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Easy Sudoku for 19/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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19/Jun/18 12:08 AM
Anne, and all.
19/Jun/18 12:18 AM
2:04 slow for an easy.
19/Jun/18 12:26 AM
I'm impressed DotCom. For me, 2:04 would be a record!!
19/Jun/18 1:08 AM
19/Jun/18 1:45 AM
here and a nice 68ºF/20ºC
19/Jun/18 1:46 AM
so close . . .
19/Jun/18 1:47 AM
19/Jun/18 1:47 AM
Might as well go for the CP!!!
19/Jun/18 1:48 AM
Hello to all - Another scorching hot 90-degree day here in western NY- keep smiling & have a good day!
19/Jun/18 2:34 AM
19/Jun/18 3:12 AM
Missed saying Morning, so ... Happy Afternoon.
19/Jun/18 6:04 AM

2:05. Lovely coast post
19/Jun/18 6:39 AM
Morning all,another great photo of the WA coastline.
19/Jun/18 7:02 AM
Pouring rain with a bit of lightening and thunder thrown in, when will it ever finish.
19/Jun/18 7:12 AM
19/Jun/18 11:22 AM
I don't think we are even going to get to 22 today. Fathers' Day in the US, floods in Medowie and who knows what else is keeping people away from their keyboards.
19/Jun/18 3:09 PM
It's getting close to the equinox so we will see the days begin to lengthen, but in the southern hemisphere the coldest weather is yet to come, and I guess in the northern hemisphere there will be hot times ahead.
19/Jun/18 3:12 PM
We have a nice sunny day today, but the wind is rather chilly. We aren't too far from the Snowy Mountains and they have been having snow falls there. The name of the mountains might be descriptive but it is a bit banal.
19/Jun/18 3:16 PM
It isn't to far to a CP and then perhaps I can waddle onto number 22.
We wombats do tend to waddle, it is the short legs you know Still long legs would be difficult if you lived in a burrow.
19/Jun/18 3:20 PM
Well here we are with a CP. Which reminds me that we haven't heard from CP for a while. Another person who used to be a regular poster is Cake Lady. She used to do the poozles too.
19/Jun/18 3:23 PM
With a shuffle and a wobble and a lurch I'll take number 22. Sorry Keith and all those people who like to race Keith. Beer o'clock isn't to far away, then there is the page turning ritual and then 66, but they might be out of reach.
19/Jun/18 3:27 PM
Good maeN, good people. Love your waddle, Wombat. It is past the middle of the night and I can't fall asleep. We leave the house with Skye in 9 hours to put her on her first ever plane ride on the first leg of her journey to Norway.
19/Jun/18 4:43 PM
She has loving grandparents and a sister from Traverse City who visited this weekend with gifts they expect her to take with her. Good gifts but she can't take them all without going over her luggage weight limit. So, most she will enjoy instead when she gets back.
19/Jun/18 4:46 PM
One of her own last minute preparations was practicing her cultural exchange project. Which meant that she had everyone outside at the patio table today doing tie-dye from a kit! Skye opted for the kit for ease of packing but worried that she would be dealing with materials different from what More...
19/Jun/18 5:05 PM
Okay. I'm going to try to go to sleep.
19/Jun/18 5:06 PM
I hope you get some sleep Plum and that Skye is ready for her trip to Norway. Tell her to visit Bergen if she gets the chance. It is a very interesting village and I believe the train trip there is very scenic. We drove from there through the mountains and it was great.
19/Jun/18 5:13 PM
We were there last week.
19/Jun/18 5:43 PM
Yes, indeed, it is hot in this hemisphere. We had bad air quality warnings today. I was out only briefly, and not until after sunset, but there was very little air in the air.
19/Jun/18 6:05 PM
It was only 89F, but the 'feels like' temperature was 105F. I thought it felt like a hot sponge, almost too thick to walk through let alone breathe.
19/Jun/18 6:08 PM
1:07, a very straight-forward one today. Good evening everyone.
19/Jun/18 7:45 PM
There certainly is beautiful scenery seemingly everywhere in Norway. She expects to do some light hiking with her host family. I don't know how much she will be able to travel around Norway. They will go in to Oslo fairly often. She has known from the outset that she is not going as a tourist but as a cultural exchange, meaning live as a part of a family and do what they do.
19/Jun/18 11:19 PM
all. It's beer-o'clock. But it's 9:45 AM here and that's a bit early for beer.
19/Jun/18 11:42 PM
19/Jun/18 11:59 PM
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