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Easy Sudoku for 15/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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No softball sized hail today! Hail hail the gangs all here!
15/Apr/16 12:00 AM
15/Apr/16 12:00 AM
That looks like Iguassa Falls from the Brazilian side.
15/Apr/16 12:11 AM
to Wolf & Hal.......and the rest of the gang when they arrive!
15/Apr/16 12:11 AM
1:51 Good night one and all!
15/Apr/16 12:13 AM
Good morning.
15/Apr/16 12:19 AM
everyone! Nighty 'nite, Anne.
I sure wouldn't want to be walking around in softball sized hail. I don't think you'd be walking for long. More like being pelted while prone.
15/Apr/16 12:20 AM
I wonder what softball sized hail does to solar panels.
15/Apr/16 12:26 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: Pages 15 and 16 are the front and back of a single page, and nothing could have been found between them.

I do believe this is a record # of winners, and makes up for that failed bamboozler I posted last week.

The ''I am Soooo Bright Crown'' More...
15/Apr/16 12:35 AM
I never thought of that, Keith. Some pretty hefty damage, I would guess.
15/Apr/16 12:38 AM
I thought of that right away, and, of course thought, ''Naw, that's too easy.''
15/Apr/16 12:39 AM
Goood morning.
15/Apr/16 12:40 AM
Extra good even.
15/Apr/16 12:41 AM
Was here and ready to race for the top when the computer had a spack attack and locked up.

15/Apr/16 12:42 AM
Had to resort to turning the while thing off and restarting.
15/Apr/16 12:43 AM
Here y'are Keith. Gallumping distance.
15/Apr/16 12:44 AM

I dont mind helping....
15/Apr/16 12:47 AM

Just a little bit......
15/Apr/16 12:47 AM

Seems CP has faded out of the race.......
15/Apr/16 12:48 AM

15/Apr/16 12:49 AM

Now its Keiths turn
15/Apr/16 12:49 AM
15/Apr/16 1:12 AM
15/Apr/16 1:13 AM

Glad to help
15/Apr/16 1:14 AM
15/Apr/16 1:32 AM
WELL - I thought MY answer was a good one, Kathy...
15/Apr/16 2:11 AM
Happy greetings from sunny southern Ontario!
15/Apr/16 2:16 AM
Hello fine folks! The promise of sunshine puts sunshine in my heart - maybe, maybe spring might creep her way in sometime soon!
15/Apr/16 2:29 AM
Peter has wonderful news, too - another reason for happiness!
15/Apr/16 2:32 AM
Good afternoon to all! Is that our long ago member Emily from Geelong?
15/Apr/16 2:40 AM
My ''thought of that'' was about Kathy's puzzle answer.
15/Apr/16 4:08 AM
Morning all, Emily must have been from before my start on this site.
15/Apr/16 6:24 AM
OK, DOA, you have piqued my curiosity. What was your answer to Kathy's puzzle?
15/Apr/16 6:56 AM
Good morning all.
15/Apr/16 7:03 AM
Good morning to all past and present and the one to come . Have a great day!
15/Apr/16 9:30 AM
Wonder who will make it to the top of page 2
15/Apr/16 9:31 AM
Go Keith, CP, Shoshone...or.?
15/Apr/16 9:33 AM
Still waiting...
15/Apr/16 9:33 AM
Come on!
15/Apr/16 9:33 AM
15/Apr/16 9:34 AM
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