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Easy Sudoku for 18/March/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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18/Mar/13 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
dictionary — The only place where divorce comes before marriage.

...and here's today's factoid:
The first edition of the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) was 10 volumes, 15490 pages, and took 70 years from its approval date to complete.
18/Mar/13 12:00 AM
All quiet today and few takers.

1. Bowls - Owls (OR, skeet - keet. Keet are guinea fowl!) Extra credit?

2. Hand Ball - All

3. Beaglling - Eagling

3. Bowling - Owling

4. Caid - Aid

5. Camping - Amping

6. Creeking - Reeking (OR trotting - More...
18/Mar/13 12:02 AM
Good Maen friends...howdy Chris and Kayo.
I'm just loving these themes, Kayo. Very clever and entertaining
18/Mar/13 12:02 AM
1:40 Good night all.
18/Mar/13 12:02 AM

Good ones Kayo!!! Thanks so much for the humour to start each day.

Good morning Chris, am back in training for the next City2Surf!!! should never of left off, but thats me
18/Mar/13 12:02 AM
to all the topsiders.
18/Mar/13 12:02 AM

Ok lets have an old style Beheader poozel. No theme this time and two clues to all 10.

Answers to my ''Sunday'' inbox please AND NO HELP FROM MR GOOGLE.

1. At a great height -> Attic

2. Mix -> Loan
18/Mar/13 12:03 AM
Thank you, Vici. Knowing someone appreciates it helps make the research worthwhile.
18/Mar/13 12:04 AM
Missed being here yesterday. Left early in the morning to drive 4 hours to the hospital in Monterey where my father-in-law was getting near the end. He passed peacefully with loved ones around him at around noon. Rest peacefully Dad Downing.
18/Mar/13 12:04 AM
ditto, Lizzy G!
18/Mar/13 12:04 AM
18/Mar/13 12:06 AM

LizzieG One and a half.
18/Mar/13 12:12 AM
Hi LizzieG, it's great to hear you're back in training. I'm in training for the Canberra half marathon on 14 April at the moment and I plan to keep it going so I can get a better time in the City2Surf in August (fingers crossed!)
18/Mar/13 12:13 AM
May he rest in peace, and may the memories of happier times support you and hubby through these sad days xo
18/Mar/13 12:13 AM
Hi Kayo, I think you'll find pretty much everyone on the site appreciates the daily daffynition and factoid (me included.)
18/Mar/13 12:15 AM
thank you dear Gail
18/Mar/13 12:17 AM
ditto Mr. Cee
18/Mar/13 12:18 AM

Vici, may knowing people care help you and your husband through this sad time
18/Mar/13 12:49 AM

What an absolute cuty in the pic!!! Another little one given a second chance at life, well done whoever the carer is...
18/Mar/13 12:56 AM
18/Mar/13 12:57 AM
Oh my gosh - what a precious photo. Would love to be holding that joey.
18/Mar/13 1:00 AM
I'm so sorry, Vici. Rest in Peace Dad Downing.
18/Mar/13 1:29 AM
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
18/Mar/13 1:30 AM
Good morning people of the world.
18/Mar/13 1:36 AM
St. Patrick's Day
18/Mar/13 1:37 AM
Well, Mr. Cee, I NEVER would have gotten #2 and #5 no matter how long I agonized!
And who knew ''beagle-ing'' was a sport? But it is! It refers to hunting with a trusty beagle to flush out critters. I learn something new every day on this site.
18/Mar/13 1:38 AM
Vici, I hope you and your family find comfort and peace, during this trying time.
18/Mar/13 1:39 AM
Kayo, add me to you list of the many followers, that look forward each morning to see what you have to say.
18/Mar/13 1:40 AM
thank you Kathy and Karen for your warm wishes
18/Mar/13 1:44 AM
Had a lovely chat with one of the morning coffee drinkers, this morning. Had to break the news to him, that we have sold. Thought the man was going to cry. Him and M are the best of buds. He has a tendency to chase my girl around the store and make her squeal with glee. Had to promise, I would have that girl, up at the store by 8:10 in the morning. Hopefully, MIL returns her today.
18/Mar/13 1:47 AM
After yesterday's body powder and paint incident, I am pretty sure, MIL will return my little, busy darling.
18/Mar/13 1:49 AM
Is gray a common color for those.

Good the family was there, Vici.
18/Mar/13 2:20 AM
Yes, Keith.
18/Mar/13 2:37 AM
One variety of roo is the Eastern Grey Kangaroo.
18/Mar/13 2:39 AM
Back at work.
18/Mar/13 2:39 AM
Another lovely night.
18/Mar/13 2:40 AM
There were several little leprachauns born yesterday, none in my direct care but I was the note-taker on one.
18/Mar/13 2:42 AM
18/Mar/13 2:43 AM
18/Mar/13 2:43 AM
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