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Easy Sudoku for 16/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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16/Apr/17 12:01 AM
1:39 Straight 1-9.
Good night one and all!
16/Apr/17 12:25 AM
Happy Easter everyone. Cheep Cheep
16/Apr/17 1:13 AM
Morning. Happy Easter.
16/Apr/17 1:23 AM
Good morning.
16/Apr/17 1:41 AM
Happy Easter to all.
16/Apr/17 1:42 AM
We had a lovely picnic with the family on Friday.
16/Apr/17 1:46 AM
Have been going to that park for about 13 years now.
16/Apr/17 1:47 AM
The difference now is that the grandsons are no longer babies or toddlers,m they are teenagers who didn't want us to chase them around the park any more (thank goodness).
16/Apr/17 1:53 AM
HAPPY EASTER to all those celebrating earlier than me!
It's a sunny day here. Hope it is for you, too!
16/Apr/17 2:04 AM
We're having our two sons, DILs and 4 grand-children tomorrow for Easter.
Busy, busy, busy - but what can be better?
16/Apr/17 2:07 AM
That didn't sound right, did it?
Actually we're having them OVER for dinner. We're not HAVING them for Easter dinner!
16/Apr/17 2:09 AM
Happy Easter Weekend!
Fresh whole turkey was on sale at the market, so we'll have that instead of ham (not Hubby's favorite) for Sunday's dinner.
16/Apr/17 2:29 AM
16/Apr/17 3:11 AM
http://www.jacquielawson.com/ecard/pickup?code=6829203722278&source=jl999&utm_medium=internal_email& utm_source=pickup&utm_campaign=receiverconten
Look out for spaces.

16/Apr/17 3:48 AM
Those bags of rice look pretty heavy.
16/Apr/17 4:03 AM
CP, great video! If only it was THAT easy!
16/Apr/17 4:49 AM
Happy Easter!
16/Apr/17 4:49 AM
Sheila, so glad you cleared THAT up!
16/Apr/17 4:51 AM
CP, thanks for the card.
16/Apr/17 5:30 AM
And to all, Happy Easter and Happy remaining days of Passover.
16/Apr/17 5:31 AM
Happy Easter, good people. We are enjoying a PERFECT summery day (two months early) with my oldest daughter 'Starr' and my son-in-law 'Quill.' So nice to have the whole family together.
16/Apr/17 5:34 AM
Well, is it possible to take a perfect day and make it more perfect? It is if you hit 22.
16/Apr/17 5:35 AM
Happy Easter to all my wonderful Friends. Also to those celebrating Passover. So far the weather here has been perfect. My last treatment knocked me but I am starting to recover now.
16/Apr/17 5:49 AM
The caged cat is somewhat improved.
16/Apr/17 6:00 AM
A nice easy 1-9 today, 1:18. Good morning everyone.
16/Apr/17 6:01 AM
Great to hear that, June.
16/Apr/17 6:02 AM
Mr. Cee - I know where Coloma and East Lansing are. Are you saying that you order from Michigan and have RV units and accessories shipped to Australia?
16/Apr/17 6:03 AM
Good MAen ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ™‹๐ŸผApril had her baby this morning! Baby boy giraffe
16/Apr/17 7:30 AM
Morning all, wondering if anyone else counts the nines...there were 8 today that had to be placed.
16/Apr/17 7:32 AM
Plum, yes Mr Cee does ship them to Aust.
16/Apr/17 7:34 AM
Happy Easter everybody!
16/Apr/17 8:45 AM
I wonder if I can hitch a ride in an RV headed to Australia?
16/Apr/17 10:55 AM
Bad luck, or is it bad play, for the Brumbies Peter. Still two chances left. Daniel is on the second row, and the Cats are the favourites against the Hawks. Go Cats. The Hawks are second after the Magpies ampng teams I like to see beaten.
16/Apr/17 11:13 AM
Do the RV buyers drive with the steering wheel on the wrong side, then?
16/Apr/17 2:44 PM
Some, probably most, of the RVs are converted. There are a few companies in Australia that specialise in this. Some vehicles are more easily converted than others, but I suspect Mr. C will know a lot more.
16/Apr/17 7:27 PM
I don't think there is a problem with fifth wheelers Sarah.
16/Apr/17 7:29 PM
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