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Easy Sudoku for 17/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Up real early, off to a Cribbage tourney in Sacramento starting at 8am.
Need to shower, shave, Bkft, etc. plus one hour drive. Hopefully will have some good results to report tomorrow!
17/Nov/19 12:00 AM
2:16. 'Primate Change Denier'. *Snort. Good Morning, Denny and everyone. Good luck with the cards and pegs today, Denny.
17/Nov/19 12:12 AM
1:45 That's a better time than last night.
Good night all.
17/Nov/19 12:22 AM
Hey! It's finally sunny today!
Hope your day is, too!
17/Nov/19 2:29 AM
to Denny! Hope you have fun - winning or not!
(Of course, winning is more fun!)
17/Nov/19 2:31 AM
Up early (for me) on a Saturday. When I am done with my coffee, off to the office to chart. One of these days I will catch up!
17/Nov/19 3:32 AM

Well, I put the dogs in what I thought was a ''dog proof'' bedroom yesterday. It's gotten quite cold and I didn't want to leave them outside while we ran some errands. The Big Lug evidently slept the 2 hours we were gone More...
17/Nov/19 3:52 AM
17/Nov/19 4:16 AM
Morning all. Have a day.
17/Nov/19 4:22 AM
Everyone! I have been absent from the site for a little over a week. Our trip down to the sun & warmth on the auto train was great. However, when we arrived we discovered that we had no phon, internet or TV! Apparently critters chewed through the cables. All is resolved now, so I More...
17/Nov/19 4:31 AM
Good mAEn
Feels nice outside, snow on fallen leaves does give a festive look.
Been busy doing nothing!
17/Nov/19 5:57 AM
all. From Charlotte NC.
17/Nov/19 6:16 AM
17/Nov/19 6:23 AM
Kate for the wharf photo.
17/Nov/19 6:32 AM
Hi, Snowbird - nice to have you return! Also hello, mymare - long time no see! I'll bet you were 'busy' doing nothing!
17/Nov/19 6:45 AM
Morning all,interesting photo,thanks Kate.
Sheila, you have sunshine we have clouds, got our fingers crossed that it might rain.
17/Nov/19 7:05 AM
Kathy a crate would work well to stop your corgi problems. In the crate always, except for outdoor 'potty breaks'. If there is an indoor 'event', dog instantly and unceremoniously into the crate, followed by 'offending item'. Let him lay in his own fouled bed. Food and water, also in the crate.
17/Nov/19 7:46 AM
Finding the corgi a new home is a good next step. He cannot return to a home with a newborn with medical issues. He cannot be in any home where children are - and Kathy's often has children about. Cute though he may be, he is not the right pet for this family.
Or maybe any family. Just one adult who does not mind picking up poop off the floor, and can train a dog who needs a lot of training.
17/Nov/19 9:33 AM
1:53, got myself in a hopeless tangle. Good morning everyone.
17/Nov/19 10:38 AM
It is good to hear from Snowbird. Those pesky animals make life difficult. The main problems here are Sulphur Crested Cockatoos (also known as white cockatoos) which with those big beaks can make a mess of anything reasonably soft. They would have made a mess of Kathy's wardrobe.
17/Nov/19 11:18 AM
Thanks to Mr. Cee for his two jokes. I liked the Finch and Chimps one, but the person who doesn't believe in evolution is an absolute classic.
17/Nov/19 11:21 AM
17/Nov/19 12:26 PM
A concise picture of something I could/should have done during the dozen or so years I lived in Sydney! Ahh well; much as our ego might like to convince us otherwise, we simply can't do everything.
17/Nov/19 12:57 PM
Sarah Beth I have seen you use the terminology 'to chart' in you last couple of posts. Can you tell me what sort of work you do. I keep thinking Nurse, Hydrographer, Cartographer etc
17/Nov/19 1:13 PM
I'm afraid that even as a long time dog lover the incredible pooping corgi would be in a different place. Sounds as if hen is the canine equivalent of the very naughty child. I think Kathy must be working towards sainthood
17/Nov/19 1:15 PM

Saturday 16th November.
Mr Cee – Drops a couple of funnies but only for those who look back.

Sunday 17th November.
Denny – Off fifteen-toing it Sacramento for a crib tourney. Hope you peg out before everyone else. (In crib speak of course). More...
17/Nov/19 2:11 PM
Ahhh, charting. Keeping a medical record of a visit with a patient. I am a Physician Assistant.I work at a clinic for under served people in Taos county New Mexico. I am very busy. Tomorrow I chart from home.
17/Nov/19 4:09 PM
Thanks Sarah Beth. Even Phantom should be satisfied with that
17/Nov/19 5:21 PM

A Polish man married a Canadian girl after he had been in Canada a year or so, and although his English was far from perfect, the couple got on very well.
One day, though, he rushed into a lawyer’s office and asked if he could arrange a divorce for More...
17/Nov/19 7:10 PM
Phantom , if it depended on me dancing naked around the garden at midnight to get rain I'm afraid we are in for a longer drought. LOL
17/Nov/19 7:12 PM

This Scottish bloke goes on a skiing holiday to Canada. After a hard day on the slopes, he retires to a bar at the bottom of the mountain. After about five or six whiskeys, he looks up and notices a stuffed animal with antlers on the wall...
He asks More...
17/Nov/19 7:12 PM
Mr Cee!
17/Nov/19 7:14 PM

Two Tasmanians flew to Canada on a hunting trip.
They chartered a small plane to take them into the Rockies for a week hunting moose.

They managed to bag 6. As they were loading the plane to return, the Pilot said the plane could take only 4 More...
17/Nov/19 7:15 PM

A Queenslander walks into a bar in Toronto and orders a drink.
The bartender, noticing his accent, asks him 'What brings you to Canada?'

The Queenslander says 'Well, I was in a pub in Brisbane and the coaster under my glass said 'Drink Canada Dry', so I thought I'd give it a shot'
17/Nov/19 7:20 PM
2:14 Evening All.
17/Nov/19 8:09 PM
Oh, Mr Cee, you've done it again. I'm sure the early posters don't know what excellent jokes they are missing out on.
17/Nov/19 8:15 PM
very funny, Mr Cee!!
17/Nov/19 9:27 PM
all. Love the Canadian jokes Mr Cee!
17/Nov/19 11:41 PM
And then there were the two Canadians who flew to Tasmania...
18/Nov/19 7:08 AM
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