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Easy Sudoku for 17/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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, y'all!
17/Jan/15 12:09 AM
Good Morning -- a good day for some skiing
17/Jan/15 12:11 AM
Good morning people of the world.
17/Jan/15 12:12 AM
Karen, hope the gal-pals slept well after a night of playing. ...I've noticed with my own Silvergirl-now-teen and my GS Troop that food tends to rejuvenate.
17/Jan/15 12:12 AM
Another sunshiny day predicted here, with tempts soaring to 65 degrees.
17/Jan/15 12:13 AM
Sugar highs are obvious - I recall our then 8-yr old skipping around the parking lot after she had a huge chunk-o-fudge after touring Rock City. But anything heavy in carbs will turn on the energy. It's also a runner's tradition the night before a big race!
17/Jan/15 12:13 AM
OH, I had one child not move all night long. Poor girl was so stiff this morning. And the child who I dread waking up, because it is easier to pass a bill in congress, popped right out of bed this morning.
We were out the door this morning on time. It was so nice not rushing to the bus this morning.
17/Jan/15 12:16 AM
2:08. Quick puzzle, even though not a straight-anything. Time to get my day rolling!
17/Jan/15 12:17 AM
Unfortunately, the sunshine also had an effect on the animals. They all have totally lost their mind this morning. The fish are splashing so much that the floor is wet. Had one kitty escape into the garage, which is no longer a safe place to escape to, the other kitty zoomed out the front door and More...
17/Jan/15 12:21 AM
To Shosho.
17/Jan/15 12:21 AM
Silvergal, when I was in the classroom, I begged, pleaded, cried, and threw fits, to not feed the children till 3:00. Dismissal was at 3:30, and it seemed every time the children were fed, they went bonkers afterwards. My motto, 'Don't Feed the Children.' So many people knew my mission in life, More...
17/Jan/15 12:25 AM
Sunshine is not here, yet and it is very difficult for me to move at the moment. But I must move, many things to do before Man comes home.
17/Jan/15 12:27 AM
Oh, Mama-pride moment here... Silverteen is not a math girl, she's definitely English Language Arts. This year in 10th grade she's taking Pre-Calculus. Teacher is great, but covers a lot of material - she said pre-cal would be the hardest math class students will take in high school.
17/Jan/15 12:27 AM
So, when she was struggling last quarter, she finally stayed for after-school help, and aced the exam for that quarter. That good experience let her know that the need for tutoring is not a sign of failure. She's also gotten together with several friends for group studies before tests.
17/Jan/15 12:29 AM
Mid-term exams were given this past week, and Silverteen & buds had a group study at a nearby coffee shop. She was apprehensive about how she did on the exam - the teacher does NOT curve grades, but she will give half-credits for parts of problems done correctly.
17/Jan/15 12:31 AM
I am guessing Silverteen aced her mid-term, in which case, WooHoo! Way to go Silverteen.
17/Jan/15 12:34 AM
Silverteen pulled out a 98/100 on her pre-cal exam. She was over the moon happy about it, especially after bombing a quiz right before Christmas. Overall, she's maintaining an A average in all her classes - in that respect, she's a self -starter and motivator much like I was.
17/Jan/15 12:35 AM
Thanks Karen, yep she did! Okay, I'll get off the podium now since it's supposed to be about Silverteen anyway!
17/Jan/15 12:36 AM
That bird would freeze here.
17/Jan/15 1:01 AM

1) Q
2) IQ
3) Qui
4) Quie
5) quite
6) quiets
7) querist
8) squirted

In the today we have Silvergal, Judy, Kathy, Joyce, HalT, Canuk Greg, June, Sarah Beth More...
17/Jan/15 1:05 AM
Each statement describes two words that when fused together create a new unrelated word (not a compound word). The clues do not necessarily indicate in which order the two words are attached. Example: This is the average oldness of a tablet (pill + age = pillage).

1) This is an allotment of More...
17/Jan/15 1:06 AM
17/Jan/15 1:07 AM
I would have waited but I knew Keith didn't have a chance.
17/Jan/15 1:07 AM
No sunshine this morning.
Planned to sleep late today, but forgot to shut off my alarm.
Stayed up late last night and then couldn't settle down to sleep.
17/Jan/15 1:22 AM
Yippee! The sun is trying to peek out!
(Maybe if I give it a bit of a cheer?)
'You can do it! You can do it!')
17/Jan/15 1:35 AM
Silvergal, you have every right to be proud of your darling, and shout it to the world. Of course, this is coming from one of those mothers. I am a believer, that we should tell our children they are good and focus on the good and their accomplishments. I see and hear, way too much bad about children, so it is my mission to change the view. And if that makes me one of those mothers, so be it.
17/Jan/15 1:43 AM
I felt a soap box lecture coming on, so sort of dropped all I was going to say and ended my post abruptly.
17/Jan/15 1:44 AM
Sunshine coming out. At the moment playing peek-a-boo with some clouds. I already feel the energy coming out.
17/Jan/15 1:45 AM

I stripped the wallpaper in my computer room yesterday. Today the dreaded ''prep'' work begins. Wallpaper glue is not my friend. I have tried different solutions in the past, and ended up using good old vinegar and water. More...
17/Jan/15 2:04 AM
I think there's a balance in raising children. Praise & kudos for a job well-done is uplifting for anybody, especially in an area where they struggle. I want her to recognize her strengths, especially since she was really down on herself just a few years ago.
17/Jan/15 2:07 AM
OTOH, I don't want to be that helicopter parent who cleans up her kids' mistakes. Consequences from poor choices can be a great teacher, sometimes moreso than discipline.
17/Jan/15 2:09 AM
Too, I think there's a difference between praise for a job well done or going that extra mile vs. praise for just existing or participating. The latter works for preschoolers in sports activities - you know, the medal for everything, even sitting in the corner pouting - but there's a time that More...
17/Jan/15 2:14 AM
Kathy, BTDT, just recently! I think the prep work is the worst: it's a loooooonnnnnngggg mid-point, and there's no visual reward like stripping the old paper off or putting up the new paper.
17/Jan/15 2:15 AM
Boy, I'm chatty this morning. I'll make it a CP here, then I need to get some work done here at the office!
17/Jan/15 2:16 AM
Happy Friday day off! (working the weekend)
Silvergal: what does BTDT mean?
17/Jan/15 3:35 AM
17/Jan/15 3:39 AM
Thank you, Karen! Here's flying your way!!!
17/Jan/15 3:40 AM
Well as long as I am here . . .
17/Jan/15 3:40 AM
So close . . . getting there . . .
17/Jan/15 3:40 AM
And BOPP!!!
17/Jan/15 3:41 AM
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