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Easy Sudoku for 15/June/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
15/Jun/14 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
restitution — sanitarium
Fact or Fiction?:
Coca-Cola was originally green.
Answers to my F-o-F inbox please.
I'll be gone for a few days, this F-o-F answer will be delayed.
Bush cheer = FACT
15/Jun/14 12:00 AM
Good Maen
15/Jun/14 12:00 AM
1:28. Good night all.
15/Jun/14 12:02 AM
All I can think is mop.
15/Jun/14 12:03 AM
Good morning to all! An action shot!
15/Jun/14 12:12 AM
Your Saturday/Sunday puzzle:

1. This Clark County seat is known as ‘The Marriage Capital of the World’ –> this is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra
2. Celery and carrot sticks are normally firm, fresh and this –> a statistical abbreviation in baseball for a runner who is More...
15/Jun/14 12:13 AM
all. Superdog!
15/Jun/14 12:59 AM
15/Jun/14 1:14 AM
one and all, hope all is well in your world.....
15/Jun/14 1:18 AM
Fun picture, and makes a very interesting jigsaw.
15/Jun/14 1:27 AM

I finally guessed right on one of Kayo's F-o-F's!
15/Jun/14 1:47 AM

1. satiable (BAIT - sa_TIAB_le)
2. departed (TRAP - de_PART_ed)
3. legacies (CAGE - l_EGAC_ies)
4. collects (CELL - co_LLEC_ts)

In the today we have Judy, lonewoof, Kathy, More...
15/Jun/14 2:09 AM
Cute ,frisky ,dog today. Great photo, and fun puzzle.
15/Jun/14 2:58 AM
Good morning. Looks like a slow day here today.
15/Jun/14 4:54 AM
June, glad to see you not posting so early in the morning.....
15/Jun/14 4:58 AM
Surely wish I knew what a 'papas' is, was, might be....
15/Jun/14 6:44 AM
Joyce, in addition to what you think, in Spanish it means potatoes!
15/Jun/14 6:59 AM
Thanks, Shosho ...there is no 'in addition to what I think' so that might be helpful with #10 in Greg's puzzle What I need is a grimacing face
15/Jun/14 7:22 AM
Good morning peeps. The site is really rocking this morning - not. Topsiders all on holidays I reckon and no explanation for the rest.
15/Jun/14 8:05 AM
Been checking back ... and back ...
15/Jun/14 8:07 AM
15/Jun/14 8:07 AM
Finally got me close enough. Thx Joyce, shosho, and Sacky.
15/Jun/14 8:08 AM
Good Morning All,
Beautiful sunshine today after a cold drizzly day yesterday.
Have one computer on it's last legs and my new one half set up.
Have my cousin driving up from Adelaide this week so must away to getting his bedroom set up....after I walk Bella Basset.
Have a great day my friends.
15/Jun/14 8:33 AM
Happy Saturday!
4:33pm PDT and still on page 1?
15/Jun/14 9:34 AM
Good morning. Have just bit in from having breakfast with and going to a market with my daughter's in-laws. Daughter is at roller derby training. Weather is what Broni said, though there's a bit if a cool breeze. The Queenslanders were complaining loudly!
15/Jun/14 10:23 AM
Good morning everyone.
You are being a bit cheeky this morning Sacky..
Beautiful morning down here as well Broni but I'm not well enough for any of my planned activities except perhaps joining the knitting circle.. they meet up once a month to make pouches for the joeys Wildlife More...
15/Jun/14 10:35 AM
Greg... sometimes You make head ache...
everyone else with that list.. it made me realise that I'm not as far along the road to recovery as I thought.. brain went into shutdown
Enjoy your weekend everybody
15/Jun/14 10:39 AM
Bean, I believe Greg is recovering from some back ailment, so he's just trying to surround himself with fellow-sufferers...
15/Jun/14 12:29 PM
Still on the first page, what am I missing??
15/Jun/14 3:17 PM
1:51 Good afternoon one and all!

Spend a while weeding my garden beds this morning and picking up the neighbours leaves that blow over here.
15/Jun/14 3:43 PM
I think we should have a day when NO 0NE comments on this page. See if we could do it.
15/Jun/14 3:44 PM
I have just come in from the garden as well Anne. Filled the bid with self sown tomato plants. Some the tomatoes are too small but left a few bushes with some that were a bit bigger. They had taken over the back garden. Hubby helped.
15/Jun/14 4:01 PM
I have had a few goes at Greg's puzzle. I think I will just send what I have done.
15/Jun/14 4:02 PM
all. Another fun day in Vancouver.
Off to Victoria tomorrow.
Night all.
15/Jun/14 4:03 PM
Just 4 comments to a new page. Anyone up to a race?
15/Jun/14 4:07 PM

I can do it myself, you know?
15/Jun/14 4:08 PM
If I have to...
15/Jun/14 4:09 PM
But it would be nice to have some competition.
15/Jun/14 4:10 PM
But, if I have to...
15/Jun/14 4:10 PM
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