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Easy Sudoku for 17/December/2018


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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
17/Dec/18 12:00 AM
Been there, seen that. Wonderful trip in 1988-89
cruising down the Nile!
17/Dec/18 12:13 AM
Goodnight sweet Prince & princess
17/Dec/18 12:16 AM
1:57 Good night all.
17/Dec/18 12:59 AM
2:00. Good Morning, everyone.
17/Dec/18 1:02 AM
I've been there, too, Wolf. If you scroll way down on my photos there is a similar picture. Also one of our ''tail gunners'' on the cruise. It was a bit of a shock when I first saw them.
We also had an armed guard on More...
17/Dec/18 2:46 AM
17/Dec/18 3:00 AM
Morning all. I've never gone to that part of the world.
17/Dec/18 3:07 AM
17/Dec/18 3:27 AM
Enjoy your day - hopefully in the sun!
17/Dec/18 3:40 AM
17/Dec/18 3:43 AM
17/Dec/18 4:40 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
17/Dec/18 4:41 AM
17/Dec/18 5:19 AM
1:28. Good morning everyone.
17/Dec/18 5:53 AM
17/Dec/18 6:05 AM
Morning all, these days I do my travelling online.
Bright sunshine this morning, better get the washing done before Mother Nature changes her mind.
17/Dec/18 6:39 AM
Nice photo of this statue.
17/Dec/18 6:46 AM
I'm going to dedicate 22 to myself ...
17/Dec/18 6:47 AM
once I get there.
17/Dec/18 6:47 AM
17/Dec/18 6:48 AM
17/Dec/18 6:48 AM
For me, & a CP.
17/Dec/18 6:48 AM
I believe we may be experiencing some residue wet weather from Sarah's DC onslaught this week - no sun, but with snow showers following the rain - not one bit exciting!
17/Dec/18 8:38 AM
Don't forget to delve into Wombat's weekend poozle - as usual it's a doozy!
17/Dec/18 8:41 AM
Hmmm - just remembered seeing this headline to start the day- only Rage & Chris have checked in... are our Down Under friends all OK?

'Superstorm's trail of devastation: More than 55,000 homes wake up without power in Sydney - as Queensland braces for 'zombie cyclone' to reform after half a metre of rainfall overnight'

17/Dec/18 9:47 AM
The weather in Sydney is far worse than ours. Ours is merely dreary and record-setting, although there was a good deal of flooding with cars caught in what drivers apparently thought was just... what? a verrrrryyyyy deeeep puddle? Despite flood warnings, and in low-laying areas that flood with far less rain...
17/Dec/18 11:51 AM
3:47 Maen all
17/Dec/18 11:52 AM
Joyce, all that weather stuff going on to the north is considered to be just a summer shower here in Tassie.

They all need to harden up up there.
17/Dec/18 2:18 PM
Peter is being his usual humorous self. The weather in North Queensland and down the coast to Sydney and further south is pretty horrendous, but they are used to cyclones and the consequent rain in those parts. Not that it makes it any easier to cope with. Tasmania does get some nasty weather, but not cyclones.
17/Dec/18 4:24 PM
Not much happening here. I've been searching the internet to find batteries for my watch and my camera. Since I don't have a smart phone I still need a camera, but I don't use it very much, but when I wanted to use it the battery was flat, as was the spare one, and then neither of them would hold a charge.
17/Dec/18 6:58 PM
In the end it wasn't too difficult, but as I haven't used EBay before I was surprised to find they don't have any stock and merely act as agents. I could have bought batteries from Hong Kong the UK etc., but did find a local supplier.
17/Dec/18 7:03 PM
I need something to assuage my thirst after that, so I'll have a glass of 150 Lashes, and get one for yourself bartender.
17/Dec/18 7:05 PM
And I just need this one for a CP!
17/Dec/18 7:05 PM
Keith, CP posted a little story about floods in Queanbeyan, and you drew my attention to it. Do you know where I can find it?
17/Dec/18 7:08 PM
Wombat, I found this...

17/Dec/18 7:39 PM
Thanks DOA, That was very kind of you, and it does tend to narrow down the time when CP would have posted it, but her version was much more ironic. It was a bit unfair, but Queanbeyan is known locally as struggle town, and the inhabitants were regarded as yokels and deadbeats, and for instance were very worried about running out of cigarettes, etc.. Thank you for your effort.
17/Dec/18 8:30 PM
Quick visit after a quiet day. All my Christmas shopping is now done so I can relax a bit
17/Dec/18 9:49 PM
I downloaded a programme which was recommended on site for an avatar. I can't get the picture down to the acceptable site size so we'll just put it down to my incompetence
17/Dec/18 9:51 PM
Well this one makes BOPP
17/Dec/18 9:51 PM
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