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Easy Sudoku for 20/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning all.
20/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Hi all!
20/Jun/16 12:00 AM
I’m happy to be able to report that my gout attack is much better already. I took extra medicine and will stay off the wrong foods and expect to be all over it by tomorrow. Ah the miracles of modern medicine!
20/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Happy Father's Day to all the North American Dads out there.
20/Jun/16 12:12 AM
great to hear the worst of the gout is behind you Wolf, just go carefully on taking extra meds
20/Jun/16 12:18 AM
Thanks, Meg for the approval from the 'distaff' side.
20/Jun/16 12:43 AM
20/Jun/16 1:38 AM
20/Jun/16 2:41 AM
Sorry, had to rush in to post on my fav number!!!
20/Jun/16 2:42 AM
Shosho........somethings just have to come first..........and with lurkers in our midst you just never know
20/Jun/16 2:53 AM

Just because this is my last shift before 5 weeks annual leave, it is so slow and seems like it will never come to an end
20/Jun/16 2:54 AM
Interesting creative photographic eye.
20/Jun/16 3:18 AM
Strange photo today.
20/Jun/16 3:20 AM
A little close.
20/Jun/16 3:24 AM
Happy Father's Day where applicable.
20/Jun/16 3:24 AM

1. diagnose: a thought for a lyrical music composition (song idea)
2. admiral: an angry prevaricator (mad liar)
3. maelstrom: an intelligent burrowing mammal (smart mole)
4. parenthesis: the boat that is most proximate (nearest More...
20/Jun/16 3:27 AM
I keep killing time hoping somebody'll get us closer.
20/Jun/16 3:57 AM
Didn't happen ...
20/Jun/16 3:57 AM
so I had to do it myself.
20/Jun/16 3:57 AM
20/Jun/16 3:58 AM
& again.
20/Jun/16 3:58 AM
20/Jun/16 3:58 AM
Congrats, Keith!
20/Jun/16 5:10 AM
Sunny & hot today.
Been packing up ther kitchen since I got home from church. I swear, the number of things to pack up multiples as I pack them! It looks like a housewares store exploded in my house! I have to keep reminding myself about how nice the new kitchen will be!
20/Jun/16 5:14 AM
Thanks, Bev & Serena! And Happy Fathers Day to all you dads!
20/Jun/16 7:41 AM
1:38. Good morning all.
20/Jun/16 7:52 AM
Morning all, should be an easy jigsaw.
Slept in this morning mainly because it is sooo cold.
20/Jun/16 7:57 AM
Enjoy your five weeks annual leave Lizzie.
20/Jun/16 9:52 AM
I'm not sure whether CP wants more hassling with Peter, or less.
20/Jun/16 9:53 AM
The Bulldogs have a bye this weekend, while the Cats play one of the bottom teams, so unfortunately there isn't much to hassle about.
20/Jun/16 10:23 AM
Only one more after this for a CP, and it will be within striking distance for a BOP/TOP double for shosho or HalT or .....
20/Jun/16 10:26 AM
Well I'll just take my CP and go.
20/Jun/16 10:28 AM
Morning everybody
20/Jun/16 10:40 AM
Not me, Wombat, I need some sleep.
20/Jun/16 12:31 PM
Once, again, it appears Mr Hal has put the site to sleep.
20/Jun/16 4:04 PM
Good afternoon.
20/Jun/16 4:07 PM
I'm awake DorA.
20/Jun/16 4:08 PM
Tired as, but awake.
20/Jun/16 4:09 PM
Miserable weather here - cold and wet!
20/Jun/16 4:10 PM
We have been exploring the local area - Narromine Airfield and Museum- I'm sure my dad served there when it was used by the RAAF.
20/Jun/16 4:15 PM
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