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Easy Sudoku for 19/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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For the first time in many, many years, I’m having what is probably a gout attack in my knee. It hurts like the blazes. Since I also have calcium pyrophosphate crystal deposition disease, I’m never sure which of the two kinds of crystals are causing the problem – or both! They know how to treat More...
19/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Morning everyone!
19/Jun/16 12:02 AM
Darn, got distracted by TOS!
19/Jun/16 12:23 AM
Well at least got the last post from yesterday!
19/Jun/16 12:24 AM
Today hubby and I are going to our older son's home for the birthday party of my grandson. He will have his third birthday party!
19/Jun/16 12:45 AM
I'm making my oft requested broccoli salad. A healthy salad made unhealthy with bacon. And I'll make little sushi with cucumber and umeboshi (pickled plum) for the little guys!
19/Jun/16 12:47 AM
Got this new fangled sushi maker from Japan. You shake the rice and filling into a log shape then slip in the nori into a slot and when you shake again, the nori wraps itself around the rice!
19/Jun/16 12:49 AM
19/Jun/16 12:49 AM
Can't believe that I've been chitchatting for a half of an hour by myself. Hadn't been here constantly but between chores!
19/Jun/16 12:51 AM
19/Jun/16 12:51 AM

Hubby does all the cooking in our house (not always healthy but Im not complaining . He calls it self preservation! after I left the sauce out of a stir fry many years ago......
19/Jun/16 12:58 AM

Hope the knee is on the improve soon Wolf and of course you are welcome here in Oz..where our election is taking just 8 weeks to run, extended from the usual 6 weeks......All over and done with bar the shouting 2nd July
19/Jun/16 1:01 AM
6-8 week election process??? Let me just find my suitcase.....

Than sounds awful, Wolf. I hope you get relief soon. Sending your way.
19/Jun/16 1:11 AM
I know what gout pain feels like ... hard to imagine something worse.
19/Jun/16 1:40 AM
Happy Saturday!
19/Jun/16 1:53 AM
Unusual sign.Fun to read.
19/Jun/16 3:27 AM
First early morning post for a while.
19/Jun/16 3:54 AM
Haven't had much interest access this trip.
19/Jun/16 3:56 AM
Good afternoon to all! ''Signe, signs, everywhere there's signs.''
19/Jun/16 3:56 AM
Maybe if you could give birth, Keith ...
19/Jun/16 3:57 AM
She is 76, and she stall rocks big time!

19/Jun/16 3:57 AM
Even now, I am sitting in complete darkness in the caravan spas to not wake Mr P.
19/Jun/16 3:58 AM
Where did you guys come from?
19/Jun/16 4:00 AM
Never mind, you pushed me to 22.
19/Jun/16 4:01 AM
See, Keith, wasn't my fault.
19/Jun/16 4:02 AM
They made me do it!
19/Jun/16 4:03 AM

Can see your sitting in the dark CP, had to do some lateral thinking with some of the typos not that I should talk
19/Jun/16 4:21 AM

Mind you, Greg didnt want you to feel all alone CP in that department.
19/Jun/16 4:22 AM
I'm up waaaay too early, but at least I've got plenty of time to prepare for my long run this morning - looking at 30km today but let's see how I go!

2:14 this morning, my slowest for a long time.
19/Jun/16 4:47 AM
all. Beautiful day here in SC. Temp is 82 (27C) and that will probably be the high for the day. Expecting the same tomorrow.
19/Jun/16 6:34 AM
Thanks for the good wishes. It will get better, I'm sure.
19/Jun/16 7:22 AM
Morning all,got a laugh out of those signs.
Looks like our population is going to increase , first Wolf then Kathy. 😎
19/Jun/16 8:08 AM
Sunny & hot! (That's sweat!)
Spent today painting with all my watercolor classmates at our annual 'Summer Paint Day'. Our paint instructor owns an old mill (circa 1870)- which is very picturesque - and we paint outside all day! Then finish the day with a potluck barbecue. Perfection!
19/Jun/16 9:27 AM
Come on down Wolf, not only do we speak English, we're friendly as well and the temps are pretty good too (10.3°C when I left for my run about 6am and 11.4°C now!)
19/Jun/16 9:36 AM
Cats Dogs Your side were just too good Peter. It will be a couple of years before the Dogs are serious challengers for the premiership. Dangerfield for the Brownlow is a fairly safe bet.
19/Jun/16 9:52 AM
My, my, my, look at my timing!!!
19/Jun/16 12:04 PM
Shall I escort us to the next page???
19/Jun/16 12:04 PM
I think that might do for now . . .
19/Jun/16 12:05 PM
Well, I shall hurry us along . . .
19/Jun/16 12:05 PM
19/Jun/16 12:05 PM
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