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Easy Sudoku for 16/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Just got caught up in watching my Attorney General lie again. I prefer to not watch the news, it's too upsetting.
16/Nov/17 12:05 AM
1:50 Should have been quicker.
16/Nov/17 12:12 AM
16/Nov/17 12:28 AM
Oh, it's a good morning - finally the sun has appeared! Hope it finds you to shine upon as well!
16/Nov/17 2:24 AM
Good Maen, good people.
Happy 2-day birthday, DotCom!!!!
16/Nov/17 2:39 AM
You know how to tell when politicians are lying Wolf?

They open their mouth!
16/Nov/17 2:47 AM
Not sunny here.
But I have Joyce's sunshine to suffice! Thanks!
16/Nov/17 2:56 AM
(For Shosho!)
16/Nov/17 2:56 AM
Off to exercise! (I've finally started in again after all the trips & ankle problems.)
16/Nov/17 2:57 AM
16/Nov/17 3:25 AM
16/Nov/17 3:34 AM
Looks like the spermatophore of an octopus or squid to me.
16/Nov/17 3:50 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
16/Nov/17 4:38 AM
Good Maen, everybody (mAen in two minutes). Time for class.
16/Nov/17 4:57 AM
everyone. I don't know either Dino. I just googled Bev's suggestion. Looks like you're correct Bev.
16/Nov/17 5:43 AM
Thanks, Bev - I accept your supposition!
16/Nov/17 5:43 AM
16/Nov/17 6:14 AM
I'll take Bev's word for it.
16/Nov/17 6:31 AM
Dotcom! Health, happiness, and have a great year.!
16/Nov/17 6:47 AM
Jus' amblin' along........
16/Nov/17 6:51 AM
When I spotted this space......
16/Nov/17 6:51 AM
16/Nov/17 6:52 AM
So I jumped on it.....
16/Nov/17 6:52 AM
My work here is done.......
16/Nov/17 6:53 AM
Morning all,thanks Bev for identifying that thing.
16/Nov/17 7:40 AM
Dotcom, start celebrating today so you're ready for tomorrow!
16/Nov/17 7:42 AM
Good morning.
16/Nov/17 8:17 AM
Rain is forecast for Canberra today.
16/Nov/17 8:17 AM
So far it's just a bit grey.
16/Nov/17 8:18 AM
I'm expecting a parcel this morning.
16/Nov/17 8:19 AM
Betcha it arrives when I'm out for a while in a short time/
16/Nov/17 8:20 AM
Several trusty ECCO poozlers this week, Judy, Snowbird, Hal, Joyce, Plum, Wombat and Arachnid all did well.

Until next week.......toodles!
16/Nov/17 9:08 AM
Ooooh! Beer - O - Clock, Make mine a San Miguel, please.
16/Nov/17 9:09 AM
Dos Xiques Amber for me, please.
16/Nov/17 1:24 PM
Late, but no less sincere, DotCom - Enjoy your birthday 'season'!
16/Nov/17 1:57 PM
Have an enjoyable birthday DotCom. Think what you would most like to do, and do it. Go for it.
16/Nov/17 2:32 PM
I know I'm a BIT unfit at the moment and I'm getting older, but I had to have a few rests while mowing my lawns and I just checked the temperature. It's 27C so I think that may be part of the reason.
16/Nov/17 3:19 PM
I checked online and the temperature was closer to 30C so I have a good excuse for having a few rest stops. I feel a bit buggered now. Thunderstorms are forecast for today but haven't arrived yet.
16/Nov/17 3:23 PM
Raining here, too, in fact, my weather app keeps posting flood warnings for the area.
16/Nov/17 5:07 PM
I don't see enough rain to justify the warnings.
16/Nov/17 5:08 PM
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