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Easy Sudoku for 16/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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16/Feb/15 12:01 AM
And Judy.
16/Feb/15 12:07 AM
, y'all! 2:14, wonderful closeup! I've tried doing that before and they tend to fly away.
16/Feb/15 12:19 AM
So far I've only received one answer on the Valentine's Day Logic Puzzle, so I'll repost. You've got two days to solve this, answers to my 'Chocolate Valentine' inbox please!

Five couples celebrated Valentine's Day in true Valentine's Day fashion. Each girlfriend received a gift at work More...
16/Feb/15 12:48 AM
5 sleeps and I'll be on my way
16/Feb/15 1:14 AM

How exciting, Mo! Don't forget to take lots of photos!
16/Feb/15 3:00 AM
One of Nal's?
16/Feb/15 3:02 AM
Good morning people of the world.
16/Feb/15 3:16 AM
For my friend.
16/Feb/15 3:18 AM
Time to switch out.
16/Feb/15 3:21 AM
Our Valentine's dumped us for Grandma. Just as well, since Man and I ended up spending the evening fixing our bed and having a nice thrown together dinner.
16/Feb/15 3:26 AM
That was alright, since we partied hard in the Kinder and 3rd grade classrooms the day before. I really like when I am complimented on my darlings, but it is totally ruined when they tell me my GRANDCHILDREN are so well behaved. Ugh.
16/Feb/15 3:30 AM
Are you bragging about breaking the bed on Valentine's Day?
16/Feb/15 3:30 AM
And I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
16/Feb/15 3:35 AM
Too late, sorry about that Anne!
16/Feb/15 3:35 AM
Should I say I made that comment for Anne? ... probably not.
16/Feb/15 3:37 AM
Uh...yeah Keith, that would make a better story, than what actually happened.
16/Feb/15 3:38 AM
Are we going to gallump together?
16/Feb/15 3:38 AM
You may have a chance since my computer is having a hard time of getting up and going this morning. Much like the operator.
16/Feb/15 3:39 AM
After readjusting those do-dads and slats under the mattress, I had a wonderful sleep. Did not realize how slumpy the bed had gotten.
16/Feb/15 3:41 AM
Did you really go away at that number!
16/Feb/15 3:41 AM
16/Feb/15 3:42 AM
Well, that was not much of a race.
16/Feb/15 3:42 AM
You sneaky, old coot.
16/Feb/15 3:43 AM
Nope. Thx for doing all the work.
16/Feb/15 3:43 AM
Before I run off to pretend to do something productive, I would like to wish Judy a wonderful year.
16/Feb/15 3:48 AM
Thank you Karen! Here's flying your way!!!
16/Feb/15 3:52 AM
I wonder if that was miscaptioned.
16/Feb/15 4:23 AM

I hope you're enjoying moderate temperatures wherever you are or have a good furnace or air conditioning system. It's about -25 F with the wind chill here! I hate to think what my electric bill is going to look like! BTW, I live in an all-electric home. They More...
16/Feb/15 4:28 AM
Time for an avatar change for me, too. I have bundled up the bat due to the horrible wind and cold temps we are having!
16/Feb/15 5:02 AM
Great photo today. Love that red dragonfly.
16/Feb/15 5:08 AM
Morning all, good capture as they don't stay still for long.
16/Feb/15 5:17 AM
I agree with you Keith, the quality is good enough to be one of Nal's wonderful photos.
16/Feb/15 5:38 AM
16/Feb/15 6:38 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
16/Feb/15 6:53 AM
Good morning.
16/Feb/15 6:53 AM
In honour of the 2nd day of Judy's birthday, I'll stay a Fruit Loop.
16/Feb/15 6:55 AM
Up earlyish again.
16/Feb/15 6:56 AM
Played in my ukelele group yesterday for the multicultural festival.
16/Feb/15 6:57 AM
It was a fun day.
16/Feb/15 6:59 AM
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