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Easy Sudoku for 15/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning. Happy Valentines day to all the top siders.
15/Feb/15 12:12 AM
15/Feb/15 12:17 AM
Not long now
15/Feb/15 1:51 AM

Are you all packed, Mo?
15/Feb/15 2:20 AM
Happy Valentine's Day!
15/Feb/15 2:23 AM
, y'all, and Happy Valentine's Day! Creative and interesting perspective on today's photo. 2:35, a bit slowish for me....
15/Feb/15 2:51 AM
Valentine's Day Puzzle... a logic puzzle for a change! You've got two days to solve this, answers to my 'Chocolate Valentine' inbox please!

Five couples celebrated Valentine's Day in true Valentine's Day fashion. Each girlfriend received a gift at work that day. Each gift contained a card More...
15/Feb/15 2:54 AM
Happy Day.
15/Feb/15 3:31 AM
Rewind to another Saturday Valentine's day 28 years ago (1987) in Alabama. Silverguy & I had been dating for close to two years, and we decided to have a nice meal somewhere. None of the restaurants were taking reservations, and so every restaurant where we stopped, the waiting time was 1-1/2 or 2 hours.
15/Feb/15 3:40 AM
After a while, we got fed up and stopped at a Winn Dixie. We got two of the higher priced Le Menu frozen dinners, bought a bottle of wine and headed back to his place. Dinner for two, wine, a fire to warm the hearth and hearts... and NO traffic. One of our best dating memories, and I'll wager we More...
15/Feb/15 3:42 AM
Happy 🌹❤️🍫 Day .
15/Feb/15 3:44 AM
15/Feb/15 3:46 AM
Hubby and I will have a quiet evening together. I did get two tiny chocolate treats from the 85º Bakery. Chocolate Pearls each with a tiny flake of gold on the top!
15/Feb/15 3:47 AM
Oh dear, got Anne's number. Here's to you Queen Anne!
15/Feb/15 3:48 AM
15/Feb/15 3:53 AM
We have a children's book that has a line that says something about the moon calling the dew. Every time we read it we have to have a discussion about dew.
15/Feb/15 4:52 AM
& Happy Valentine's Day (belated for some) to all ,
and , Day One, to my ''old'' friend Judy. Hope everybody is having a love filled weekend.
15/Feb/15 4:59 AM

1) gyp + sum = gypsum
2) win + now = winnow
3) rein + vent = reinvent
4) curt + ailment = curtailment

In the today we have Kathy, and lonewoof(2/4). You can never have too many ribbons.
15/Feb/15 5:01 AM
Keith won't need to galumph today. The question is, will he get back in time?
15/Feb/15 5:04 AM
I must have heard that.
15/Feb/15 5:05 AM
15/Feb/15 5:06 AM
15/Feb/15 5:06 AM
Figured out why I couldn't see the caption on Liam's picture yesterday. I wasn't signed in! I went back in the Archive to find his birth announcement. Lisa from Toronto (didn't remember there was also a Lisa from Colorado!) posted on 20 October on Page 1 that Liam Walter, 8 lbs. 11 oz., 22'' More...
15/Feb/15 5:11 AM
It's time to hug your sweet - !
15/Feb/15 5:35 AM
Nice photo today. Lovely close-up of the grass with dew on it.
15/Feb/15 5:35 AM
I found an old photo of Judy in her wiener stick days.... .....
Also, one of her beloved mountain get-away and a few of her closest neighbors More...
15/Feb/15 5:35 AM
No special valentine dinner for me. Hubby just got called in to plow. Glad we already exchanged cards and chocolate, not sure when he will be home again.
15/Feb/15 5:44 AM
Happy two day birthday Judy!
15/Feb/15 5:45 AM
Jappy Birthday, Judy.
15/Feb/15 6:02 AM
Or in new terms - from when we got our own smilies....
15/Feb/15 6:04 AM
Ooops, first post is Happy Birthday, not jappy.
15/Feb/15 6:05 AM
Happy Birthday, Judy!
15/Feb/15 6:07 AM
Just for Judy I'll use this avatar, and smilie, which says The Witch Is In.
15/Feb/15 6:08 AM
every one
15/Feb/15 6:35 AM
15/Feb/15 6:36 AM
Judy, Happy 2 day celebration.
15/Feb/15 6:38 AM
Shopping this morning was a real .........
normally don't go out on the weekend but last week was so busy that I had no choice if we wanted to eat.
15/Feb/15 6:40 AM
Nieces FIL is doing fine, he had the second procedure late, late, late on Thursday, so he had to stay the night.
15/Feb/15 6:42 AM
Today is my FIL's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!
15/Feb/15 6:45 AM
We are so close,
15/Feb/15 6:46 AM
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