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Easy Sudoku for 17/November/2015


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Good morning people of the world.
17/Nov/15 12:32 AM
It always amazes me when the first post comes so late into the new day.
17/Nov/15 12:33 AM
Have lots to do today, but I am trying a different approach on getting my tasks accomplish. Been studying Samantha on Bewitch and really believe my powers are more like Aunt Agatha's, so practicing my nose twitching to see if everything gets done.
17/Nov/15 12:37 AM
Seems we can flood here, nothing like what HalT and Silvergal recently went through and a few others, but enough to close off MPR. I had no idea I was cut off from the world until a mother called me and asked me if I heard anything about the buses. She called at 2:45, our children get dropped off More...
17/Nov/15 12:44 AM
Then I did a major NO-No one night, which put my family's safety in danger. Man and I, who each had a child in our vehicles, raced home. One does not play in a vehicle. The race was not on speed, though it was to see who could get home first. We were tied up at a split in the road, so M and I took More...
17/Nov/15 12:55 AM
Both M and I are in agreement not to make the girls afraid of law enforcement, and when you get in trouble, you learn from that experience and move on. At one time in our parenting life, it was said Mom never gets in trouble. (Notice I just said Mom). So we pointed out that adults do get in trouble More...
17/Nov/15 1:00 AM
And I suppose your beguiling smile didn't hurt either.
17/Nov/15 1:02 AM
Well, during my search for in date papers, I realized the child in the back was terrified. Momma was in trouble and she did not know what to do. I tried to explain that Mom was in trouble, but we were alright and would be home soon. The child gave me a look and asked if she was going to jail too. I More...
17/Nov/15 1:06 AM
I was more concerned about my missing DL, HalT. I never use it, so why wasn't where it was supposed to be? About two weeks prior, I had gone to the bank and got some cash. I am guessing I just needed some cash, because everything, bank slip, DL, cash and sucker were still in the envelop at the bottom of my purse.
17/Nov/15 1:09 AM
Other than that, preparing for Thanksgiving. There was talk about having it here, which meant November 1, I had only 5 days to prepare the house before the big event. Since then plans are to have it at MIL's house. But Man is on fire to put out Christmas deco. It took a good three weeks to pack up More...
17/Nov/15 1:15 AM
Speaking of floor cleaning.
A few months ago, I asked for a steam cleaner, that was easy to bring out when needed and I could easily use it clean out the car. The man had the nerve to tell me no.
I have a steam cleaner, that has not been used in years. The belt broke and I could not figure More...
17/Nov/15 1:21 AM
Then there was great dramatic, tragedy in my life.
For 53 hours I had no Internet connection. I don't think my life begins and ends with having to be connected, but when I had no choice it was horrible. But a nice man came and got me reconnected to the world and though I cannot play any games, I am connected with outside life.
17/Nov/15 1:24 AM
OK, you are in luck, my cup is empty and my favorite men of the week will be here soon, so need to get my offerings down to the curb.
17/Nov/15 1:25 AM

still a beautiful day in OK
17/Nov/15 1:37 AM
Peaceful and enjoyable weekend.
17/Nov/15 1:39 AM
I should have known Karen had been here early
17/Nov/15 1:41 AM
Good morning Karen, HalT, Sue ..
Have a good day everyone
Time for bed
17/Nov/15 1:42 AM
Need to get ready, Harry has group and I need to do some shopping.
17/Nov/15 1:42 AM
I think the liquid sunshine has stopped for awhile
17/Nov/15 1:43 AM
Hi Bean, good to see you.
17/Nov/15 1:43 AM
The heater has been moved and all is working well
17/Nov/15 1:44 AM
17/Nov/15 1:45 AM
Good morning Karen and Sue.
17/Nov/15 1:54 AM
Well I am back. There is no umph in me today. I do have my offerings ready to take to the curb, but need to wait a moment or two or I will melt when I go out.
17/Nov/15 2:10 AM
Seems I have become a part-time member of the CP Club, though instead of getting on computer, I clean. So, the only thing I really need to do today is run my sucky thing. I could clean the area Man wants me to clean.
17/Nov/15 2:13 AM
Actually, he does not want me to clean that area. He was bringing in the tree last night and I may have said something, so this morning he asked when I was going to do it and I do not think he liked my answer. I may have said something about when it stops raining and possibly some other things. He did ask before coffee.
17/Nov/15 2:15 AM

My goodness, Karen, you have been storing up info for us haven't you? A lot can happen to you in 53 hours.

I once had a police officer come to the door asking about one of the neighbors. I asked him in and we More...
17/Nov/15 3:07 AM
Cute story Kathy.
I remember taking my younger siblings to their swim lessons and was pulled over. It was during a time of no seat belts or only the front passengers needed them. My youngest brother, had always been told to duck, when we passed a policeman or he would go to jail. Actually, he More...
17/Nov/15 3:25 AM
I sense this is going to be a non-productive day for me.
Maybe I need more coffee. Though, I believe the house ghost has been drinking the pot I supposedly already had. Each time I went for my cup, the cup was empty and I do not recall drinking it. Now the pot is empty, too.
17/Nov/15 3:27 AM
17/Nov/15 3:57 AM
Wow, Karen, what drama! I think I'd be a mass of jelly by now!
17/Nov/15 3:58 AM
HalT, Sue, I have a ,you could borrow.
17/Nov/15 3:58 AM
But really we have a lot of out this way.
17/Nov/15 3:59 AM
Read about the possible turkey shortage, so I'm glad I already put in my order for a big fresh turkey. I don't even want to begin thinking about that holiday after Thanksgiving! I have too much to do for a dinner for over 20 relatives and friends.
17/Nov/15 4:01 AM
Well, I'm going to get ready to go to school to do my volunteering. I'm teaching science and grammar today. And offer solace to one dear friend.
17/Nov/15 4:02 AM
Good morning.
17/Nov/15 4:11 AM
Karen's back.
17/Nov/15 4:11 AM
Somehow, I could tell.
17/Nov/15 4:12 AM
Up 'late' this morning.
17/Nov/15 4:13 AM
17/Nov/15 4:13 AM
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