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Easy Sudoku for 17/March/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
ashtray — Pig Latin for a piece of trash.

...and here's today's factoid:
It takes 90% less energy to recycle aluminium cans than to create new ones.
17/Mar/13 12:00 AM
morning Kayo
17/Mar/13 12:00 AM
Well a slow one today it seems although no doubt there will be lots who ''Forgot'' to send the answers in.

Here are the answers.






TENNIS More...
17/Mar/13 12:03 AM
1:40. Good morning all.
17/Mar/13 12:04 AM

Well here we are again and I will stick to the theme again.

#5 is more a pastime than a sport.

Answers to my Sportz 2 inbox please.

1. Sport -> Birds

2. Plus -> Total Yes it's a sport
17/Mar/13 12:04 AM
Such a cute picture!!!
17/Mar/13 12:28 AM
Good morning people of the world.
17/Mar/13 12:40 AM
Lips Appreciation Day
National Quilting Day
Everything You Do Is Right Day
17/Mar/13 12:44 AM

I don't feel badly about missing #10 Mr. Cee. Here we call it ''weight lifting''.
I absolutely never would have thought of ''weight raising''. Never ever.
17/Mar/13 1:00 AM
17/Mar/13 1:00 AM
So, is that second #3 for extra credit?
17/Mar/13 1:04 AM
It's weight lifting here too, Kathy.
17/Mar/13 1:06 AM
National Quilting Day - that appeals.
17/Mar/13 1:06 AM
Not too bad a night here.
17/Mar/13 1:07 AM
Apart from the radio music which is making my head pound.
17/Mar/13 1:07 AM

Hope your night is a bit quieter than mine CP !!!!
After just looking at Mr Cees poozle think I will tackle the Sudoku easy and mediums first
17/Mar/13 1:10 AM
Not long home from an open air Neil Young concert. It bucketed down but Neil and Crazy Horse didn't miss a beat! Most excellent :)
17/Mar/13 1:25 AM
Here I am
17/Mar/13 1:51 AM
at the right time again.
17/Mar/13 1:51 AM
Anybody willing
17/Mar/13 1:52 AM
to race?
17/Mar/13 1:52 AM
17/Mar/13 1:52 AM
Guess not.
17/Mar/13 1:52 AM
Good Maen, all! Glad to see you got your 22, Keith.
17/Mar/13 1:57 AM
Happy St. Patrick's day to all those Irish Folk.
17/Mar/13 1:57 AM
Looks like I was five minutes too late to give you a run for the money.
17/Mar/13 1:58 AM
Fun picture, and I've not seen it before. How many of you have ever lived with a Dachshund? We had several when I was growing up ... a bit yappy, but otherwise playful and fun dogs to be around.
17/Mar/13 2:06 AM
Timing is everything, Jane.

LOVE the puzzle you sent Kathy & Rob.
17/Mar/13 2:08 AM
Thanks, Keith. I know how much they love to do jigsaw puzzles when they're at Fripp, so I thought that was the perfect host/hostess gift! I'm glad they liked it!
17/Mar/13 2:23 AM
Finally have a few minutes for Sudoku. Has been a busy last few days. My Kansas niece and her boys are visiting for a few days. They came over to go to the Aunt's funeral. Have had other family members come and go the last few days also. Niece and boys are going home tonight.
17/Mar/13 3:31 AM
They are in the computer room setting up the Wii, we got it for the kids to play so adults can have a conversation.
17/Mar/13 4:10 AM
HalT, In case you missed it yesterday - This may bring back memories.

17/Mar/13 4:10 AM
Cute picture. Baby girl has a bear that is bigger than her. The imagery is about the same.
17/Mar/13 4:22 AM
The in-laws are officially on their way officially back to Ohio. It usually takes a couple of days after they leave to get back on schedule. I'm not sure I have the energy to start today. I might just let the kids run a muck for another day.
17/Mar/13 4:23 AM
Wow, what a unique gift, Jane. So very personal and impressive!
17/Mar/13 4:28 AM

Got so involved with Mr. Cee's puzzle that when I gave up halfway through I thought I had already posted!
17/Mar/13 4:31 AM
When my older son was little, my mother took him shopping, promising to buy the little super ranger doll (just before Power Ranger became popular). When they came home, he was holding a doll slightly bigger than him! When I looked at my mom, she just shrugged helplessly, saying but that's what he wanted!!!
17/Mar/13 4:33 AM
Cute little doggie. Ride 'em cowboy.
17/Mar/13 4:34 AM
I guess grandparents become helpless when shopping with grandies!
17/Mar/13 4:34 AM
17/Mar/13 4:34 AM
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