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Easy Sudoku for 15/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates.

Here's today's medical daffynition:
Bowel - A letter like a, e, i, o, or u

...and here's today's factoid:
Alibi means ''elsewhere'' in Latin.
15/Feb/13 12:00 AM

Good morning Kayo,
Should know better than to try and beat you for first place......
15/Feb/13 12:04 AM
Morning Kayo and Lizzy.
15/Feb/13 12:08 AM
I'm guessing you're working, Lizzy.
15/Feb/13 12:09 AM
I just walked in the door from work.
15/Feb/13 12:09 AM
15/Feb/13 12:09 AM

Well that is the theory CP!! like you its all or nothing here too.
15/Feb/13 12:10 AM
Madhouse this evening, so 2 and a half hours late getting off.
15/Feb/13 12:10 AM
Nice View.
15/Feb/13 12:11 AM
I'll be working a night tomorrow, I mean tonight. We'll hope for a more peaceful night for both of us.
15/Feb/13 12:13 AM
Happy Valentine's Day!
Congratulations to Sue for figuring out what I got. Yes, I am now a supporting member.
15/Feb/13 12:13 AM
Gorgeous vista. And it's off to bed for me.
15/Feb/13 12:14 AM
Good Morning. The first time I've been up early enough to joinn youre early morning chts.
15/Feb/13 12:15 AM
Kayo glad you are back. Missed your med def and facts and being first every morning.
15/Feb/13 12:17 AM

CP, we both obviously enjoy our very different lines of work and suffer those occupational hazards, well i was going to say gladly but you know what I mean. Glad you eventually made it home, Ive got another 6 hours to go
15/Feb/13 12:18 AM
Hello, everyone!
No today.
For those in this half...
Happy Valentine's Day!
15/Feb/13 12:22 AM
15/Feb/13 12:30 AM
Glad you could have the spot, CP!
Serean - Beautiful avatar and congrats and thanks for becoming a Supporting Member. It's a great thing to help Gath keep this site afloat for all of us that enjoy it so much!
15/Feb/13 12:31 AM
Hoping everyone's day (and night - ooooow) is full of romance and love
15/Feb/13 12:34 AM
I'll be participating in a flash mob in our little downtown street - dancing and celebrating 1 Billion Rising (saying 'NO' to violence against women worldwide)
15/Feb/13 12:36 AM
WOW! Gorgeous local - looks so much like Yosemite National Park.
15/Feb/13 12:40 AM
For you my darling Keith!
15/Feb/13 12:40 AM
6 minutes late. Thanks, Vici, for taking care of business.
15/Feb/13 12:46 AM
Beautiful photo! Happy photographer, I'll bet!
15/Feb/13 12:54 AM
Yes, stunning photo. Being Winter, and we never got inland, we saw lots of very different but just as stunning vistas. I especially like the little spot of color in the foreground.

Happy Valentine's Day to all.
15/Feb/13 1:07 AM
... For my last post, I couldn't get to my smilies. Better late than never, after I went into Manage Smilies and clicked on Show All.
15/Feb/13 1:12 AM

Thanks for the effort Keith, its such a lovely little smiley especially for today...
15/Feb/13 1:15 AM
Happy Valentine's Day to the topsiders and a belated Happy Valentine's Day to those down under. Will be back tonight to do the puzzles, no time right now.
15/Feb/13 1:28 AM
That scene makes me think of Heidi (the Swiss Heidi from literature, not some of the recent Heidis)! And American football fans with some age have other memories of Heidi.
15/Feb/13 1:30 AM
Hahaha! Jamie - I remember that catastrophe of TV programming. That never happened again, though!
15/Feb/13 1:40 AM
Um ... did she do a half time show?
15/Feb/13 1:41 AM
No, it sure didn't, Vici!
I am sitting here wondering if the kidney stone that keeps 'twinging' in my back is going to get serious. It will either settle down and eventually pass or it will send me to the emergency room. I have all my school work ready for somebody in case I have to go!
15/Feb/13 1:41 AM
Oh yea ... now Vici mentions it, I remember that story, though I don't remember seeing it when it happened.
15/Feb/13 1:42 AM
Wishing you ''safe passage,'' jamie.
15/Feb/13 1:43 AM
No, Keith - the TV network had a football game that was running long. Heidi, the movie, was scheduled to start at 6:00, and they cut to the movie and didn't show a very exciting (at least for football fans) finish to the football game.
Needless to say, there were some VERY irate football fans. I think one of the teams playing might have been the Oakland Raiders.
15/Feb/13 1:43 AM
Thanks, Keith.
15/Feb/13 1:45 AM
Too close to just let it sit here.
15/Feb/13 1:53 AM
Is somebody lurking?
15/Feb/13 1:53 AM
Or . . .
15/Feb/13 1:53 AM
15/Feb/13 1:54 AM
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