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Easy Sudoku for 16/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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NOV 16 (A&V)

Here is another little teaser for all the POOZLERS. It s a 2&4 poozle,
We will work through the alphabet giving you the second and fourth letters (B&D) of a
word and a clue as to what the word is. We will also give you the end of the word in
alphabetical order,and More...
16/Nov/19 12:03 AM
1:44. Hello, everyone!
16/Nov/19 12:03 AM
1:59 with a stop halfway through.
Good night all. Have a great weekend.
16/Nov/19 12:15 AM
earlybirds & everyone who visits after!
Overcast (sounds better than 'dreary'!) Hope your day has sunshine!
16/Nov/19 12:38 AM
Everybody!! Sleep well Anne.
16/Nov/19 1:35 AM
Happy birthday to Dot Com. May you have many more of them.
16/Nov/19 2:51 AM
16/Nov/19 3:10 AM
16/Nov/19 3:10 AM
Oh well, 2:16
16/Nov/19 3:17 AM

16/Nov/19 3:31 AM
16/Nov/19 4:46 AM
Pretty yellow berries on that tree.
16/Nov/19 5:01 AM
I've been awake for ages so thought I may as well get up for awhile and there is number 13 waiting for me.
16/Nov/19 5:14 AM
Morning all, Jackie ,they are flowers not berries. This is one of the many different wattle trees native to Australia.
16/Nov/19 5:20 AM
Thank goodness I took my time typing and didn't take Anne's spot.
16/Nov/19 5:22 AM
DotCom. 🎉🎂🎉
16/Nov/19 5:24 AM
Wombat,you had a late night and managed to get first post of the day with the poozle.
16/Nov/19 5:30 AM
A CP just because I can !
16/Nov/19 5:31 AM
Lovely Spring wattle flowers Nice photo
16/Nov/19 6:05 AM


OOOH! A wombat Team poozle!
16/Nov/19 6:07 AM
Happy late afternoon - if you didn't go back to read yesterday's final additions, you need to do so soon - Mr. Cee, that was your best one yet!
16/Nov/19 8:37 AM
Happy Birthday DotCom - hope you stop by t see all your birthday wishes!
16/Nov/19 8:39 AM
That's why Anne was having difficulty sleeping - she did so much rolling around on the floor with laughter from Cee's story......
16/Nov/19 8:42 AM
Thank you for identifying that tree, Amelia - The branches & leaves look like willow trees we have here - mainly a weeping willow - but our willow trees have no discernible blossom or fruit!
16/Nov/19 8:45 AM
Tonight begins our dip into the DEEP FREEZE for which we've been warned all week - let's get it on so we can wish it adieu!
16/Nov/19 8:49 AM
G'day all.
16/Nov/19 8:59 AM
Joyce got 22 and a CP, and didn't brag about either one of them.
16/Nov/19 9:05 AM
Nope, Keith- I was on a roll with things to say before I either fell asleep or forgot - it's tough getting old & trying to remember all the commentary I have after arriving late & no one's around to talk with!
16/Nov/19 9:13 AM
But I am sorry for not waiting a couple minutes for you, Keith - like Peter generally does - haha - not!
16/Nov/19 9:14 AM
1:31. Good morning everyone.
16/Nov/19 11:20 AM

Friday 15th November.
Keith – The site shuts down waiting for Keith to claim his favourite post.
Wombat – Sets Sarah straight on the Aussie penchant of nick naming with opposites of the obvious.
Mr Cee – All about on anatomical aquatic performers. More...
16/Nov/19 3:28 PM

A zookeeper was doing his rounds one day
He had with him a rucksack and a broom. He had to inspect all the cages and make sure they were clean. First he checked on the bird sanctuary. Aside from Some droppings there were 2 dead birds on the ground. He More...
16/Nov/19 9:01 PM

What do you call people who don't believe in evolution?

Primate change deniers
16/Nov/19 9:02 PM
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