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Easy Sudoku for 16/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all!
16/Dec/18 12:04 AM
Sat down getting ready for midnight in Australia and began reading the paper. Got so engrossed in all the terrible news that I was 4 minutes late.
16/Dec/18 12:06 AM
Of course, since it's Sunday down there, everyone is still out partying.
16/Dec/18 12:07 AM
Do the pubs close at 2?
16/Dec/18 12:07 AM
2:12 A silly mistake at the end.
Good night all.
16/Dec/18 12:20 AM
Wolf, 'night, Anne

I've been working on Wombat's poozle. There is something to be said for early morning computer time. No distractions!
16/Dec/18 12:25 AM
It's been a while, I think late night closing is 3am. I was caught up surfing the internet and missed the pumpkin hour.
16/Dec/18 12:27 AM
Goodnight all
16/Dec/18 12:29 AM
Today is ''wrapping day''. Every year I promise myself that I will wrap presents as I bring them home. And, every year I end up doing a marathon wrap of all the presents stashed in the spare room.
I really annoy myself.
16/Dec/18 12:32 AM
2:00. Good Morning, all! Happy Wrapping Day, Kathy - I'm adding that one !to my calendar 😊.
16/Dec/18 12:36 AM
16/Dec/18 12:58 AM
16/Dec/18 1:23 AM
If you like this au sudoku you may also like Microsoft sudoku and jigsawdoku. They are both free with no ads.
16/Dec/18 2:11 AM
16/Dec/18 3:16 AM
No sunshine today.
But... we're having a grandie visit this afternoon! That's better than sunshine!
16/Dec/18 3:54 AM
16/Dec/18 4:07 AM
16/Dec/18 4:18 AM
Pretty path for a walk.
16/Dec/18 5:11 AM
Good mAen, good people. I am my daughter Skye's Plus One at her work party tonight. No one besides me thinks that's strange, so I'm going for it.
16/Dec/18 5:25 AM
Ah, my purple poinsettia. Decorating for Christmas. Our postponed early Christmas is day after tomorrow. This time there isn't a snowstorm in the forecast.
16/Dec/18 5:26 AM
'I'm looking for the man who shot my paw.'
16/Dec/18 5:29 AM
Ho, ho, ho. A holly, jolly 22.
16/Dec/18 5:30 AM
Question for the Australian contingent: I really like Christmas and seasonal songs. (All except a few.) There are so many Christmas = snow or winter songs (e.g., 'I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas' and 'Winter Wonderland') that wouldn't apply Down Under. Are there songs in Australia that wax sentimental about celebrating the holiday in a sweltering clime?
16/Dec/18 5:35 AM
I don't remember shooting paw ...
16/Dec/18 6:10 AM
Morning all, I was on here at 12:30 am ,wasn't feeling well enough to comment. I've only had about two hours sleep.
Could be the reason I couldn't make sense of Wombat's poozle.
16/Dec/18 6:20 AM
16/Dec/18 6:28 AM
Poor Amelia.
16/Dec/18 6:29 AM
Hello, all - I finished Wombat's poozle last night, but still need to compose it & send it in - sometimes that takes longer than solving the poozle - haha!
16/Dec/18 7:11 AM
No sunshine here... and I've waited al-l-l-l day for it -but it's been a no-show!
16/Dec/18 7:13 AM
Keith, have you read yesterday's comments? Shooting my paw makes sense if you have, not so much if you haven't.
16/Dec/18 7:41 AM

I can tell ya, Ma ain't to happy about Paw
16/Dec/18 8:23 AM
Why lookie here...
16/Dec/18 8:24 AM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it shooting paw
Matter of fact I got it now
Ahh ice cold VB
16/Dec/18 8:25 AM
Plum, you don't want to know about Australian Christmas carols, most contain lyrics about holden utes and Santa in shorts and thongs (flip flops)
16/Dec/18 8:35 AM
Not embarrassed with a CP
16/Dec/18 8:39 AM
Just had a nice breakfast, watched the 9am horror movie. Time now to kick back and think about what to do today. But first...
16/Dec/18 9:54 AM
A lion walks into a bar
Casually looks around the crowded room
Looks at the barman and says
''Who's for lunch?''
16/Dec/18 9:58 AM
A drunk walks into and says, “All lawyers are a$$holes!” A guy at the other end of the bar says, “I resent that!” The drunk says, “Why, are you a lawyer?” and the other guy says, “No, I’m an a$$hole!”
16/Dec/18 10:23 AM
Last one

The Barman says, “We don’t serve time travelers in here.”

A time traveler walks into a bar.

16/Dec/18 10:25 AM
16/Dec/18 10:26 AM
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