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Easy Sudoku for 16/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning people of the world.
16/Jan/15 12:01 AM
HalT, how was your being poked and dispensing bodily fluid, the other day? Hope you are satisfied with the outcome.
16/Jan/15 12:02 AM

Oh sorry, I cannot carry a tune.

I hope you had a wonderful day.
16/Jan/15 12:03 AM
Old topic, but my Windows 7 did its update last night and all was right with the world this morning, of course, after the computer did its configuration thing.
16/Jan/15 12:05 AM
Need to make a public appearance today, but I am trying to wait for our partially clear skies to show up. I cannot wait to get a glimpse of the sun. Seems like it has been forever.
16/Jan/15 12:07 AM
Karen and all who are still sleeping!
Well, it's trying to be sunny outside!
Chilly here again. (9 F) (-12.7 C)
16/Jan/15 1:03 AM
, y'all! Sun's coming out in the midlands of SC. 'Hey there Mr. Blue / We're so pleased to be with you / Look around see what you do / Everybody smiles at you.' It's 36ยบ, normally chilly for around here, but after the bone chilling wet cold days we've had, I'm good in just a sweater. Never put on my jacket this morning, not even to fuel up GrettaJetta.
16/Jan/15 1:03 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
16/Jan/15 1:23 AM
Off to watercolor class... The first of the new year!
16/Jan/15 1:25 AM

It came streaming through the window, all bright and shiny, almost made me want to squint from its sheer brilliance.
Though now, the sun is playing hide and seek with a cloud. But the time we shared, was so uplifting and beautiful. I think I need a tissue now.
16/Jan/15 1:40 AM
Happy Thursday!
I liked the other day's comments (Serena, and others) about being 'solar powered'. How true!
16/Jan/15 1:44 AM
Now THAT would be a rigorous trek. Mt. Inierie is 2245 meters high, or 7365 feet.
16/Jan/15 1:51 AM

The answer to yesterday's poozle: N - taking every other letter, starting with the first letter, gives TO BE OR NOT TO BE TH. Taking every other letter, starting with the second letter, gives AT IS THE QUESTIO.

The code More...
16/Jan/15 2:09 AM
Almost a stumper, Kathy. When I first saw it, I said 'Can't deal with that now!'
16/Jan/15 2:28 AM
The bodily fluids went to the lab, Karen. I'll know the results next week. I don't expect anything unusual though. Thanx for asking.
16/Jan/15 2:29 AM
Oops, excuse me. all.
16/Jan/15 2:29 AM
I figured you would not have your results, yet, but happy to hear your bodily fluids are being checked out.
16/Jan/15 2:53 AM
Holy cow! I knew my sweet disposition was straining and my energy level was non-existent, but I really did not realize how down I had become, even with my supplement, I was scraping the bottom of the barrel. But the my 30 minutes of bright sunshine, has put a prep in my step and energy level seems to be flowing.
16/Jan/15 2:56 AM
Like Silvergal, a sweater does the job, but I do not recommend, staying out long, unless you have something heavier on. I do not think I could have pumped gas, without a jacket on.
16/Jan/15 2:57 AM
Well now, I have a decision to make.
Do I take our dear man's number, or do I go out and feed the roses their daily dose of caffeine and a treat of ashes.
Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions.
16/Jan/15 2:59 AM
Being out in the sunshine, even for short spurts is so very tempting, this morning. But then to see if our dear friend jumps in is always a thrill.
16/Jan/15 3:00 AM
OK, now off to treat the roses.
16/Jan/15 3:00 AM
Looks tall.
16/Jan/15 3:15 AM
Kathy, I'm with Silvergal. I looked at it several times and couldn't figure out why shosho thought it was easy.
16/Jan/15 3:16 AM
See if you can figure out the words in this 'pyramid' using the hints given below. Each new word contains the same letters as the previous word, plus a new letter. Order need not be preserved.

1) Seventeenth letter of the English alphabet
2) Intelligence Quotient
3) Quebec
4) 35th More...
16/Jan/15 3:16 AM
Thy this for 3 instead.

3. a village in Zanjan Province, Iran or
3. an American independent rock band
16/Jan/15 3:56 AM
Bright sunshine but still only in the teens heading for the 20s today. We might get above freezing for the weekend and then back into the 20s for highs on Monday. Stay warm or cool everybody, depending upon where you live.
16/Jan/15 4:13 AM
i didn't mean to break the site!
16/Jan/15 6:04 AM
Morning all, clever cat.
I have been awake since 4am,gave up at 5:30 and here I am.
16/Jan/15 6:12 AM
Morning all, ignore the above comment from yesterday.
16/Jan/15 6:24 AM
1:41. Good morning everyone.
16/Jan/15 6:33 AM
Seems that when the iPad asks to submit , don't hit ok. lol
16/Jan/15 6:37 AM
16/Jan/15 7:08 AM
16/Jan/15 7:37 AM
Oh Serena, you have to have a weird mind like mine to see odd little things like that!
16/Jan/15 7:39 AM
Well, back from the doctor's and my blood pressure is good to go! When I got my first reading this morning I was on a good level. So with confidence went to the doctor's office to get it done again. But as I told the nurse, I have white coat syndrome. So my systolic was 143! Whoa! What a fright! Nurse said to calm down and try to relax and that she'd be back in 5 minutes.
16/Jan/15 7:42 AM
Finally that reading had me at 123 over 70. Whew!!! I don't know what it is with me but I think I've had white coat syndrome since I was a child, a visit to the doctor or dentist got me in hysterics between, vaccinations and fillings!
16/Jan/15 7:44 AM
Well, well, well, as long as I'm here, I might as well turn the page!
16/Jan/15 7:45 AM
Getting closer . . .
16/Jan/15 7:46 AM
And BOPP!!!
16/Jan/15 7:46 AM
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