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Easy Sudoku for 18/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Heavy rain for a change.
18/Nov/15 12:03 AM

Sunshine here.
18/Nov/15 12:07 AM
Good morning people of the world.
18/Nov/15 12:22 AM
Seems our weather guesser guessed wrong today. According to the forecast it should be partly cloudy, yet we had to swim down to the bus stop this morning. We are supposed to be in the mid 70's, but I am seriously thinking about lighting a fire in the fireplace.
18/Nov/15 12:24 AM
I accomplished absolutely nothing yesterday, which seems like a good plan for today, too. Though Man is reading my post, so might get up to pretend I am busy.
18/Nov/15 12:26 AM
Good morning.
18/Nov/15 1:10 AM
another and day
18/Nov/15 1:47 AM
Sunshine here, gardens cleaned up for winter, most of leaves raked ... now it's pushing forward to ski season and decorating for Christmas.
18/Nov/15 2:06 AM
18/Nov/15 2:37 AM

I will also try and spare Phanty's delicate sensibilities... day.
18/Nov/15 2:38 AM

Solve the nine-letter answers using the clues below. The catch is that the clues are in random order.

automated equipment
butternut squash alternatives
classic 1974 film noir set in LA
spine-covered ocean dweller (two words)
man with a More...
18/Nov/15 2:39 AM
here, nary a cloud. Do you know what it's like trying to teach about the different clouds when there's none in the sky?
18/Nov/15 3:17 AM
Finished cleaning up after the plumbers. They changed out my kitchen faucet and put a pan under the water heater.
18/Nov/15 3:21 AM
It is going to be hot here today. That is OK as we are going on a harbour cruise. Catching up with people hubby and I worked with in the last 50+ years.
18/Nov/15 3:35 AM
from beautiful So. Oregon. Cloudy and windy here with little rain.
18/Nov/15 3:45 AM
Maybe the bird is using the roof as a balance beam.
18/Nov/15 3:47 AM

18 minutes.

In the today we have Peter, Judy, DevilorAngel, Wombat, HalT, Wombat, and CP. Today's winners can don a pair of these and join in.
18/Nov/15 3:52 AM
My sister used to call me from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the winter and say that they had just gotten six inches of 'partly cloudy'.
18/Nov/15 4:20 AM

Unseasonably warm here for another 2 days, but then we'll probably see snow for the weekend. It's nice to still get some fresh air through the house.
18/Nov/15 4:30 AM
Going to be hot here too these three days.
18/Nov/15 4:40 AM
Somewhere around 30*C.
18/Nov/15 4:41 AM
18/Nov/15 4:41 AM
18/Nov/15 4:42 AM
Didn't see Keith anywhere. I'm away, nack to bed - goodnight.
18/Nov/15 4:43 AM
Good afternoon to all! What a regal looking bird!
18/Nov/15 5:14 AM
I'm Ba-a-a-a-ck! The computer is all fixed and I'm back on line. Amazing how much you miss it when you don't have it to use.
18/Nov/15 5:16 AM
This is some priceless footage..... This is a great e-mail. It makes me thankful that I am old enough to have lived in the time of Bob Hope.


18/Nov/15 5:29 AM
Glad you are up and running, Greg! Well, at least your computer is.....
18/Nov/15 6:03 AM
Good morning all. A day in the garden today - sunny and I know I'll be complaining about the heat.
18/Nov/15 7:06 AM
The annual bearded black bird raid on the peas and broad beans in the garden is on again. It's amazing how neatly he can strip the pods and only chooses the best!
18/Nov/15 7:12 AM
Welcome back Greg and June have a lovely day on the water! That should help you sleep tonight - but stay away from the coffee!
18/Nov/15 7:19 AM
i have put a pic of the bearded blackbird and 12& 19 on my page. The bb is not in the pea patch, but in the paddock with his biggest fans.
18/Nov/15 7:21 AM
I'm really pleased with the way 12 & 19 are coming along. They are so enthusiastic about their pellets and any other treats that come their way. They started off with 2 white feed bowls, but 12 managed to smash both of them, as well as chewing through a garden hose and its connection. They More...
18/Nov/15 7:25 AM
CP+1. It's been nice chatting, but now I'm off - enjoy your day folks.
18/Nov/15 7:27 AM
THANKS for the video Canuk Greg, excellent.
18/Nov/15 7:59 AM
One of those Wombats in the winners list should have been lonewoof. A pair of shoes for you as well.
18/Nov/15 8:08 AM
Good morning everybody.
Have a wonderful day June
Don't over exert yourself in the heat Sacky
Ciao for now..
18/Nov/15 8:24 AM
Thanks for the summary Phantom... works for me when I don't have time to read and catch up.
18/Nov/15 8:26 AM
I'm honoured to be mistaken for lonewolf, and to see that Serena can occasionally make a mistake. I'm sure I make more in a day than she does in a year. Keep those puzzles coming.
18/Nov/15 8:29 AM
Kathy, I sent (I think) my answers. Did you get them?
18/Nov/15 8:30 AM
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