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Easy Sudoku for 20/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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20/Jun/18 12:00 AM
Back from Father's Day weekend in Austin.
Had a very nice time with my daughter and
many of her friends. A Flag Day parade was
a highlight. Got calls from my sons from
across the country.
20/Jun/18 12:00 AM
Ghost post. But it's #1.
20/Jun/18 12:01 AM
Hi all 2:20.
20/Jun/18 12:10 AM
I will be spending the day inside. You know it's going to be a scorcher when the thermometer reads 94 degrees at 10 AM! I opened the back sliding door to get toys off the deck and felt like I was in an oven.
20/Jun/18 12:33 AM
We are supposed to go to a picnic tomorrow evening. If it doesn't cool off I will be among the missing.
My grandson is going to try to put together a swing set they got for the kids today. Their back property is shaded, but, I still think he's nuts.
20/Jun/18 12:37 AM
I have put my poor melting bat into more appropriate hot weather garb.
20/Jun/18 12:45 AM
20/Jun/18 1:09 AM
Hello all - Kathy, We only have such heat occasionally ...yesterday being one of them - not sure how you stand it more often with both the heat & humidity! Your decision to stay inside today will certainly help survive the day!
20/Jun/18 1:15 AM
Good Maen, good people. Keep me sane. I have checked to make sure she has everything at least twice. Gotta go!
20/Jun/18 1:16 AM
Everybody!! Kathy, it is a cool 54 here at 8:15am.
20/Jun/18 1:17 AM
all. Our heat & humidity finally broke here during the night. We didn't get the badly needed rain that other areas close to us did. I will be missing in action for several days as our BBQ Brunch for 22 is on Saturday & I've lots to do. Wish me luck!
20/Jun/18 3:52 AM
It's 101*F (38C) here. (That's sweat, not tears.)
20/Jun/18 4:21 AM
Currently 69 degF (high expected 78%, 68% humidity, mixed clouds and sun at 11:37am PDT (amazing what you can find on a smartphone!)
20/Jun/18 4:38 AM
Lovely lake ,but in a volcanic area. Hope there's no eruption any time soon.
20/Jun/18 5:01 AM
We are supposed to top out in the middle 80s today, plenty warm enough for me.
20/Jun/18 5:17 AM
Joyce, the ''dog days'' around here are usually in August. This is rather early for this kind of heat. We have gotten thunderstorms this afternoon. It's cooled down a tad. Still super humid, though.
Hal! You win!
20/Jun/18 5:37 AM
HalT, it's only June and already you're hitting the triple digits??? Luckily we still have our June gloom (cloudy and cool). Hopefully won't get our hot weather until next month! I remember when we used to get our Santa Anas (hot dry wind from desert area, close to our Death Valley) for a More...
20/Jun/18 5:42 AM
...and those DownUnders will soon be arising and be either laughing or envious of all our hot weather talk!
20/Jun/18 5:51 AM
Oh, it's just begging for someone to gallump or maybe pounce...…..
20/Jun/18 5:52 AM
Glance over shoulder...
20/Jun/18 7:13 AM
20/Jun/18 7:13 AM
Morning all !
Joyce , I'm hoping for some sunshine today at the moment it's raining again.
20/Jun/18 7:16 AM
Good morning.
Kathy, sorry to hear about the hot weather. That's us for 6 months of the year - day after day. I've coped with it all my life but as I get older I find that I rely on the aircon perhaps a little too much.
20/Jun/18 7:20 AM
But, it's winter here now and we've had mornings under 10c, one as low as 4c. That's brrrrrr weather for us but laughable for most of you.
20/Jun/18 7:23 AM
Busy morning ahead, my granddaughter Danielle is bringing her baby Summer over to visit. I will be looking after Summer when her Mum goes back to work next month.
20/Jun/18 7:32 AM
Perhaps this photo can help me think cool thoughts. The heavy rain seems not to have done much to change the heat and humidity. I was out driving in it, so I hope my car got a car wash out of it all.
20/Jun/18 8:29 AM
Skye has experienced her first air travel. She and her fellow Michigan delegate were able to fly together on the same itinerary. They've landed in Newark and should soon be on their way to the rendezvous for the outbound orientation.
20/Jun/18 8:39 AM
We stopped at the veterinary office on the way because they have a nice digital floor scale. Her luggage was just the right weight, a bit shy of the maximum allowed for checked and carry on. She is taking a lot of supplies and some books and pottery as gifts for her host. Those weigh a lot. She will have a lot of room and weight range to bring home souvenirs if she wishes to.
20/Jun/18 8:43 AM
The one desirable item we couldn't seem to find was a travel purse just the right size and style to suit. We got to the airport and there it was in the gift shop -- for as much as we had been willing to pay when we were looking and not finding. So she went and dumped her overloaded messenger bag More...
20/Jun/18 8:48 AM
It was warm, humid and sunny yesterday but cool and rainy today. Our windshield wipers were having a workout. We passed a billboard on the way to the airport. It read: 'A Cloud is a Promise; Rain is Fulfillment.' It struck me as apropos to be fulfilling a promise and a hope that we have trusted in for over a year, that Skye would be able to travel to Norway.
20/Jun/18 8:55 AM
It was uncomfortably air conditioned in the airport. It didn't help my sleepiness. I will need to go to bed early tonight. I changed as soon as I got home. Tomorrow's going to be another late night because I am, of course, going to stalk her flight online until it lands in Oslo.
20/Jun/18 9:01 AM
33? If someone opened a fillette or split of sparkling wine I wouldn't decline a flute.
20/Jun/18 9:08 AM
I can visualise a few grannies here that would fit this bill......

At one point during a game, the coach called one of his 9-year old baseball players aside and asked, 'Do you understand what co-operation is? What a team is?'

'Yes, coach', replied the little boy. More...
20/Jun/18 10:20 AM
Snowbird, DotCom and Judy all submitted answers to Arachnids poozle.....well done.

I have another ready for next week (Arachnid makes them up, I just post 'em).
20/Jun/18 10:22 AM
Oh, that is a very, very funny tale, Peter!!
20/Jun/18 12:16 PM
20/Jun/18 12:29 PM
Good evening all.
20/Jun/18 12:39 PM
It's nearing my bedtime...
20/Jun/18 12:40 PM
But before I go...
20/Jun/18 12:40 PM
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