 AM
Mainly went to go too a baby shower for my girlfriend's daughter. I have a feeling I told you that before we went,
14/Jun/17 9:13 AM
Anyway it was lovely, and the bonus was I got to see my two besties.
14/Jun/17 9:15 AM
Cake Lady, he needs to do more than 'soften'. A full on melt is probably required.
14/Jun/17 9:43 AM
The gecko looks relaxed.
14/Jun/17 9:52 AM
Baby girl, who really isn't a baby anymore, is keeping me on my toes. We have done more baby proofing with her than the other 3 combined. And today, little boy came inside and told me she was halfway out the window. Good thing we are at the end of our mini warm spell since my only solution to that is too close and latch the glass part. She managed to get the screen up.
14/Jun/17 9:55 AM
Good MaEn 🌞🌦went to the movies with my son - he treated me - how nice . In a heat wave, but storms came though in the afternoon- saw Pirates of the Caribbean
14/Jun/17 11:40 AM
We are in the 90's and getting to be a record
14/Jun/17 11:42 AM
14/Jun/17 12:53 PM
1:24. Good evening everyone.
14/Jun/17 7:24 PM
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