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Easy Sudoku for 16/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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16/Apr/16 12:00 AM
Here is my day's welcome to all - have a good sunny weekend!
16/Apr/16 12:01 AM
Hello, Robert! Looks like you're having the same kind of spring as we - c-c-cold!
16/Apr/16 12:06 AM
Have a good day/night all......work tonight is a bit ordinary, so I dont expect to be here often.....
16/Apr/16 12:21 AM
1:34 Enjoy your weekend! Good night one and all.
16/Apr/16 12:24 AM
Good morning.
16/Apr/16 12:28 AM
Went too bed too early again.
16/Apr/16 12:32 AM
Hence I woke up too early.
16/Apr/16 12:32 AM
What am I supposed to do when my eyes won't stay open and I've been snoring and drooling on the sofa for more than an hour? AT 1930? Not an attractive picture!
16/Apr/16 12:36 AM
Oh well.. one day it'll all settle down and I'll go back to being a ''normal'' person. Be quiet anyone who was going to comment on me being normal!!!
16/Apr/16 12:38 AM
My daughter, Jen, spent years doing the night shift. Her sleeping pattern has never been ''normal'' since.
16/Apr/16 12:43 AM
not a word CP...
16/Apr/16 12:43 AM
Hello all! Celebrating three good nights of sleep in a row ... for an insomniac, that's big stuff! Let's see what the weekend brings.
16/Apr/16 12:54 AM
Good Maen, good people. I fell asleep doing sudoku puzzles last night. I'll have to look back to see if/what my comments then were. I think I had one almost ready to shoot off and fell asleep. Well, if it was that boring, it wasn't worth posting?
16/Apr/16 1:16 AM
Tax Day here in the USA. I am filing an extension. I still have mileage logs from three vehicles to sort out business use from commuting from personal use.
16/Apr/16 1:18 AM
Loving the sunshine here! Evidently there's an 'omega' high pressure over us that's giving us a prolonged stretch of good weather.
16/Apr/16 1:22 AM
The Pacific Northwest is known for its gray skies, but western Michigan has fewer hours of sunshine (vs. overcast) than the Pacific Northwest does. Oh, how I love the sunshine. Oh, how I love the light and brightness. I want to go outside and plant seeds.
16/Apr/16 1:25 AM
I need to grow canning tomatoes this year because I found the long lost recipe for apricot tomato chutney that I just have to make up this summer and freeze! Yum, yum, yum with roti.
16/Apr/16 1:31 AM
And I want to grow wax beans. They are just as easy to grow as green beans, but seem to be a specialty item and thus costly in the grocery.
16/Apr/16 1:32 AM
Same with colored bell peppers. Why are the yellow, orange, red, brown and purple ones so much more expensive than the green? They're just as easy to grow!
16/Apr/16 1:33 AM
We're coming up on 22.
16/Apr/16 1:34 AM
Let's see. What are 22 kinds of seeds?

green beans
wax beans
slicing tomatoes
canning tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
bell peppers
green onions
sweet potatoes
16/Apr/16 1:34 AM
Here I try to provide 'competition' for the 22 spot and I walk away with it. Yawn, Keith, yawn.
16/Apr/16 1:36 AM
I also bought some watermelon and pumpkin seeds. I suppose I should have mentioned them instead of the potato and sweet potato because those are vegetative starts, not seeds. Oh, well.
16/Apr/16 1:38 AM
My Mom used to make a creamed wax bean dish when I was a kid. Not my favorite. I like them with just butter, salt and pepper. Actually, that's pretty much how I like all my veggies. Also, not cooked to death.
16/Apr/16 1:43 AM
For those who asked....DoA's answer to the poozle about the book pages was: ''Jill wrote down and / or memorized the serial number on the bill.''
That could be true, so, have a for thinking outside the box, DoA!
16/Apr/16 1:51 AM
I served wax beans and green beans together at Starr and Quill's wedding. It seemed fancier that way. Just a little salt. Add your own butter and pepper since we had guests with dietary concerns.
16/Apr/16 2:14 AM
I'm trying to figure ways to flavor veggie sides without adding a lot of calories. Nuts, citrus, spices ... we need more variety.
16/Apr/16 2:18 AM
The linctus the Doc gave me for coughing only worked one night. But then I had sat up for three nights befoe. I was so tired I just needed sleep. So far tonight I only stop coughing when I am sitting upright. I just want to be able to sleep!
16/Apr/16 2:18 AM
Oh, June, you poor thing. I was fighting a cough for sleep a few weeks ago. I will pray for you.
16/Apr/16 2:22 AM
I'm sorry, June. I spent nights in a recliner trying to get some sleep when I was coughing awhile ago. It's miserable. I hope you can get some sleep soon.
16/Apr/16 2:29 AM
Wha ... 22 should come along ... any time now ...
16/Apr/16 2:31 AM
Plum's back full force ... and then some.
16/Apr/16 2:31 AM
Hi Robert. Love your bear sweater.
16/Apr/16 2:34 AM
Skye decided she wanted her Siri interface to speak with a male Australian accent. She asked it to say 'G'day, mate.'

It replied, 'Who, me?'

'Say 'G'day, mate.''

'That may be beyond my abilities at the moment.'

'I think you're a fraud.'
16/Apr/16 2:42 AM
Oh, Keith, you're funny. Leave the napping to the tired ladies down under.
16/Apr/16 2:50 AM
Ha. Good news for Plums and other species of procrastinators ... tax deadline is April 18 this year. Not that I will be spending this glorious weekend (the warmest since November) hunched over a computer mumbling mileage.
16/Apr/16 2:57 AM
Good afternoon to all! Hello Robert! Whose grandson are you?
16/Apr/16 3:35 AM
Well Plum, I see you been busy here. Nice to read your ramblings.
16/Apr/16 3:36 AM
Since we're almost there....
16/Apr/16 3:36 AM
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