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Easy Sudoku for 17/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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First at last......after all these years!
17/Oct/16 12:07 AM
2:01 Good night Peter and all!
17/Oct/16 12:09 AM
Oops - on my iPad I need to press the next icon to get to today's date and it put me on the medium site - so there I am posting all my joy of the Cubs win and Chris's run today !
17/Oct/16 12:18 AM
🐻🐻🐻🐻 Go Cubs go, go Cubs go, Chicago cubs are Are going to win today hey hey
17/Oct/16 12:21 AM
CG your Blue Jays made the news here this morning. Unfortunately not good news as they lost 2 - 1.
17/Oct/16 12:41 AM
Right you are, Wombat. I've got part of it done. But it's getting late here. I'll try to finish it tomorrow morning.
17/Oct/16 12:57 AM
Ghost post!
Oh well. all.
17/Oct/16 1:01 AM
17/Oct/16 1:09 AM
Happy Sunday!
17/Oct/16 1:50 AM
Thanks Hal, I am very prone to mistakes, but I haven't left out a word, merely inserted an extra . and _ in front of nub. Are you going to post an answer?
17/Oct/16 2:41 AM
That is a.ghost post too.🛂
17/Oct/16 2:47 AM
Morning ghosts.
17/Oct/16 2:48 AM
... & regular people, too.
17/Oct/16 2:49 AM
& other regular people.
17/Oct/16 2:51 AM
& Wombats.
17/Oct/16 2:52 AM
& one more for a CP for TCP.
17/Oct/16 2:53 AM
What a face! I'd love to know what he's thinking!
17/Oct/16 3:58 AM
17/Oct/16 4:08 AM
I want to straighten the harness.
17/Oct/16 4:08 AM
Morning shosho.
17/Oct/16 4:09 AM
17/Oct/16 4:09 AM
17/Oct/16 4:09 AM
Finally, Keith, I waited and waited for you!!!
17/Oct/16 5:40 AM
Look at the post times, shosho. I was all done a minute after your previous post.
17/Oct/16 6:05 AM
Morning all, I don't think he wants to go for a walk.
17/Oct/16 6:26 AM
We have the rollerdoor people coming this morning to give us a quote on a new door and remote opener. The old remote is letting the door drop at times.
17/Oct/16 6:39 AM
Good morning.
17/Oct/16 6:50 AM
Thank you, Keith.
17/Oct/16 6:51 AM
Hmmm,wonder what happened to my travelling avatar?
17/Oct/16 6:52 AM
Did some of wombat's puzzle in my head, must go back to finish it on paper.
17/Oct/16 6:55 AM
Good morning all.
17/Oct/16 6:56 AM
Looking forward to our catch up next week CP.
17/Oct/16 6:56 AM
Going to Huonville today. Mr P wants to see where they make wooden boats.
17/Oct/16 6:58 AM
Starting a new career today! This is the dawning of the age of asparagus - I'm going to be a picker/packer for at least 3 weeks. It's every second day, do I've still got lots of free time.
17/Oct/16 6:59 AM
A beautiful area CP. It's been hit hard with the floods this year.
17/Oct/16 6:59 AM
Me too, Sacky.
17/Oct/16 7:02 AM
Oooh lookee here, just in time to turn the page!!!
17/Oct/16 7:42 AM
I'll just stroll along, moving us closer to the bottom . . .
17/Oct/16 7:43 AM
Hmmm, should hurry us along . . .
17/Oct/16 7:43 AM
17/Oct/16 7:43 AM
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