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Easy Sudoku for 18/August/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone, welcome to the new day!
18/Aug/17 12:00 AM
Welcome all!
18/Aug/17 12:00 AM
1:20. I think it might be my bed time, good night everyone.
18/Aug/17 12:02 AM
2:00 The last empty space was hiding from me.
Good night all! (Well, it will be in 1 hour and 48 mins)
18/Aug/17 12:12 AM
Good night Anne, it's already Friday here!
18/Aug/17 12:13 AM
18/Aug/17 1:01 AM
so close . . .
18/Aug/17 1:01 AM
18/Aug/17 1:01 AM
G'day all!
18/Aug/17 1:07 AM
18/Aug/17 1:26 AM
18/Aug/17 1:43 AM
to everybody! Bit late for me today.
18/Aug/17 1:43 AM
Rain today!
When it started raining at 6:30 AM my hubby looked out to see this unusual happening - it hasn't rained much for the last two months - and to our surprise, a pretty calico cat was on our front porch. It's a cat that has been showing up at our house throughout the More...
18/Aug/17 4:34 AM
Happy Thursday!
18/Aug/17 4:38 AM
18/Aug/17 5:03 AM
Lovely family photo at Billy train!
18/Aug/17 7:16 AM
Morning all,wonder if this family is one of our members.
18/Aug/17 7:28 AM
Shiela,our sky looks like it might rain too, hope so we could do with a bit of moisture for the garden.
18/Aug/17 7:32 AM
We were on Puffing Billy in 2003. What a wonderful trip we had!
18/Aug/17 8:36 AM
I don't recognize them, Amelia. I wonder too.
18/Aug/17 8:41 AM
18/Aug/17 8:42 AM
18/Aug/17 8:42 AM
Is that Mickey with three of her children? I have only met Mickey once and quite a few years ago.
18/Aug/17 10:37 AM
For more on Puffing Billy see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6JCzkFpG8k
18/Aug/17 10:48 AM
Puffing Billy was a very large part of my childhood as we lived in Fern Tree Gully which was where it began its journey. We had to walk across the line to get to school.
18/Aug/17 10:51 AM
Wonder if J. K. Rowling had Puffing Billy in mind when she wrote the Harry Potter books?
18/Aug/17 12:21 PM
It would certainly be a good model Hal, but there are plenty of antique steam trains in the UK. They pop up frequently on UK television.
18/Aug/17 2:54 PM
That's who I was trying to think of June. I think it may be Mickey.
18/Aug/17 3:31 PM
Good Maen, good people. It's the end of the second full week of driver training for Skye and she's getting more experience and more confidence. Yesterday she drove on an expressway and in downtown Kalamazoo. I don't think I could be a drivers ed instructor. The tuition to pay a driving school is money well spent!
18/Aug/17 10:05 PM
Think I'll do the Easy puzzle ...
18/Aug/17 10:05 PM
What fun. I just watched a Puffing Billy video on youtube. I had to so I could find out what Billy's toot sounds like. And it was great to hear the steam puff sound too.
18/Aug/17 10:21 PM
Aw, what the hey. I've been a slacker at fulfilling my cp quotient, so I'll keep going a bit. I am not planning on two hours in a park this morning as I have been. Firstly, because it's raining and, secondly, because I have to go home to do some work on my desktop computer. I am trying to find some robotics help for our 4-H club mascot project.
18/Aug/17 10:28 PM
I'm at 33
With a cp.

I thought I'd try a little rhyme
While I had a bit of time.

So help me: Give a rousing cheer.
(It's morning. Not a time for beer.)
18/Aug/17 10:35 PM
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