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Easy Sudoku for 15/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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15/Apr/17 12:02 AM
Howdy All. Especially Hal!
15/Apr/17 12:04 AM
Good Day from High Point, North Carolina!
15/Apr/17 12:08 AM
everyone! Hal & Denny, too!
A beautiful sunny day!
It's Good Friday here and the beginning of the Easter holiday.
15/Apr/17 12:09 AM
Hello, Joyce.
15/Apr/17 12:10 AM
This dog's a good Mama!
15/Apr/17 12:19 AM
After my comment about never getting avatar/smilie approval anymore, it seems someone tried (can't remember who it was), and had no problem. Soooo, yesterday I tried submitting my stockpile that have been hanging around for months. More...
15/Apr/17 12:48 AM
15/Apr/17 1:12 AM
I just want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and warm wishes for better health. It's amazing how we have come to be such a great group of friends even though many of us have never met each other in person. You're a wonderful bunch of people. I hope all is well with you and yours. Happy Easter!
15/Apr/17 1:32 AM
15/Apr/17 2:24 AM
Woohoo, broke my two minute barrier!!! 1:49
15/Apr/17 2:24 AM
Hi, CG!!! Good to see you posting again! Had us all worried about you! Now do as the doctor and the PTs tell you! Even I look upon PTs with suspicion. After having me scoot around the inside of the building on a wheeled stool pass the reception area. I still cringe thinking of what the other patients must have been thinking when they saw me!!!
15/Apr/17 2:26 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
15/Apr/17 2:27 AM
How wonderful to see you here, Greg!
I hope your rehab gets easier as the days go by. Sending a gentle and good wishes.
15/Apr/17 2:27 AM
And a CP to boot!!!
15/Apr/17 2:28 AM
Well, maybe next time
15/Apr/17 2:28 AM
Shosho, the other patients thought, 'Wow, that looks like fun!'
15/Apr/17 2:51 AM
Wish I could've scooted around the office on a wheeled stool for my pt.
15/Apr/17 2:53 AM
Just imagine...scooter races in the hallway! That would have made pt a blast!
15/Apr/17 2:54 AM
Apparently, back at just the right time.
15/Apr/17 3:13 AM
15/Apr/17 3:13 AM
15/Apr/17 3:13 AM
Great Mother and lucky squirrel!
15/Apr/17 3:15 AM
1.56. Have a lovely Easter break folks.
15/Apr/17 4:32 AM
1:22. Good morning everyone. What a wonderful photo today!
15/Apr/17 6:25 AM
Morning all, aww such a cute photo .
15/Apr/17 6:41 AM
All is well in sudokuland , Greg is back.
Wishing you a speedy recovery,Greg.💙👍
15/Apr/17 6:54 AM
💐🌷🙋🏼Good MAen - in between classes - best wishes to you Greg - let that blood flow ! I understand that can be quite uncomfortable - take care 🍻
15/Apr/17 7:04 AM
And the April wait remains !!!!
15/Apr/17 7:05 AM
Good mAen, good people. Good Friday here (though I think the crucifixion actually occured on Thursday).
15/Apr/17 7:19 AM
My caged cat is getting mighty tired of being behind bars - When she wakes up and realizes she's in a cage. I got this morning's 3 pills down her throat, literally, and have the scabby scratches to prove it. It took all three of us to manage one 8 pound dainty terror. Only 1 pill tonight. Her More...
15/Apr/17 7:26 AM
We are expecting Starr and Quill to arrive tomorrow from Traverse City. I got out the vacuum cleaner and discovered there was a dog in it. Or at least enough fur packed into the dust chamber and hose to cover a dog. It hadn't been cleaned out between uses and got overly packed. It's not our More...
15/Apr/17 7:36 AM
It's satisfying to see so many familiar faces and hear from people who haven't been checking in regularly lately. Thanks for checking in, good people.
15/Apr/17 7:46 AM
Thank you, Greg for your Easter wishes. I hope you have a very speedy recovery. You sound to be in good spirits, which is great. Take care.
15/Apr/17 8:27 AM
Happy Easter to everyone out there. I hope you all have a cheerful and peaceful time.
15/Apr/17 8:28 AM

We try Plum.

We just bought a 5th wheeler Toyhauler from Kenerk RV in Coloma MI. (Online sorry) We also deal with Gilletts RV in East Lansing MI. Have 2 coming from there this month also.
15/Apr/17 8:29 AM
1:33 Good morning one and all!
Nice to see you on the site, Mr Cee.
15/Apr/17 10:27 AM
Wonder of wonders! Mr Cee appears from the shadows.
15/Apr/17 10:38 AM
Time for a page change...
15/Apr/17 10:39 AM
15/Apr/17 10:40 AM
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