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Easy Sudoku for 18/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I suppose somebody has to do it and against my better judgement, here goes.
18/Oct/16 12:09 AM
1:50 Good night one and all!
18/Oct/16 12:11 AM
Getting ready for my trip - into the rainy Northwest- and food city ! Hope to explore Bend Oregon this time remaining with our home base in Portland-
18/Oct/16 12:18 AM
What to pack!! Summer weather here in Chicago -- rainy and in the 50 there - don't do well in layer dressing - I don't mind cool weather - but don't like to be overheated
18/Oct/16 12:20 AM
Dressing in fall colors ! Have a good week
18/Oct/16 12:21 AM
from beautiful OK
18/Oct/16 12:29 AM
mymare, have a great trip. I have been to Bend OR, it was a nice trip.
18/Oct/16 12:31 AM
Is anyone having a wacky of weather as we are. We got cool last week it was nice. A warm (hot) front has came in from some where, we are headed to 90F today.
18/Oct/16 12:33 AM
Need to find some breakfast.
18/Oct/16 12:34 AM
18/Oct/16 12:34 AM
Getting ready for my trip - what to pack? We're going to the beach and the mountains, so that means summer & autumn together - plus two sets of golf clubs. Will it all fit in our car?
18/Oct/16 12:46 AM
Have to make time to talk to the road crew, too. The road crew will be attaching the ends of our driveways (after we leave on vacation) to the new level of the road ... which is now 4 inches higher than our existing driveway. Our driveway already had a problem at night where you had to use blind More...
18/Oct/16 12:54 AM
Happy Monday!
18/Oct/16 1:11 AM
18/Oct/16 1:31 AM
18/Oct/16 1:40 AM
18/Oct/16 2:50 AM
Have fun, Mymare and Shiela!!!
18/Oct/16 2:50 AM
18/Oct/16 3:26 AM
Seems I'm here just in time.
18/Oct/16 3:27 AM
Going for it.
18/Oct/16 3:27 AM
18/Oct/16 3:27 AM
Happy trails, Mymare and Shiela.
Funny weather here ... warmish, with a few drizzles earlier. Chipmunks are still around, coming for their feed of peanuts, and a new one has joined the fold.
18/Oct/16 3:27 AM
18/Oct/16 3:27 AM
Um ... morning Cathy.
18/Oct/16 3:28 AM
I, of course, thought of Dino. Don't think that's her, but that might be one of her pictures.
18/Oct/16 3:55 AM
Beautiful rock formations! Nice place for his walk.
18/Oct/16 4:45 AM
Morning all, does anyone else see the face in the rock.
18/Oct/16 6:05 AM
Aileen, hope your family spoil you.🎂
18/Oct/16 6:07 AM
I don't think I would have guessed monk.
18/Oct/16 6:33 AM
I'm experiencing one of those ultra rare moments where I'm the only one home. Elijah is at school and the other 3 are with their grandparents and dad at Shelburne museum. I could have gone with them, but seriously, house to myself. Obvious choice.
18/Oct/16 6:37 AM
One of those times when you pour yourself a glass of wine, put a Sinatra album on the turntable, and relax on the couch, eh Serena?
18/Oct/16 2:06 PM
Julie London would be my choice, though.
18/Oct/16 2:09 PM
Am I aging myself again?
18/Oct/16 2:10 PM
Bedtime. Night all.
18/Oct/16 2:11 PM
Keith it is one of Dino's.
I remember when she first posted it.
18/Oct/16 2:48 PM
Turntable, Hal?
18/Oct/16 4:32 PM
Happy birthday Aileen, may you enjoy your special day with your lovely family.
18/Oct/16 4:32 PM
1:43. Hi everyone.

I haven't been on the site since the marathon on Sunday. It was a really tough day at the office, with the temp already at 20°C at the start time of 7am, with 40-60km/hr winds constantly throughout the race. Having said that, I'm please with my time of 3hr 21mins 26secs, More...
18/Oct/16 8:40 PM
...and seeing nobody else is around to do it...
18/Oct/16 8:41 PM
...it's time to turn the page!
18/Oct/16 8:41 PM
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